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the best cosmetics for oily problematic combination skin with enlarged pores

If you have oily skin, you know how difficult it is to find the right cosmetics. Quality makeup for oily skin is more like an illusion than a real product that we can buy. The products are supposed to give us a matte finish and minimize our pores, but more often than not, they leave us disappointed.

How to choose cosmetics for oily skin

How to choose skin care products for oily skin

People with oily skin often opt for products that really strip the skin of its natural oils. But it’s hard on your skin. And if you choose an alcohol-based toner, you are actually removing layers of skin. Sure, it’s nice to have that dry skin feeling from toner, but that doesn’t help. In fact, it can make your acne worse and make your makeup look patchy.

The best way to prep your skin is to choose a gentle moisturizer to cleanse your face. The best products for oily skin remove makeup and oil without leaving the skin too dry. Learn how to take care of oily skin.

Exfoliating twice a week will help remove any dirt, debris or dead skin that is blocking your pores, which can make your foundation look dry. Choose a chemical exfoliator, which is an enzyme or acid-based formula that penetrates deep into the skin to dissolve and expel dead skin.

Choose a clay mask to combat any excess oil and extract any impurities. The clay will also absorb excess oil in your pores, making them stiffer.

How to choose makeup for oily skin

Makeup is a cover. It is designed to hide red and dark spots by giving pigment to the skin. The amount of pigment depends on the product.

Regardless of your preference for coverage, make sure you choose a non-comedogenic product when choosing makeup for oily skin. These products are more porous than traditional heavy makeup and allow your skin to breathe better.

Also, choose cosmetics that include sunscreen whether you have oily skin or not! You will probably be wearing your makeup every day, so why not wear something that also protects your skin?

A mattifying primer is essential if you want your makeup to stay on 24/7. Firstly, it will absorb any excess oil that is on the surface of your skin, and secondly, it will blur and smooth out your pores. Stay away from any shine or oil-based primers as they can make your skin oily. Instead, look for water- or silicone-based primers as they usually have a slightly thicker consistency to soften the look of large pores and scars.

Oil-free or mineral foundations and powders are ideal, although remember that oil-free foundations often oxidize (turn yellow or orange) throughout the day, so always ask for a tester before buying.

Powder is crucial for oily skin as it will help set your look all day long and will also help smooth out your complexion. You can also try a powder that contains sulfur, clay and zinc to balance oil production and absorption.

The best skin care products for oily and problematic skin

Kora Phytocosmetics mattifying cream for oily skin

The active formula of the cream is designed taking into account the characteristics of oily and combination skin prone to various types of irritation. The cream mattifies oily areas of the skin, preventing the appearance of unwanted shine. As a result, the skin looks fresher, clearer, smoother with an even matte finish.

SEBO-REGULATING COMPLEX (Decylene Glycol in combination with natural phytoextracts) stabilizes the activity of the sebaceous glands, has porosity and intense soothing properties. Consider serums for oily skin.

Containing the natural bioflavonoid ISOQUERCETIN, the cream has a pronounced antioxidant effect, reliably protects the skin from oxidative stress caused by UV rays, and prevents the processes of photoaging and skin fading.

Aphrodite mattifying cream for oily skin

A natural cream with a unique “smart” base that helps restore and strengthen the skin barrier. Normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands and improves the smoothness of the skin. Contains rice powder (mattifies) and a natural active to minimize pores (narrows and makes them less visible, photoshop effect). Unlike decorative cosmetics, the cream corrects the skin condition and gives a lasting effect. The result is noticeable after 15 days. After 30 – a decrease in sebum production up to 38%, a decrease in pores up to 80%.

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Mask for oily skin with enlarged pores NewLine with sulfide mud

It is used in a complex of procedures for the care of oily, problematic facial skin in professional salons. Thanks to the action of the cream mask, the activity of the sebaceous glands is normalized. It also has a keratolic, absorbable effect, narrows the pores. Suitable for any age.
How to use: After applying the tonic, apply the cream mask to the skin of the face and neck, avoiding the skin of the eyelids and lips.
The mask can be moistened with tonic as it dries. Wash off with water after 30 minutes.
Do not use in case of individual intolerance to the components.

Mask for oily skin with enlarged pores Elizavecca Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

Elizavecca Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask looks like a regular cleansing mask when applied. But after a few seconds, millions of small bubbles begin to stand out on it, which open the pores and improve the penetration of active minerals into the tissues. In addition, the drainage effect improves blood circulation and reduces swelling.

Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask is great for any type of skin, but is a real find for problematic, prone to inflammation and oily sheen. The mask contains green tea extract, which has an excellent antibacterial and soothing effect, reducing the negative impact of the environment.

Charcoal powder, being a natural absorbent, collects all the dirt from the surface of the skin. The mask moisturizes the face well, thanks to the thermal water in its composition. After regular use, the pores are noticeably narrowed, the number of imperfections is reduced.

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Vichy Purete Thermale Perfecting Toner for Oily Skin

A perfecting toner completes the skin cleansing routine by gently cleansing the skin of residual impurities and make-up. Perfectly tones and moisturizes the skin. The skin acquires a feeling of freshness and softness. Consider the best toners for oily skin.

CeraVe Face Wash Gel for Oily Skin

  • Doesn’t dry out skin
  • Perfect Consistency
  • economical consumption
  • Evens out skin tone (with regular use in combination with other facial products)
  • Reduces…

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