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Stylish chips this fall: 11 tricks from stylists

Stylish tricks this fall: 12 tricks

Someone buys the novelties of the season, others do not update their wardrobe for years, but at the same time they look no less attractive and relevant. What’s the secret?

Stylists assure that the main thing in a modern look is the presence of a chip.

You can not change the components of the image for years, supplementing it with only one small detailed characterizing a specific period.

We have collected in the article the main features of this fall and the comments of stylists on how to implement them into everyday life.

Reception 1: turtleneck under the shirt

Stylish look turtleneck and planer

We combine two basic elements that are in the wardrobe of every woman and get a stylish, modern look. It’s a turtleneck and a white shirt. There is one basic requirement for a knitted product – uniformity. It is not necessary to wear a black turtleneck, it can be contrasting or matching the outfit.

We choose a shirt with a free cut made of dense material. Linen or silk will not work for this look.

Reception 2: unbuttoned cuffs

Unbuttoned shirt cuffs
Stylish autumn look

Long sleeves on shirts are one of the season’s features. And to make it comfortable, we unfasten the cuffs, creating a slight negligence even in a strict office look.

Reception 3: protruding edges

Unbuttoned cuffs on a shirt photo
Shirt under sweatshirt example

Another way to transform your look from boring and frilly to light but understated is to opt for an elongated bottom layer. The protruding edges of the shirt are a feature that deserves attention. Choose a shirt that is either contrasting or neutral.

Technique 4: Peeking T-shirt

Sweatshirt and T-shirt
How To Wear a Sweatshirt With a T-shirt

The edges of a T-shirt peeking out from under a sweatshirt, sweater, hoodie or cardigan become an interesting element. This feature allows you to add negligence to the image, create lightness, emphasize ease.

Reception 5: a sweater instead of a scarf

Sweater instead of scarf
Reception: a sweater instead of a scarf

It is fashionable to tie any knitted sweater (preferably plain) not only over a T-shirt, but also over outerwear, replacing them with a boring snood scarf or stole.

Reception 6: bright tights or socks

How to add bright socks to your autumn look
Bright socks in the image

Bright tights or socks will become a stylish accent in the image. If you don’t know what to combine them with, give preference to an outfit in neutral colors. Any total bow will do, while the socks are in a contrasting color.

Technique 7: high socks

How to wear socks with boots in style
Stylish autumn look with socks

We already told about how high socks can not only add zest to the image, but also save it by creating the right vertical, hiding large calves, or vice versa, adding volume to the problem area of ​​​​the leg.

Reception 8: knitted vest

Knitted vest and long shirt
Knitted vest and shirt

If you are not a schoolgirl or a student, this does not mean that the knitted vest trend needs to be bypassed.

Today, knit loose vests are replacing denim jackets, windbreakers, and cardigans. This is a breath of fresh air in the autumn wardrobe, so you should not refuse it.

What to wear?

Perfect with a white shirt or t-shirt. You can also combine with the first trend by wearing a turtleneck under the shirt. you will get a multi-layered stylish look in which you will definitely not freeze on an autumn evening.

Reception 9: scarf

Trendy outfit with scarf and down jacket
An image with a scarf for business women

A silk scarf is the perfect fall accessory. It is suitable for those who are not ready to experiment with layering and cutting things.

We put on a scarf with a classic version on the head, use it instead of an elastic band, tie a knot around the neck. Any of these methods are valid. Wearing a scarf instead of a belt on jeans and a bracelet on the arm is outdated.

Reception 10: a vest under a coat

How to wear a vest under a coat
An example of how to wear a vest and coat

Some time ago we wore leather jackets with caterpillar vests. Today, such fur products should not even be taken out of the wardrobe, because this is a complete anti-trend. However, the idea of ​​wearing double outerwear wasn’t so bad, as it really kept out the cold.

A modern alternative to an outdated look is a vest and coat.

Technique 11: Very Long Jeans

What jacket to wear with jeans to school
How to wear jeans after 50

Slits on the knees are an outdated trend, as well as on the side of the hips. Now we put on whole jeans, but very long and loose.

It’s not scary if they drag along the ground, but the title of “style icon” will be in your pocket. And this style visually lengthens the silhouette if the toe of the boots is long and sharp.

Technique 12: baseball cap

How to wear a baseball cap in autumn
what to wear with a baseball cap in autumn

A baseball cap is not considered an autumn headdress, but this season fashionistas will continue to wear it until the very cold. It is recommended to choose a cap to match the color of your hair or outerwear. Contrasting products are not considered relevant.

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