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Stylish dresses for every day: photos, new items 2019

Fashionable styles of dresses for every day

Fashionable casual dresses are a great alternative to suits and other formal wear. They are versatile and practical. In the 2019-2020 season, fashion has not bypassed casual dresses, which are now famous for their variety of styles.

Fashionable dresses for every day for spring

Fashionable spring dress

In the spring, it is advisable to choose outfits from thick or thin knitwear. Thanks to this material, an interesting image is created in still cool weather. Loose sleeves and a large neckline are ideal. In addition to the neckline, it is desirable to use a round neck cover.

The following types of dresses are especially suitable for the spring season:

  • shirts;
  • Dotted;
  • With bare shoulders.

Strapless or open back dresses are more relevant for the summer season, and long sleeves made of dense fabric are more relevant for autumn and winter.

Shirt dresses

Dress shirt

In 2019-2020, shirt dresses are popular. The styles of such dresses are divided into two categories: elongated and ultra-thin. The waist is emphasized by a wide leather belt or a belt made of the same fabric as the dress.

Fashionable shirt dress

The waist can be loose, giving lightness to the image. Characteristic for such dresses are a geometric print that emphasizes the shoulders and neckline.


Polka dot casual dress

The new triumph of 2019-2020 is casual dresses with polka dots. Feminine and at the same time bright pattern, which has been popular in the last decade, is undergoing a rebirth. Polka dots in a modern style are a special print, and not just scattered light dots on a dark background.

Sheer polka dot dress

The designers decided that such a print would look good on a light translucent dress and generously decorated the whole style with it. Polka dots are used in the new collections of designers Chanel and Red Valentino. And the famous designer Monique Lhuillier.

Off Shoulder

Off shoulder dress

Open shoulder line or dropped dresses are one of the most successful tricks in creating casual dresses in 2019-2020. Products with bare shoulders have expressiveness, weightlessness and tenderness. They emphasize the soft natural sexuality of a woman, create a feeling of fragility and defenselessness.

Off Shoulder Casual Dress

Stylish dress with bare shoulders

In 2019-2020, there have been changes in the models of casual dresses with open shoulders. Designers have decorated the shoulder area with colorful decor, embroidery, ruffles and flounces. For example, if you look at the evening dress of fashion designers Zac Posen and Marchesa, then given the deep blue tone and dark textures, the dress has become slightly conservative.

Summer dresses for girls for every day

Fashionable summer dress

Famous fashion houses (Boss, Versace, Hellessy, Eudo Choi, etc.) worked on a casual dress for the summer of 2019-2020. The main summer styles of casual dresses for 2019-2020:

  • Lace white dress;
  • Dress-bag or shirt;
  • With hem or asymmetrical neckline;
  • Bare shoulders;
  • Tunic.


Casual strapless dress

For a hot summer, everyday clothes are relevant. strapless dresses. Open shoulders can be combined with interesting cutouts at the waist. The bottom of the dress remains closed, and the length is chosen according to taste and depending on the shape of the style.

Dresses from the mallet series look beautiful. They have a cropped hem and bare shoulders.

Summer midi dress

Designers often use summer casual dresses midi length. But there are exceptions to everyday products in the form of maxi and mini styles.

Casual maxi dress

For example, a girl can choose the style of a casual dress with a long maxigoing out for an evening walk in the summer or being on a sea cruise.

With a slit

Spectacular dress with slits

Long dresses for every day with slits are especially combined with weightless materials. They create a beautiful and feminine look. A special weave of fabrics can even out and lengthen the silhouette of a woman’s figure.

Casual summer dress with slit

Elegant summer dress with a slit

If you want to show off your slender legs and think that it looks stylish, dresses with slits will definitely suit you. This outfit looks romantic and is suitable both for a date and for an evening summer walk.

On one shoulder

Casual one-shoulder dress

The shape of summer casual one-shoulder dresses is associated with the ancient Greek period, the style of which is back in fashion. This collection includes strict and closed products.

Casual one-shoulder dress is sewn from lightweight materials. You can use chiffon or silk.

Blue dress for every day

Casual one-shoulder dress looks great in different colors. Pastel colors are especially noteworthy for this type of product. Blue, blue and purple models look no less interesting. Their skirt should be flared.

Baby dollar and bell

Baby dollar dress

A dress with a flared skirt is called a bell. The waist may be high or in the usual place. For such styles of dresses, a wavy bottom and small folds on the skirt are characteristic.

Summer dress bell

An extravagant option is a dress with a fluffy skirt on a thick cover. Visually, it resembles a bell. Such casual dresses emphasize the slender legs and waist of the girl. Mini products are created for young princesses. They are incredibly beautiful. Material used for manufacturing: satin, lace, embroidered fabrics.

balloon style

Beautiful casual dress

The style of the casual balloon dress is accompanied by off-the-shoulders and amazing pockets. The color palette used in the manufacture of such dresses is bright and juicy.

Summer balloon dress

Balloon dresses are a modern everyday piece that hides the fullness of the hips and emphasizes the woman’s waist. Such dresses have a soft structure.

Linen style

Linen style dress

The special attention of the strong half of humanity is riveted by everyday dresses in linen style. Such styles fit the slender figure of the girl quite strongly. Along with this, such dresses have transparent inserts, a deep neckline and skirts in several tiers.

Linen dress style

The most popular colors for these types of dresses are beige, champagne, yellowish and pale pink. That is, pastel shades are fashionable shades of beautiful casual dresses in linen style. Along with them, the black version is quite popular.

Beautiful dresses for every day for autumn

Fashionable autumn dress

New collections of autumn casual dresses are notable for their bright colors. Designers have managed to choose the right materials that become practical and suitable for everyday use. The main trend of the fall season 2019-2020 is aimed at sophistication and elegance.

Characteristics of casual dress models for autumn 2019:

  • Bright color. A monophonic bright color of the style of the dress is considered fashionable. No less popular are products in pastel colors, as well as in shades: sapphire, marsala, chocolate, emerald;
  • nude shades. A great option for an autumn look is a palette of neutral tones. This season, shades such as coffee with milk, ivory, ivory, sand, etc. look amazing;
  • Prints. A good choice of dress will be a style with a bright pattern. It can be geometric shapes, children’s themes, letters or flowers;
  • Universal…

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