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Style Tips Adult Women Don’t Like

Style Tips Adult Women Don’t Like

Anyone who has ever tried to dress up a mother or grandmother knows firsthand how difficult this task is. And the reason is not in a non-standard figure or type of appearance. As a rule, one has to face the denial of modern fashion trends and the unwillingness to listen to the recommendations of stylists. But they have long developed a number of elementary techniques that help visually correct the shortcomings.

We tell you which of the effective tips women 55+ do not like the most.

The dress must cover the knees.

How to choose the length of the dress in 50+ years

Such an ideal figure, like that of Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez or Shakira, is quite rare in everyday life, so you should not be inspired by their images.

Covered knees on one palm – not only visually stretch the silhouette, but also hide one of the most problematic areas. Wrinkles in this area appear regardless of care, lifestyle and habits. This is the part of the body that, along with the neck and arms, always betrays age. So why focus on this again?

Black sandals are not universal shoes

How to wear a dress for a woman 50+

Another belief that is extremely difficult to argue with is the love of black sandals. Most women in adulthood consider them universal. But this is not so!

Black sandals visually “cut” the leg, depriving the image of precious centimeters. It is worth replacing them with a neutral beige pair, as the silhouette will grow and straighten.

The coat cannot be the same length as the dress.

How to choose the length of the dress and coat

It is quite difficult to convince a 50+ lady that the dress should be longer or shorter than outerwear. And there are exact proportions: longer by 10-15 cm, shorter by 5-10. To compose an image from elements of the same length is a bad form. Leaving a significant difference between them is also the wrong decision.

In the case when the dress is mini and the coat is maxi, you need either over the knee boots or tights to match the skirt. If the outfit significantly covers the knees, and the top is shortened, we make sure that it does not fall below the middle of the thigh.

Short hair is better than long

Short 50+ woman

All hair stylists say out loud that a bob haircut or to the shoulder blades is the maximum allowable length for an aged woman. There are many reasons to abandon long braids and tails:

  • over the years, the hair loses density;
  • gloss and silkiness disappear;
  • haircut is young;
  • a haircut allows you to correct the features of the oval of the face that appear with age (flews, cheeks, etc.)

Not only the top can be light

What to wear with light trousers in 50+

We recently talked about how light shades add presentability and status to an image. However, in fact, it is extremely difficult to persuade a woman 50+ to wear not a white blouse, but light trousers.

Many are convinced that such things are fat. It actually adds weight to the style, not the shade. Instead of tight-fitting skinnies, choose loose palazzo pants or culottes and look 100%.

The jacket should cover the hips or be in contact with the belt.

Look for a woman 50+ with a jacket

Previously, the trend was jackets up to the waist or mid-thigh. Today, stylists advise opting for a shortened version or an elongated one, abandoning the middle one.

  • A Chanel-inspired cropped jacket is paired with high-waisted skirts and trousers. Such a set helps to highlight the waist, create a sophisticated image, emphasize the hips.
  • An elongated jacket stretches the silhouette, slims, corrects lush hips and eliminates the emphasis on the stomach.

Sneakers can be worn with a dress, skirt and blouse

How To Wear a Dress With Sneakers For Women 50+

The city casual style has long conquered fashionistas, but the older generation is in no hurry to introduce it into their own wardrobe. It is difficult to convince an adult woman that a dress goes well with sneakers. They are used to the fact that sports shoes are for walking, and shoes are needed in a restaurant.

The fur coat can be made of faux fur

Faux fur coat

Young fashionistas quickly embraced the faux fur trend. And the older generation still cannot accept the bright fur coats that have replaced natural furs.

There should be a lot of bags in the wardrobe

How to choose a bag for an outfit

A good bag is a characteristic that many apply to a genuine leather product. Of course, this one costs a lot and lasts a long time, but it is a mistake to assume that it fits all images.

There is no 100% universal bag model. The wardrobe should have at least 3 basic models – for every day, festive and sports.

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