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Step by step instructions for eyelash extensions

How to increase eyelashes: techniques and nuances

Owners of eyelash extensions know how much the wearing of this cosmetic product facilitates daily makeup. Thanks to artificial eyelashes, you can add expressiveness and visually increase the size of even very small, deep-set eyes. The procedure itself is a lengthening and increase in the volume of the hairs framing the eyelids, using artificial or natural eyelash material.

Eyelash Extension Techniques

Eyelash Extension Techniques

Eyelash extension methods are quite diverse. There is no better or worse among them, each eyelash extension technique has its own characteristics. Each client has her own method, and it should be preferred in subsequent extensions, without changing one eyelash extension technique to another each time. According to the types of procedure, the following eyelash extension techniques are distinguished below.


Eyelash extensions

The classic eyelash extension. With this technology, small bundles of artificial or natural hairs are attached to your natural eyelashes. The procedure will take about an hour, and repeated eyelash extensions are carried out in a month.


Japanese extension

This method involves gluing the hair step by step on each eyelash. This is the best way to achieve a natural expressive look. Minus – the eyelash extension procedure lasts almost three hours, so please be patient.

“Incomplete Volume”

Incomplete extension

The most sparing technology – extension cilia are attached through one hair or they are glued only to the area of ​​​​the corners of the eye. This method is suitable for girls whose eyelashes are naturally thick and long.

2D and 3D eyelash extensions

3D building

This technology involves attaching 2-3 hairs to one eyelash. The procedure is very laborious and takes a lot of time. Eyelash extensions look very thick and dense. The technique is not suitable for those whose own eyelashes are weakened and brittle.

Rhinestones and artificial eyelashes
Rhinestones for artificial eyelashes

When you go to the salon for eyelash extensions, you will be offered to choose one or another technique, as well as additional services (decoration of extended eyelashes with sparkles, etc.). However, for the first time, we recommend using standard black or brown hairs.

Selection of eyelashes

Types of eyelashes

The material for making eyelashes and their location on the eyelid during extension is the choice of the master and, of course, the client. To choose the right material for the procedure, you should have minimal knowledge about its characteristics. Eyelash extensions vary in hair thickness and color intensity. However, the list of requirements is much wider, the parameters of the characteristics include:

  • Length, bend and thickness of the eyelash;
  • The composition of the material of manufacture, its parameters, including rigidity and flexibility;
  • The chosen technique for performing the procedure;
  • Other conditions (whether there is a desire to decorate eyelashes with rhinestones, etc.).

Types of eyelash extensions

To correctly determine how long the hair used for extension should be, the individual characteristics of your natural eyelashes are taken into account. Depending on the length, the build-up material is characterized as follows:

  • 7 mm – hairs for the design of the lower eyelid;
  • 10 mm is the “gold standard”. This is the optimal length for the natural effect of thick long lashes;
  • 12 mm – the material of this length is suitable for girls whose eyelashes are at least 8 mm in length. The hair looks more noticeable, but is suitable for everyday wear;
  • 14 mm – if you want to achieve a stronger effect and have natural eyelashes that are naturally long and thick by themselves, you can use this type of material. But the length of 14 mm looks rather defiant, so it is used for special occasions;
  • 15 – 20 mm – eyelashes for special occasions and theatrical makeup, in particular. They are built up for a one-time event and removed almost immediately. You can’t wear such hairs for a long time: they break off and bend in a dream.
Table of types of eyelash extensions
Eyelash Selection Chart

If the master has sufficient experience, he will personally tell you which eyelashes should be chosen for extension in your case. Don’t be surprised if they offer you combine hairs of different lengths: this technique allows you to achieve the effect of maximum naturalness. Shorter lashes are fixed in the center, and those that are longer are placed in the corner, which gives the look an openness and expressiveness.

Useful advice: before building, it is useful to familiarize yourself with the portfolio of the master in order to assess the level of his professionalism and see the potential result.

Eyelash extensions: types of effects
Types of effects that can be achieved with eyelash extensions

Same eyelash extensions are selected according to the bend curve. Its types are differentiated as follows:

  • J – the hair has an almost straight line, the bend is barely noticeable;
  • B – slight bend, corresponding to the shape of a natural eyelash;
  • C – this curve is most popular in extension salons, eyelashes are curled and frame the look well. Their use will allow you to do without the use of curling irons;
  • D, CC – strong bend. Such eyelashes are used for special occasions.

Types of eyelash curls

Before the extension procedure, carefully study the composition of the material of the proposed eyelashes. Today, artificial and natural hairs are in use. Their classification is as follows:


Artificial eyelashes

Made from a monomer, a low molecular weight component that forms a polymer in a polymerization reaction. It imitates natural eyelashes well and gives them sufficient flexibility. Suitable for creating 2D, 3D effects.

Different artificial eyelashes
When choosing a material, consider all characteristics, including length, volume, color


Sable lashes
Sable – the standard eyelash volume is 0.2 mm. Sable is not recommended if the conjunctiva is sensitive
Mink eyelashes
Mink is the best option for creating a natural effect
Silk eyelashes
Silk is a lightweight plastic material that holds any shape well.

Regardless of the chosen material and method of extension (in bunches or separately), the tools necessary for the procedure will be universal.

Required Tools

Eyelash extension tools

If you decide to do eyelash extensions on your own, the first and most important rule is never save on tools and supplies. This is especially true for products that are in direct contact with the organs of vision (glue, degreaser). So, for the procedure you will need:

Degreasing liquid. Pre-prepares the surface for better adhesion with an adhesive backing. To do this, the liquid contains components that remove the product of the sebaceous glands from the surface of the skin.

Degreasing liquid

Glue. On the professional cosmetics market today, many types of this material are available, differing in price, duration, composition and …

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