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Summer makeup: Secrets of how to make light, bright, beautiful and delicate makeup

  1. 25082

    Step 1

    First you need to even out the skin tone: apply a light shade of DreamSatin BB cream on the face in a thin layer.

  2. 25094

    Step 2

    Conceal under-eye imperfections with Fit me #05 Concealer. Most importantly, when shading, do not press the fingertips too hard against the skin of the face.

  3. 25123

    Step 3

    Use Color Tattoo #65 as a base for eye shadow.

  4. 25146

    Step 4

    Line the lash line with Tattoo Liner #942: darken the lash line from the inner corner of the eye.

  5. 25138

    Step 5

    Apply hot pink eyeshadow from the Lemonade Craze summer eyeshadow palette to the inner corner of your eye.

  6. 25067

    Step 6

    Apply yellow eyeshadow from the palette to the lid. You need to shade the shadows closer to the outer corner of the eye.

  7. 25072

    Step 7

    Under the brow line, apply the same Fit me corrector.

  8. 25185

    Step 8

    For brows, use Brow Drama mascara in dark blonde.

  9. 25180

    Step 9

    Lightly fill in the brows with the Brow Precise deep brown pencil.

  10. 25153

    Step 10

    Coat your upper lashes with the new Snapscara mascara shade 07 purple. Purple mascara perfectly complements the yellow shade of the shadows.

  11. 25105

    Step 11

    Add blush with the new PUMA x MAYBELLINE Blush Highlighter Stick. Use the same blush on your lips.

  12. 25159

    Step 12

    Finish off your look with a PUMA x MAYBELLINE stick highlighter on your cheekbones.

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