Haircut with bangs for short curly hair

Stylish haircuts with bangs for medium, short and long hair: fashion trends 2022 with photo examples

You can update your image in a variety of ways. If we talk about a hairstyle, then the first thoughts that come to mind relate to changing hair color or haircuts, including bangs, which today’s article is devoted to.

Haircut with bangs for short curly hair

Bangs are a bold step, they can significantly change their appearance, so before going to a beauty salon, you should think about the optimal length and shape. How to find the perfect match for you? What haircuts are relevant in 2022? What you need to know, who decided to wear bangs? All answers and useful information are below.

Fashionable bangs-curtain for long straight hair

Factors for choosing a haircut with bangs

The bangs have many advantages: it corrects facial features, hides age-related changes (wrinkles and creases on the forehead), makes the image light, laid-back or romantic, depending on the type.

But by emphasizing the beauty of the eyes or cheekbones, it can focus on those areas that you would prefer not to highlight on your face. The shorter the bangs, the brighter the brow area appears. The longer version will make the eyes more expressive.

So that a haircut with bangs does not upset you as a result, pay attention to the following points:

  • Hair length. Bangs are a universal option for short and not very curls, but some of its types look especially good with a specific length.
  • Density and structure of hair. The same haircut on curly and straight hair will look completely different, bangs, respectively, too. The percentage of hair density has no less influence on the selection of a new hairstyle.
  • Face shape. If you listen to the recommendations for a haircut with bangs, you can easily make your appearance more attractive: smooth out unwanted corners and bring the shape of your face closer to an oval, or, conversely, draw attention to clear contours.
Haircut option with bangs for wavy hair

Haircut with bangs under the shape of the face

Of course, there are no restrictions on the choice of bangs. Here, only your aesthetic tastes are the template of beauty. But it has already been agreed that a haircut with bangs brings to the fore both advantages and disadvantages, and it is important to understand what length and type will adorn your face.

1. Round shape

From the circle, you often want to “blind” a neat oval, visually lengthening and stretching your face as far as possible.

Bangs on two sides for a round face

When in doubt, a centimeter tape will help you accurately determine the shape: just measure the length and width of the face, and then compare the results. Your shape is a circle if the numbers are not very different from each other.

Types of bangs suitable in this situation:

  • oblique bangs;
  • straight milled bangs;
  • asymmetrical bangs;
  • torn bangs;
  • layered bangs;
  • bangs curtain.

What to avoid:

  • straight bangs with a clear even cut;
  • graphic haircuts.

2. Square shape

This shape is more difficult to correct due to the striking proportions. An oval from a square cannot be made with a bang, but it will be possible to soften the corners.

Asymmetrical bangs for short hair for a square shape

The square shape of the face is easy to calculate: the width of the chin, forehead and cheekbones is approximately in the same range. The jaw is especially pronounced, which creates a feeling of massiveness, making the whole face heavier.

For its owners, there are not so few types of haircuts with bangs, so do not get upset in advance:

  • long oblique bangs with torn edges;
  • very short with a semicircular cut;
  • multi-layered and voluminous bangs;
  • straight bangs;
  • wavy bangs.

It is not recommended to experiment with graphic bangs and even cuts of hair at the level of the chin.

3. Rectangular shape

It resembles a square shape and endows the fair sex with a wide forehead, sharp cheekbones and a defined chin. The difference between these two forms is the elongation of the rectangular face.

Ragged bangs for owners of a rectangular face

Haircuts that will add grace and remove volume in those places where it is needed:

  • asymmetrical bangs;
  • thick bangs;
  • elongated side bangs;
  • elongated bangs-curtain.

Stylists advise not to open a rectangular face completely, and also not to resort to haircuts with clear angles.

4. Triangular shape

This face shape is characterized by a narrow chin and a widening upper part in the form of a forehead and cheekbones. Also a triangle can be:

  • Classic. With a noticeable discrepancy between the chin and cheekbones in volume.
  • Heart-shaped. With full cheeks.

The bangs are designed to balance the proportions, slightly increasing the overly narrow chin and removing the emphasis from the forehead.

Stylish bangs for girls with a triangular face shape

What haircuts will bring harmony to the triangular shape of the face:

  • oblique elongated bangs;
  • thick bangs below the eyebrows;
  • elongated side bangs without strong asymmetry.

As in previous cases, a straight bang with an even cut is not the best solution.

5. Oval shape

The oval is considered a universal shape; it is much easier for happy owners of this sophisticated type to choose a haircut for themselves. In hairdressing salons when correcting a square, triangle, etc. masters try to bring their outlines closer to an oval shape. The only thing that may require correction is a high forehead and an overly elongated face.

Bangs on two sides for medium hair with an oval face shape

Haircuts with bangs that will bring the oval to the ideal:

  • Straight thick bangs. The corners should be rounded, which will make the oval face even neater and soften the shape;
  • Oblique elongated bangs without graduation. Suitable for those who want to divert attention from a large nose;
  • Short layered bangs.

Fashionable and stylish types of haircuts with bangs in 2022

In modern salons, they can conjure you tirelessly, creating a fashionable look. The main thing is to find for yourself an option that satisfies in all respects. We offer you to choose among stylish haircuts with bangs in 2022.

Fashionable romantic bangs 2022 on blond short hair

1. Layered bangs

This bang looks great on hair of any length and thickness. As for color, layered bangs enhance the effect of highlighting. If you want to highlight your eyes, then this type of haircut is a win-win.

Layered torn bangs

It will add volume and splendor to the hair, correct small imperfections (soften the cheekbones and smoothen the corners of the face).

Layered bangs on short hair

A shortened multi-layer bang goes to girls with a small face, visually enlarging it.

2. Straight bangs

Smooth straight bangs fully reveal their charm on thick dark hair, contrasting with the face and shortening it. For those who want to get rid of the elongation of features, this bang will be a real salvation.

Straight bangs on dark long straight hair

Long straight bangs are popular on long hair, but if the shape of the face allows, it is also applicable to short hairstyles (bob or bob).

Straight bangs with a semicircular cut, high forehead correction

The edges of the bangs do not have to go at a right angle, they can be rounded.

Straight bangs that cover the eyebrows

3. Curtain bangs

It has become incredibly common this season, thanks to its romantic look and many variations.

Elegant bangs-curtain on two sides

Stylists agree that curtain bangs are a rather dangerous undertaking for owners of a round and square face, but they perfectly mask a high forehead.

Stylish bangs-curtain on long hair

The length of the hair at which this type of bangs are worn does not matter. She will turn long, medium, short hair into a work of hairdressing art. On the net, millions of girls share their hairstyles with curtain bangs and life hacks about…

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