Natural nude makeup for weekdays

The basic rules of nude makeup 2022: under the color of the eyes, under the shade of the hair and skin tone (with photo examples)

Nude or “naked, naked” makeup is a fashion trend of recent years. It gives facial features greater expressiveness, preserving and enhancing their natural beauty. What are its rules and how to apply it correctly? How to choose the right color scheme? Read about it in our article.

Natural nude makeup for weekdays

Pale pink lipstick and beige shadows for a nude make-up

The subtleties of nude makeup

The immutable principle of this style is naturalness, naturalness. The main task of cosmetics is to mask imperfections, and not to create bright accents. In addition, the skillful hands of the master favorably emphasize the natural advantages of the lady.

Natural, daytime style in nude makeup

  • Cosmetics are used as close as possible to the natural shades of the skin, hair, eyes and lips. Apply it in a thin layer, once.
Expressive lips with nude makeup

  • Appropriate flesh and cream, pastel shades – champagne, beige, baked milk and cream, chocolate and caramel.
Step by step instructions for nude eye makeup

  • The daily look and the nude technique are practically the same. Weightless delicate shades are selected, light shine is applied, reflective compositions are applied.
Nude daily look

  • For evening nude, brighter accents on the eyes, the use of pronounced shine and arrows are allowed.
Evening nude makeup with matte lipstick and discreet gloss on the eyelids

Fix the makeup with a special fixing spray or powder.

Evening makeup with nude tones

What makeup is needed to create a “naked” nude makeup

Experts recommend carefully choosing cosmetics, focusing on familiar, safe brands. The best options are waterproof, caring and moisturizing formulations.

Translucent gloss instead of lipstick for nude makeup

To create high-quality nude makeup, you need:

  • foundation, primer;
  • dry light powder;
  • contouring tool to emphasize light and shadow;
  • shadows and eyeliners, pencils;
Nude makeup eyeshadow in light brown tones

  • blush and highlighter;
Gray eye shadow and powdery pink nude lipstick

  • balm, lipstick or gloss.
Pastel nude lipstick

All cosmetics must be of high quality and hypoallergenic, not expired.

Step by step instructions for applying nude makeup

If you follow the advice of professionals, a simple nude make-up can be done on your own. If there is no self-confidence, time for experiments, then it is better to sign up with a master who provides nude makeup services.

Beige nude lipstick

The main steps when creating a make-up in this style:

  • Apply foundation with gentle movements, from the center of the face to the outer contour.
  • Mattifying the skin with a fine powder to eliminate oily sheen.
  • Slight contouring under the cheekbones for natural shading.
  • Tinting the bridge of the nose and the apples of the cheeks with a small amount of liquid blush.
  • Creating a contour at the base of the eyelashes with a pencil, eyeliner arrows, applying shadows if necessary.
Expressive arrow near the eyes with nude makeup

  • Highlighter is applied to the cheekbones, the very tip of the nose and under the eyebrows. This allows you to make the face and eyes more expressive.
  • Lastly, apply a light lipstick or lip balm.
Juicy, light pink nude lipstick

“Nude” make-up is in harmony with natural, elegant manicure – classic jacket, minimalist geometry, modest drawings.

Nude makeup for every day

A few fashionable ideas for nude makeup to match the color of the eyes

Makeup nude traditionally suggests focusing on the upper part of the face. Namely – on the eyes and eyebrows.

Fashion makeup in nude palette

Since the color of the iris can be different, the combinations of colors also differ.

  • Blue eyes harmoniously combined with beige, peach, sand and pinkish, pearl shades. The evening look allows for golden and brown tones.
Nude makeup for blue eyes

  • For brown-eyed ladies open carte blanche in the selection of shades. The main thing is to take into account the color type of skin and hair.
Nude makeup for brown eyes, with matte lipstick

  • Gray irises pairs perfectly with pink eyeshadows. If you apply the same pink tone for blush, eyelids and eyes, you get a refreshingly romantic make-up.
Nude makeup for a brown-haired woman with gray eyes

  • Green eyes welcome any shade with a red undertone – bronze, coral, pinkish red, muted orange. Mascara and pencils for eyeliner choose brown.
Nude makeup with matte lipstick and pink shadows for green eyes

The main rule when working with eyes and eyebrows is to avoid clearly defined borders, not shaded arrows and contours.

Eyebrow tinting with dark brown nude mascara

Nude hair color makeup

Creating a harmonious image is impossible without taking into account the color of the hair. Masters, thanks to their extensive experience, select shades of cosmetics quickly and without difficulty, only by casting an evaluating glance at the lady’s appearance.

Natural lipstick shade for dark-haired ladies for nude makeup

Beginners should listen to the recommendations of stylists.

1. Blondes

Naturally blond hair is often complemented by colorless eyelashes and eyebrows. Girls have a strong desire to correct the situation with an expressive dark pencil or ink. This is not worth doing. This accent gives the image an artificial look. The best way out will be gray, brownish-beige or reddish colors.

  • Highlighter, giving the skin a radiant look, is vital for fair-haired ladies. It highlights individual areas, while maintaining the most natural look. To make the shine more delicate, the highlighter is applied under the foundation.
  • Lipsticks of pinkish, peach tones are applied to the lips.
Nude make-up style for blonde girls

Masters recommend giving preference to cosmetics with a satin rather than a matte effect, as it refreshes and rejuvenates the skin better.

2. Brunettes

Dark-haired ladies have no problems with accents on the eyes and eyebrows, so you should not try to challenge the natural charm. Instead of dense and saturated products, soft, translucent textures are used.

  • Blush picks up tone-on-tone to the natural skin color on the cheekbones.
  • For light-skinned brunettes, contouring is contraindicated. If necessary, the funds are used in minimal doses, 1-2 drops.
  • Suitable lipstick beige, brown and pinkish shades.
Nude makeup for a burning brunette

You can make a thin eyeliner with a colored pencil, green or turquoise, giving the look a mystery.

3. Blonde hair

A feature of fair-haired beauties is cold, ashy undertones. That is why a warm, brown palette is preferred.

  • Eyebrows are tinted with a product that is 1-2 tones darker than hair.
  • If you need arrows near the eyes, they are made feathered.
  • The outer corners of the eyes are distinguished by brown, plum or grayish shadows.
Natural shades for nude eye makeup

Lipstick can be either beige or pinkish, or translucent. The specific choice depends on the tone of the hair and skin.

Nude daily makeup for light brown hair

4. Brown-haired and red-haired

Warm, fiery natural palette welcomes the same warm shades in cosmetics. For brown-haired women, you can choose both warm and cold tones.

  • Black or brown mascara is applied to the eyelashes.
  • Lipstick is chosen according to the natural color of the lips, 1-2 tones darker or lighter.
Makeup in a nude palette with fiery red hair

To make lipstick look natural, it is applied with fingertips, driving in and patting movements.

Nude palette for different skin tones

When choosing the subtleties of design and colors, the color of the skin and its features are of decisive importance.

Natural nude makeup with matte lipstick and eyeliner

1. Light skin

On transparent white, pale pinkish or bluish-white skin, all imperfections stand out especially brightly. That is why with such a color type you have to work more carefully and longer.

  • For masking use dense proofreaders. Greenish well hide reddened, inflamed areas. Means with orange cope with dark circles under the eyes, black dots.
  • Instead of mascara…

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