Sugaring how to do – how to cook sugaring paste

Shugaring at home recipe

Girls always want to look beautiful and well-groomed, but now we will not talk about clothes and makeup. With the help of sugaring, you can easily and permanently remove hair on the legs, arms, face and any other part of the body. How to cook sugar paste – look for the recipe in our article.

Shugaring at home how to do, step by step instructions

The main component of shugaring is pastemade from Sahara, which you can cook at home yourself, or use a ready-made product from the store. Apply to the skin sugar paste, which you can cook at home with your own hands. The skin should be well cleaned before the shugaring procedure, it is better to do this with a tonic or lotion that has degreasing properties. The procedure will begin after the paste is applied to the skin, before which the mixture must be warmed up in the hands. It is applied against hair growth with the help of a hand or a special device. It should be removed against growth with a quick, sharp movement.


Sugar depilation at home, how to cook sugar syrup

You can try making your own sugaring paste at home. All it takes is a few tablespoons of sugar. This method of hair removal has an advantage over other methods:

  • The procedure is painless and effective
  • It does not require complex and lengthy preparation.
  • The solution applied to the area where unwanted hair is located does not cause irritation
  • Another big plus is the hypoallergenicity of each of the ingredients that make up the composition.
  • This depilation method is cheaper than its counterparts.
  • Eco-friendly composition and easy recipe



Sugaring paste – recipe

Sugar paste for shugaring at home is very easy to prepare. You just need to take: 10 – 12 tablespoons Saharaabout 4 tbsp watermix with half lemon (juice) and some citric acid. It is necessary to mix all the ingredients with sugar and put on a slow fire.


Stir the mixture until it boils, and then cook for another 5 to 8 minutes until the mixture is bubbly. caramel color. Only then can the pan be removed from the heat. You have to wait until sugar paste is cold to the temperature you need.


The next step is to check does it stick to your hands?. In this case, it is ready to use. When the caramel prepared according to the recipe is ready, you need to clean the skin and sprinkle it talc. Take a small portion of sugar paste and roll it into a small ball, which we will need to evenly distribute on the selected area against hair growth. And pluck – in the direction of growth.
Important!!!! For each new skin area, take a new small piece of the mixture!

This technology is suitable for all parts of the body and face – sugaring will do an excellent job with everything. Be careful with the bikini area!

Sugaring at home with citric acid

This recipe for shugaring using citric acid can be prepared and in the microwave. Take 6 art. spoons of sugarhalf tsp citric acidand also need 2 tbsp water. Mix everything and place in the microwave for two minutes.
This mixture can also be removed unwanted hair in places like: bikini, underarms and face. In this case, you need to do the shugaring procedure very carefully and delicately. It may take a little more time for it.





Depilation of the bikini area at home

The recipe is simple: take a small amount of mass and roll it into small ball. Apply to skin for 15-20 seconds, and then abruptly break off. Here it is necessary not to overexpose the paste on the hair, otherwise it will thicken greatly. After you have carried out the removal, you need to apply on the skin soothing cream.

oneThe next time you need to do sugaring only after 10 days!!!!

But, after subsequent procedures, the skin will remain as long as possible soft and smooth. Depilation of the intimate area at home will be even better if you do it in the evening.


Reviews about shugaring at home

According to reviews Internet users, sugaring – the most ideal and affordable type of hair removalwhich can be done at home. It allows painlessly get rid of the antennae above the upper lip, fast remove the vegetation of the intimate zone. And most importantly, sugar hair removal can be done most and without painwithout using the usual epilator. Such a device also works quite effectively, but brings much more inconvenience. Such a method very simple recipethe preparation of which won’t take you much time.


Sugaring at home video

About, how to make sugar syrupcarry out the shugaring procedure at home, and so on, our video lessons from the YouTube site will tell:

Waxing at home

In ancient times in the East, epilation was performed for both women and men. Carrying out the procedure at home is a simple process, suitable even for beginners in this matter.

Sugaring – the best, but less popular way to get rid of unwanted hair. When it is carried out, you can also use special strips. Like waxing. This method is the most painful. After it, irritation remains on the skin. The skin can be treated with special means after the procedure, but it will not be possible to immediately remove all irritation. But, in no case do not use a scrub before removing hair – it will only harm your skin.


How to prepare wax for depilation photo

To prepare it you will need: sugar, as in the case of sugaring, which must be mixed with honey and water. First you need to cook sugar until caramel color, and then pour in the rest of the ingredients. It may take about 10 minutes to cook. Apply the cooled wax on the treated part of the body, cover with a cotton cloth on top, iron well on top with your hand. Then, at a 90-degree angle, sharply tear off a strip of fabric. This method is less effective in combating unwanted vegetation than shugaring, the recipe for which, see above.

Hair removal at home folk remedies

Exist many different ways hair removal at home, in addition to shugaring. Can be used hot waxremove hair threada special device for their removal, or just go to the procedure photoepilation in the salon. The disadvantage of all these methods is that they require a lot of time.

About gelatin – it is part of many hair removal creams, but with the help of it impossible to remove hair.

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