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Stylish office dresses for every day: styles, photos

Beautiful office dresses: photos, news

Every girl wants to look beautiful and stylish. Office work does not limit a woman in choosing outfits. Business style makes the employee attractive, but consistent with the dress code.

Fashionable styles of office dresses

Fashionable office dresses

Office dresses are selected according to style. Their length should be slightly above or below the knee. Long dresses are not fashionable in 2019-2020. Business dresses should not have large cuts and necklines.

Office style implies a combination of soothing shades (gray, brown, black). The main trend of office dresses 2019-2020 is a minimum of jewelry and decor.

Sheath office dress

Business dresses are sewn taking into account the minimalist orientation without adding decor. This helps to create a strict and restrained style for a girl or woman. In 2019-2020, office dresses are in fashion:

  • Case;
  • With a flared skirt;
  • straight;
  • Free;
  • Models in the form of a strict trapezoid.

Office dress sheath

The case is considered a classic model of women’s office dresses. This type of product suits every business girl. The main characteristic of fashionable sheath dresses — absence of a seam of a horizontal type in the waist area. The length of such business products is up to the knee.

Business dress with flared skirt

Stylish office dresses with flared skirt give the image of a business girl playfulness. Such products are sewn in a free cut, which makes it possible to emphasize the beauty of a woman’s legs.

Office dress for overweight

Office dresses for full ones can be straight cut. Strict, straight models have a semi-tight silhouette, which will help hide figure flaws.

Straight office dress

Such models are also chosen by slender and pregnant girls. Straight-cut dresses have a special fold that does not restrict the movement of a business woman.

Loose office dresses

Loose silhouette office dress

Loose office dresses are products of a free cut. They will be a great solution for obese women. Advantage loose office dress that the material does not adhere to the body.

Loose office dress

A loose office dress should be in discreet shades. In spring and summer, it is blue, gray, white, black. Apricot and caramel shades are allowed.

Bright loose dress

Designers have provided office dresses in bright colors. However, such outfits will be acceptable for an informal work environment or office party. Fashionable free-cut dresses are offered by designers Yeohlee, Lisa Perry, Piazza Sempione and others.

Strict office dresses

Strict office dress

Strict dresses for the office are plain without drawings, patterns and decor. The best option is the “case” style. This model is ideal for any type of figure. The closeness of the dress with a moderate neckline is welcome. Strict dress for the office offer the following designers:

  • Balmain;
  • boss;
  • Dolce & Gabbana;
  • Badgley Mischka.

Business dress with a jacket

Business dress for the office

It is advisable to wear a sleeveless dress with a jacket or neckerchief. The length of strict office dresses is up to the knee. This type of product will be beautifully combined with a brooch, cuff or other fashion accessory.

Straight cut office dresses

Strict business dresses

When choosing a strictly office dress, pay attention to the shades of black, white and blue. Such a product will help to hide the flaws of a woman’s figure and highlight her advantages.

Fashionable office dresses spring-summer 2019

Fashionable spring dress

In the spring-summer 2019-2020 season, fitted and at the same time discreet dresses are in fashion. Business women prefer this particular style of dress. The outfit allows you to remain strict, representative, but at the same time feminine and attractive.

Dress pencil

When choosing office dresses for spring-summer 2019-2020, you should pay attention to the pencil style. The appearance of the product resembles a sheath dress, but its peculiarity lies in the presence of a cut line at the waist. This dress looks great on tall girls.

Spring plaid dresses for the office

Light dress to the office

Business white dress

When choosing a spring office dress, pay attention to soothing shades, preferring white and beige. Bright colors of products are allowed for informal office meetings, for example, corporate parties.

Office dresses autumn-winter 2019

Office winter dress

One of the fashionable A-line office dresses for autumn-winter 2019-2020 are classic straight models. Slightly baggy and not too tight dress options are suitable for active girls and women. Their advantage lies in maximum convenience.

Under such a dress in autumn or winter, you can wear a shirt or jumper. Strict shoes or fashionable boots with golfs and leggings will suit him.

Winter office dress

Strict dress

A black office midi dress is the hit of the autumn-winter 2019-2020 season. The length of such products has been at the peak of popularity for several seasons. Such a model will be an ideal option not only for an everyday trip to work, but also suitable for official events (corporate party, business meeting).

Gray office dress

Autumn dress to the office

In 2019-2020, knitted dresses with a minimum number of patterns and prints are in fashion. A neat belt and handbag perfectly complement the business style of a woman.

Popular colors

Gray office dress

In the 2019-2020 season, plain strict dresses are in fashion. They should not be bright and colorful. A gray office dress is a great solution for a business meeting.

The optimal shades of office dresses for full ones are pastel. Summer colors should be excluded from the wardrobe of office dresses, such as:

  • Carrot;
  • Purple;
  • light green;
  • Bright pink.

Black office dress

Black color – classic, so office dresses of this shade will always be businesslike and are unlikely to ever go out of office fashion. In order not to look gloomy in such a dress, you can add a few subtle accessories to the image.

Blue office dress

Blue colour symbolizes peace and confidence. Thanks to this designation, he inspires confidence in people. Having picked up an office dress of this color, you can look confident, moderately bright and at the same time strictly.

Black and white office dress

Black and white version – the perfect combination for office dresses. Since childhood, the combination of these colors has been associated with the school uniform. In office style, black and white shades will be fashionable in various combinations. These dresses can have a stripe, a geometric print or a cage.

Gray office dress

Grey – standard business color. A gray office dress is suitable for both the summer season and the autumn season. In 2019-2020, various shades of gray are in fashion. Soft smoky and EiffelTower are suitable for office style. The last color will make the image of a woman mysterious.

White office dress

White color – Another option for office style. Other colors and accessories can be added to the style of white dresses. Summer office dresses should not be too open and defiant.

Marsala dress

Colour marsala – 2019-2020 trend. A wine-colored sheath dress will perfectly fit into the image of a business lady.

Emerald office dress

emerald shade office dress is suitable for women who are tired of the gray shades of business style. Such models look advantageous on their own and do not require additional accessories.

Choose your favorite color and style of office dress and be the most fashionable among your colleagues!

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