Manicure and pedicure should complement each other

Stylish French Pedicure 2022: 160 Photo Ideas and Trends

Well-groomed feet cannot be imagined without a neat stylish pedicure. It is no less important than a manicure for creating a perfect image. And if so, then let’s talk about the pedicure thoroughly. And the topic of our article is an elegant and sophisticated French nail design, which confidently holds the lead among fashion trends.

Manicure and pedicure should complement each other

French pedicure is universal, will fit into any image, and this is the secret of its popularity.

French pedicure 2022 with rhinestones

Should manicure and pedicure be the same? This is not necessary, but the fact that the nails on the legs and hands should sound like a single ensemble and complement each other is unequivocal. What do stylists offer us in the French pedicure technique?

French pedicure with rhinestones

French pedicure with rhinestones is always a unique and trendy decor. Rhinestones are an imitation of precious stones. The shape and color can be very different, and this gives scope to the imagination. The most popular tones for a French pedicure are white, pink, gold.

Also red and black. Rhinestones are applied to the thumb. They can be laid out along the base of the nail. White or pastel French pedicure is a classic. He always looks neat and reserved. For a colored French pedicure, dark varnish is used, and this also looks stylish and elegant.

Stylish and elegant french pedicure with rhinestones

The location of the stones on the nail is a very important point that should not be overlooked. Here it is important not to miss not only with the pattern, but also with the number of stones. Here are the important features to consider:

Rhinestones can be placed on all fingers, on the thumb - larger

  • The thumb is the most popular nail decoration option. Here you can use larger rhinestones and the application process itself is not too complicated.
  • It does not meet with great difficulties and gluing rhinestones along the basal hole of the nail. This is done quite quickly and simply, and the effect is breathtaking.
  • From smaller stones, you can lay out vertical stripes and place them in the middle of the nail.
  • Geometric and floral patterns of rhinestones also look very impressive.
This option is also possible

French pedicure is, first of all, elegance and good taste, so do not stick a lot of rhinestones at the same time. Pick a pattern and stick to it strictly. For small nails, of course, large rhinestones are not suitable.

Well, now a few words about the nuances of the process:

  1. Gel polish is usually used as a base coat: it lasts longer.
  2. Jewelry is fixed with a special glue, you can also use a base coat of a thick consistency.
  3. Grab the rhinestones with tweezers, an orange stick, or a toothpick.
  4. Be sure to dry each nail with an ultraviolet lamp for 2 minutes after applying the pebbles.

French pedicure with rhinestones is a win-win solution for creating an unforgettable stylish look.

Millennium French Pedicure – New Technique 2022

Well, we will move on and see what a millennium French pedicure is. This technique has emerged recently as a kind of opposition to a single-color jacket. Millennium involves the obligatory decoration of the edge of the nail with sparkles, rubbing, shiny varnish or microdust.

Millennium French Pedicure

This cheeky challenge quickly became popular as the design always looks original. The most popular options are a white nail framed with a gold stripe, a black finish with gold or pink edging, red nails with black glitter (special nail polish), white nails and a black free edge.

Bright unusual French manicure

It is very important to choose the right main color so that the French millennium looks especially advantageous.

It can be: red color, complemented by silver or golden sequins along the smile line. Of course, this is a rather bold decision, the pedicure turns out to be quite bright and even defiant, but it does not lose its popularity among brave and active people. As a non-standard solution, choose black, blue or purple. All this creates a solemn image.

Fact about pedicure

Since manual care of neglected feet requires a lot of effort, a more modern solution was required. In the 60s of the XX century, the first pedicure routers with sets of nozzles appeared on sale.

Anti-French Pedicure

Inverted French Millennium – sequins are applied not to the edge of the nail, but to its base. French millennium with a pattern makes the nails even more attractive. And here the most popular are geometric patterns. French millennium with a gradient gives an amazing effect. Glitter in floral motifs looks great.

French pedicure with a pattern

French pedicure with a pattern – this is where you can give free rein to your imagination and creativity! Geometric shapes are in the lead here, because they are combined with any style and can take on a variety of designs.

You can't take your eyes off those nails.

No less popular are floral motifs. Well, if you invent your own drawing, it will be a real creativity, very exciting. For drawing drawings, you can use gel polish, sparkles, stamping technique.

The combination of different techniques looks very stylish

Black French pedicure – a technique that is gaining popularity in 2022

A challenge to the traditional jacket in its classic white and pastel version is thrown by the black French pedicure, which has become very popular and therefore looks modern.

Black french pedicure

This choice has its advantages:

  • it goes with any outfit;
  • combined with all colors;
  • good at any time of the year;
  • visually reduces wide nail plates.
Black jacket on legs

But such a coating requires caution, we must remember about the minuses:

  • The slightest scratches and chips will be much more noticeable than on light varnishes, the pedicure will have to be updated often.
  • Not the best option for summer, it will be dissonant with light, light-colored robes.
  • You need to think carefully about accessories and the overall look so that the pedicure does not look gloomy.
Black jacket can be like this

Popular black jacket ideas are matte black, black and white and silvery black combinations. Black inlaid with rhinestones, patterned, kamifubuki (small shiny confetti), foil, glitter, and finally glossy black – there are tons of options to make your legs irresistible.

French pedicure with modeling

An interesting option for creative natures is a French pedicure with modeling. Volumetric acrylic flowers or other figurines will be an exquisite addition to your pedicure and will surely attract attention.

French pedicure with modeling

Modeling is applied to the base of the nail, to the area of ​​the moon and will give your image a wonderful zest. It is difficult to perform such a design on your own, but our craftsmen will do it with great skill. Nails will delight you and those around you with an elegant unusual look for a long time.

French pedicure with foil – at the height of fashion 2022

Foil in French pedicure (and manicure too) is very much in demand. Its noble and sophisticated brilliance is at the height of fashion in nail design.

French pedicure with foil

There are a lot of design options: you can cover the smile area, the moon area or the entire nail with foil. Can be combined with any varnish and any pattern. We wrap up our conversation about French pedicure and offer you a small photo gallery for inspiration.

Photo ideas for a stylish French pedicure 2022 from leading designers for inspiration

French pedicure is elegant in any design

Gorgeous french on the legs

French pedicure with foil

French pedicure with modeling

Modeling and rhinestones - amazing!

Pedicure shellac design

Classic french pedicure with rhinestones

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