Как сделать макияж в технике стробинг?

Strobing: step by step

All about strobing makeup technique

Strobing is a make-up trend that has replaced contouring. The initial strobing technique is similar to the contouring technique: providing radiance, volume and dewy shine to the skin of the face. However, the idea behind strobing is to make this process easier. Heavy layered makeup techniques went out of fashion a few years ago and have been replaced by simple, easy and effective methods.

One of the simplest methods, strobing involves the use of a highlighter or light powder with a shimmering effect instead of the traditional dark concealers used in contouring techniques. In strobing, visual modeling of the face due to light cosmetics makes it easy to emphasize the beauty of the face, hiding minor skin imperfections.

Features of the strobing technique

What are the pros and cons of strobing?

It is easy to identify the reasons for such popularity of strobing. This technique has significant pros:

  • Light products with light-reflecting particles give the skin a gloss, purity and freshness of youth.
  • With the help of strobing, you can make the nose a little narrower, the cheekbones – higher, the chin – sharper, the main thing is to apply the highlighter correctly.
  • Strobing is a successful technique not only for everyday life, but also for photographs: in the lens frame, such makeup looks expensive and stylish.

The strobing technique was originally created for models who needed to shine on the runway and shine with natural light in the rays of unnatural lighting. Then the girls noticed that the technique is very fast and easy and began to use it not only on the podium. Photographers and videographers are always warmly welcomed by models whose make-up is made using the strobing technique – they always look good in the frame in any light.

However, with all its advantages, strobing may not be suitable for every girl. In particular, better not to use it if one of the incompatibility criteria applies to you:

  • Problem skin. First of all, strobing is contraindicated in case of rashes, redness or allergic skin reactions. Before applying makeup, you should improve the skin, as decorative cosmetics will not only not hide the problem, but will also aggravate it.
  • Oily skin. Strobing is an advantage technique for normal to dry skin, if the skin pH is above 5.7, there is a high chance that cosmetics will spread, giving the face an unnatural and painful look.

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Even if you have perfect skin, strobing for daytime makeup and everyday outings is best done in a light form. The bright rays of the sun will make your face unnaturally pale and shiny, while in the evening and with irregular flashes of chandeliers, lamps and photo flashes, strobing will perfectly emphasize facial features.

In addition, there is three radically different strobing techniques:

  • dry strobing. A favorite technique of many girls, since the dry method does not moisturize the skin and does not block pores, allowing it to breathe and ventilate. In the dry method, products with a powder structure are used – reflective powders, eye shadows, highlighters. The technique is intended primarily for daily purposes, walking, work.
  • Wet strobing. The method is suitable for both daily and evening make-up and consists in highlighting the face with liquid and cream cosmetics: foundations with light reflection, cream illuminators, cushions and foundation creams. It will be advantageous to look at such a background matte lipstick of a dark shade. And to make the makeup less catchy and delicate, only the protruding parts of the face are emphasized.
  • Whole face strobing. This technique is a real find for evening events, where the face should shine perfectly and evenly under the spotlight. This method is almost never used in everyday life, however, many makeup artists use strobing to prepare stars for important events.

Suitable cosmetics

Cosmetics for strobing

The indisputable advantage of strobing is that it does not need dozens of funds, just a highlighter and powder. However, depending on the technique, additional funds may be needed, which we will discuss later.


The main purpose of creams in strobing is to provide an even skin tone with a slight glow. It is very important to choose not only a persistent, but also a light cream that matches the skin in color. According to the ratings of independent experts, some of the best strobing creams are:

  • Strobe Cream by MAC;
  • Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 by Laura Mercier;
  • Illuminating Primer by Tom Ford.

Strobe Cream MAC

MAC Strobe Cream

The product is white with pink and purple reflective elements. Perfectly illuminates the face, while not whitening the skin and providing an even glow. Many makeup artists recommend using pink blush tones before applying cream. Strobe Cream is easy to spread, easy to apply and moisturizes the skin at the same time.

The effect of the cream lasts for three hours, then it begins to be absorbed into the skin. Best of all, this tool is suitable for an evening make-up.

Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20, Laura Mercier

Cream for strobing Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20, Bare Radience, Laura Mercier

The Tinted Moisturizer foundation gives the skin a glow due to SPF filters. The product is available in five shades, but makeup artists recommend using the lightest shade called “Bare Radience” as a strobing cream. It is this shade that gives the skin a pearly sheen and a bronze glow. Unlike many strobing products, Tinted…

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