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Starch face mask instead of Botox: benefits, recipes

Starch face mask with Botox effect at home

The effect of Botox without harm to health – this is the effect that a mask with starch gives. The natural component, harmless to health, can practically replace the expensive Botox injections offered by any beauty salon. But all women should know that incredible express lifting is easy to achieve at home.

What you need to know about starch face mask

In folk cosmetology, there are often recipes that include this component. It is able to have an effect on the skin, smoothing its structure and filling wrinkles. This product helps to look 5-10 years younger.

The procedure is intended as a means for tightening. The use of an ingredient such as starch improves the condition of the face as a whole. This is a good option for whitening as well. It helps to nourish with vitamins and improve metabolism, it is able to regulate the sebaceous glands in oily skin types.

How to prepare a miracle mask from starch?

Any hostess has the opportunity to make a remedy for aging. The basis for it is “jelly” on water without additives. We take pure white powder and cook jelly and cool. Proportions 1:1. After that, you can add additional ingredients, depending on the desired result.

How long to keep the mask with starch?

Apply the product to the face and neck area for 30-40 minutes. The time for exposure depends on the formulation. For example, a product with acids should not come into contact with the epithelium for a long time, and harmless banana puree is ready to be on the face for more than half an hour. The procedure using white powder is usually done once every 7 days. In order to treat skin diseases – more often.

How to wash off the starch mask?

Wash after the procedure with warm water and apply a nourishing cream, if required by the skin. The warm temperature of the water makes it easier to remove the product, and the cream is essential for those whose skin suffers from dryness and needs to be moisturized.

Are there any contraindications?

Scratches and wounds are the only reason why such “cosmetics” cannot be used. A side effect for such a remedy is a rarity. It can occur with individual intolerance to certain components of the cosmetic product. White starch is suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Starch face masks instead of Botox: recipes


On the video of the popular program “Everything will be kind” with the participation of Olga Seymour, the guest prepared a remedy with sour cream and carrot juice. The woman shared that its use is not limited to aging skin. Pseudo injection of Botox is useful even for young girls. It can be used to smooth out the first wrinkles around the eyelids and on the forehead.

For cooking, you will need a glass of water, a tablespoon of the main ingredient, ¼ tbsp. carrot juice and sour cream (1 tsp). It is necessary to dilute the powder in slightly warm water, put on fire or a steam bath in a glass container. Heat until a sticky mass forms. Mix with grated carrots or carrot juice. Cool slightly beforehand. You need to use only 5 tbsp. “paste” so that not a single vitamin from the vegetable evaporates.

From starch and cocoa

To prepare a face mask for wrinkles instead of Botox, you can use starch and cocoa.

Recipe: 6 art. l. cocoa and 1.5 tbsp. l. starch is mixed with heavy cream and honey (3 tablespoons each). Apply to the face with a silicone brush or by hand. Keep the mask on for 10 minutes. Then wash off with warm water.

Potato starch and banana mask

Mask with starch and banana

A mask made from potato starch and banana nourishes, enriches, tones and firms the skin.

Recipe: 1 ripe banana, mashed and 1 tbsp. l. mix starch. Apply the mixture to the liuo and cover with a cloth. Lie down and relax for 40 minutes. Remove the mask with a wet cotton sponge. The skin will be soft and silky, like after Botox.

Lifting and rejuvenating anti-wrinkle mask with Botox effect

Mask with starch and protein

The protein mask is prepared on the basis of “paste”. For 1 st. l. enough starch protein 1 egg. The mixture is applied for 15 minutes. Then wash off with warm water.

Hydrating mask for dry skin with starch

Moisturizing mask with starch

With almond oil and milk, starch powder can be used as a moisturizer. At ¼ st. liquid take 3 tsp. white powder and 1 tsp. oils. 10 minutes of exposure to the skin is enough to moisturize and nourish.

Recipes for masks with starch for problem skin: acne, rash

Problem skin

To improve the condition of problem skin and get rid of scars formed due to acne, blackheads and ulcers, you can use a mask with starch. You can prepare the composition at home.

It is believed that effective remedies for removing blackheads and blackheads, as well as smoothing the skin after them, contain aloe juice. A high-quality cleansing and healing procedure will be obtained from 1 tsp. aloe, 1 tbsp. l. starch and 1 egg white, which is kept for 10 minutes.

Also, to narrow the pores and dry the pimples (and of course the Botox effect), they prepare such a remedy. With 1 protein, beat a couple of drops of tea tree oil. Gradually introduce 1 tbsp. l. starch. Keep on the face for 10 minutes. With a therapeutic purpose, it is allowed to do 1 mask 1 time and 3 days within a month.

Whitening mask with starch, egg and lemon

Whitening mask with starch for the face

Fruit acid is useful against pigmentation. Dry powder is mixed in equal proportions with lemon juice and 1 protein. You can replace the lemon with an apple. Tomato or kefir is also suitable and will give the desired effect of Botox. Keep the mask on for up to 10-20 minutes.

Pharmacy masks with Botox effect for home use

If homemade masks do not bring the desired result, do not despair. Try to alternate their use with proven pharmacy products. The skin from this will become even more well-groomed and smooth.

Cledbel 24K Gold

Cledbel 24K Gold

A mask-film with a lifting effect is applied to the face in a thin layer. Removes easily after drying along with black dots. As a result, the pores are cleansed, and the skin becomes smooth and silky just like after Botox.

Scarlet face mask


A face mask helps prevent premature skin aging. Its composition affects the processes of skin regeneration, as a result, it becomes toned and elastic, as after Botox.

Bioaqua hydrogel eye patches

Bioaqua hydrogel eye patches

The skin around the eyes is very sensitive, so homemade starch masks are not applied to it. But, to improve the condition of this problem area, you can use hydrogel patches. They remove fine wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes.

Natural collagen mask "Liqiuskin Mask"

Natural collagen mask “Liqiuskin Mask”

Another remedy that should be paired with homemade starch smears is the Liqiuskin Mask. It helps to smooth the skin around the eyes and get rid of wrinkles.

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