Long hair makes it easy to create a beautiful summer hairstyle in five minutes.

The best easy hairstyles for the summer of 2022: fast, simple and very stylish (50+ photos)

In the warm season, the beautiful half of humanity begins to have a dilemma of how to remove their hair so as not to repeat themselves, look neat and not take hours to transform in the morning. Hairdressers have long developed hairstyles that can be done in five minutes. At the same time, women have so many options at their disposal that within a month you can create different images.

Long hair makes it easy to create a beautiful summer hairstyle in five minutes.

Stylish easy hairstyles for the summer with braids that can be done in five minutes

Women with long hair are lucky – they can change their looks almost daily, and they also have more opportunities to do without hair dryers and minimize the use of mousses and varnishes.

Creating a hairstyle, you can show your imagination, which will help you create masterpieces on your head without spending a lot of time styling. And if you still can’t decide, then you can take a few ideas from stylists into service and apply them to your image.

  • Unusual braid

The invariable attribute of a Russian beauty will suit a woman at any age and make her image attractive.

The braid on the side is easier to weave and looks more original than the classic version.

There are many options for braiding a braid, but if the classic method is no longer suitable, then you can create it from the side. Such a hairstyle is done in five minutes, and it looks spectacular, like just from a hairdresser.

An ordinary braid can be easily made voluminous if you move the curls a little apart.

  • Scythe and shell

One of the easiest ways to transform your hair. Make a not very tight ponytail, tie with an elastic band and divide it in half at the roots.

The shell on the hair looks too simple, and it can be supplemented with a braid

Pass the hair through the resulting hole two or three times – you get a classic shell, and below you can braid the pigtail. Such a hairstyle will already look stylish and unusual.

The braid in combination with the shell technique looks more impressive

  • sloppy braid

A little tousled hairstyle is now in trend. Such a braid will look great on wavy hair, but you can create it on straight hair if you make a small bouffant along the entire length.

A messy braid creates volume and looks amazing

You can weave in any way that you like best.

A hairstyle with a careless braid will add romance and femininity to a summer look.

To create the effect of negligence, pull the finished braid a little in different directions and tighten the tip with a thin elastic band or use invisible ones.

A careless braid is considered the trend of the summer season

  • Two braids

The hairstyle looks very romantic and is often done by brides to create a wedding look. It is easy enough to perform, but it is desirable that the curls curl a little, otherwise the desired effect will not work. Divide the hair into three equal parts: at the back of the head and at the temples, where you need to braid not very tight braids.

This hairstyle can be done in five minutes if you know how to weave braids

From the back of the head, you need to separate a small part of the hair so that you can braid a small pigtail, collect the rest in a ponytail under an elastic band, including side braids. Wrap the base with a small pigtail and fix the result with invisibility.

Hairstyle with braids looks neat and does not cause much trouble when creating

For a wedding or evening look, the hairstyle is complemented with hairpins with bright beads, hairpins with shiny elements or flowers, which creates a romantic look.

A braid is considered a great evening hairstyle for the summer and is suitable for a wedding look.

Summer hairstyles with tails – fast, easy and beautiful

  • beautiful tail

This hairstyle is done following the example of a shell, but in order for it to look great, it is advisable to make a perm. Gather the tail under the elastic and divide it in half at the base and thread the hair through the hole, you get a shell, which must be fixed with invisibility.

A simple shell with a falling tail is done in a couple of minutes

The rest of the curls are left free, and due to curling or natural splendor, it will look spectacular. The shell can be decorated with a hairpin with shiny elements, flowers or beads, then it will already be an evening look with which you can visit restaurants and friendly parties.

A high shell with a tail can become an evening hairstyle for the summer

  • voluminous ponytails

Such an element can be created in several ways. Make a ponytail that needs to be divided in half and pass the hair a couple of times through the hole. Next, tie the result with an elastic band and repeat as much as you need or the length of the hair allows.

Voluminous ponytails are made in five minutes, but they already look like a beautiful summer hairstyle

In a simplified version, you can comb the strands a little and tighten the bulky part with an elastic band.

On long hair, such a summer hairstyle looks amazing

The resulting “balls” of hair will look spectacular and unusual, with such a hairstyle you can go to work, study or play sports.

The easiest option to create a spectacular hairstyle with a ponytail

  • Tail and braid

This hairstyle can be created for girls with straight hair, while it will look great on the head of a girl and a woman of any age. Divide the hair into two parts diagonally at the back of the head, one of them must be collected in a ponytail, the other must be braided into a braid, which should be tight.

A braid that smoothly turns into a ponytail will make your summer hairstyle neat and stylish.

With such a braided element, you can wrap the base of the tail or run it along the length.

Using different braiding techniques, you can change hairstyles daily

Also, from the pigtail, you can lay out a pattern on the head, which is fixed with invisibility, so the hairstyle will become not only neat, but also unusual.

Often, to create such a hairstyle, the effect of a disheveled braid is used.

  • Knots in the tail

A great way to make your hairstyle elegant, which is suitable for an evening and day look. Divide your hair into two sections and tie two or three knots, more if the length allows.

Knots in the tail look unusual, and they can be imposed as long as the length of the hair allows

Fix with invisibility or varnish, the tail can be left free, or you can comb it a little and create voluminous balls.

Knots in the tail can be made neat or disheveled, depending on the situation.

For an evening look, such knots are complemented with sequins or beads.

Knots in the tail can be knitted with an overlap, which makes them more original

  • Volume and ponytail

This hairstyle looks chic, but it will take more time to create. It is desirable that the curls curl a little or you will have to use a curling iron. Divide the hair into four equal parts: at the temples, at the back of the head and in the bangs area.

Volume is easy to create with a simple bouffant, and the ponytail will be a great addition to summer hairstyles.

Comb a little strand to achieve more volume and start laying them in a ponytail diagonally with a slight twist inward. First, the hair on the back of the head, then the temporal and bangs, you get something like a voluminous shell, which needs to be fixed with invisibility.

The volume and tail will suit girls with both straight and wavy hair.

The resulting tail is slightly curled if necessary, and the strands are left free. A simple hairstyle will help out when going to a party or on working days, while it will look beautiful and neat.

A voluminous hairstyle is perfect for creating an evening look in the summer.

  • Braid ponytail

One of the easiest options to get your hair in order, while looking spectacular and neat. A braid combined with a puffy tail will suit any woman, regardless of age.

A braid and a voluminous tail will always help a woman out when you need to quickly do your hair.

To create a hairstyle, start braiding from the forehead area, taking strands from the temples. The tail can be created at the top or back of the head, it all depends on personal preference.

To create a more effective hairstyle, just add a little creativity to the image.

A braid ending in a tail is considered a universal option for every day, with which you can visit a party.

The ponytail goes well with a careless braid in the hair.

  • voluminous ponytail

Not all women have lush hair, but this is easily fixable. If there is not enough volume, you can comb a little curls or make a perm. Collect hair in two tails, one at the back of the head, the other a little higher, which needs to be slightly relaxed.

To achieve the visual volume of the hairstyle, you just need to make two ponytails instead of one.

You get a voluminous ponytail, which can be fixed at the end with an elastic band.

Two ponytails will be invisible under the hair, but will give a chic volume to the hairstyle

  • Spectacular ponytail hairstyle

This option is suitable for girls with long straight hair. Gather the curls into a ponytail at the crown and secure with an elastic band. Next, also make it a little lower, after about 7-10 cm, divide the curls into two parts and pass them into the resulting hole twice.

The tail can be made in a slightly sloppy version

Repeat this several times, but to add volume, do not tighten …

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