Eyelash care

The best eyelash care products (TOP 5 of 2022)

In order for both your natural and extended eyelashes to look perfect, you need to properly care for them. In this woman will help a variety of special tools. Today, the choice of the latter in stores is huge. You can find compositions for every taste and budget. Further in the article we will analyze the best modern eyelash care products.

Eyelash care

Care and strengthening with a nourishing fixative – the leader among eyelash products 2022

Such a tool can be safely given the first place in the discussed rating. It helps to strengthen natural hairs, promotes their growth and recovery after various damages. If a girl has extended eyelashes, the tool can significantly increase their wear time.

Removing makeup from eyelashes

First of all, the composition helps the adhesive mass, which fixes the artificial hairs. The tool protects it from external influences. At the same time, it nourishes its natural eyelashes, provides them with all the necessary components. As a result, the hairs break and fall out less.

Combing eyelashes

It is important to note that the effect of such compositions is cumulative. And it manifests itself as much as possible if you use the remedy for 5-7 weeks. It is advisable to apply the fixer at least 1-2 times in 7 days. In the process of using it, it is worth arming yourself with a brush or tweezers. Then the application will be better and more uniform.

Eyelash makeup removal

The fixer is usually sold in miniature bottles of 10 ml. The cost of such packaging varies from 800 to 1700 rubles.

Combing eyelashes with a brush

Tonic for growth and care – a popular remedy for eyelashes 2022

Especially popular today is such a remedy for Enigma – Eyelash Growth. Unlike the facial toner, the eyelash option is sold in miniature 10 ml bottles. Its average cost is 1200 rubles. But there are often impressive discounts on the compositions.

Using eyelash oil

Features of this tonic:

  • nourishes and accelerates the growth of eyelashes;
  • received from manufacturers an innovative composition formula with a predominance of natural safe components in it;
  • strengthens hairs and is able to restore them after various kinds of external influences;
  • wakes up “sleeping” follicles, which contributes to the active growth of new cilia;
  • can be used to care for extended eyelashes, since the composition of the product does not contain oils that adversely affect the glue.
Applying care product with a brush

This tonic is great for daily use. It can become part of your regular lash care routine. Including for extended ones. Significantly increases the wear time of the latter.

Eyelash care gel

Experts recommend using such a tonic in between extensions. This helps to restore the hairs and neutralize the negative effects of the glue on them. The product is recommended to be applied to the roots of the eyelashes. Best of all every day – in the morning and in the evening.

Well-groomed eyelashes

Active ingredients of the product:

  1. Vitamin RR. Prevents the loss of eyelashes, stops the already activated process. Favorably affects blood microcirculation in the skin around the eyes. Nourishes the follicles. Protects cells from dehydration, dryness.
  2. Provitamin B5. Nourishes hair. Restores their structure after various kinds of damage. Strengthens not only the eyelashes themselves, but also their follicles. Saturates the cells with oxygen. Eyelashes become as a result shiny, strong, beautiful, smoother.
  3. Vitamin E. Needed to move oxygen between cells. Helps to deliver it to the follicles along with other important substances.
  4. Vitamin A. Strengthens and restores eyelashes. Stops the process of their loss. Stimulates the growth of new hairs.
  5. Vitamin F. Necessary for strengthening and restoring eyelashes.
  6. Rice proteins. Comprehensive eyelash care.
Care for natural and extended eyelashes

Eyelash care with cleansing foam

The tool is great for the care of extended eyelashes. Helps to thoroughly clean them from various types of contaminants.

Eyebrow and eyelash care

Foam for eyelashes is a gentle product with a gentle, safe composition. She removes the remnants of makeup, dust from the hairs. It has a pleasant subtle aroma.

Applying any care products to the eyelashes

The foam has the most gentle composition, which does not affect the glue. And, therefore, it is great for the care and maintenance of eyelash extensions. Can be used for any type of skin. Does not dry it out, does not cause irritation.

Soft brush for eyelash care

Foam not only removes impurities, but also improves the condition of the eyelashes in general. Cares for the delicate skin around the eyes. Gives it a radiant, fresh and rested look.

Fact about eyelashes

Long and fluffy eyelashes are far from always comfortable. Particularly affected are people who are forced to permanently or temporarily wear glasses, as the hairs touch the glass, bringing discomfort.

Eyebrow and eyelash care together

The composition of the foam includes:

  1. Panthenol. Promotes the restoration of eyelashes (even severely damaged ones). Strengthens follicles.
  2. Tocopherol. Transports moisture, nutrients, oxygen to the follicles.
  3. Extract of witch hazel, aloe, tea tree. Moisturize the skin, tone and refresh it. They have an antibacterial effect.
  4. Vitamin C and E. Slow down skin aging. Rejuvenate it, stimulate regeneration.
  5. Panthenol. Keeps moisture inside the skin. Prevents its dryness, fights wrinkles.
Eyelash Care Tools

When using the foam is applied in a small amount to the eyelashes. After they are gently washed along the growth line along the entire length. It remains only to rinse the product with clean warm water.

Long eyelash care

Eyelash home care product – keratin conditioner

This tool is best used after lamination of eyelashes. It is allowed to use it daily. Perfect air conditioner for permanent home care.

Eyelash cleansing foam

The product has a protein base. It significantly increases the life of damaged eyelashes, restores their structure. As a result, it improves the nutrition of the hairs. They begin to grow faster and more actively.

Beautiful well-groomed eyelashes

The conditioner contains panthenol. This substance envelops each hair with a thin protective film. It doesn’t weigh down the hair. Panthenol from the composition of the product protects the eyelashes from the sun, wind, temperature changes and other unpleasant external factors. They become stronger, stronger, more alive.

Eyelashes require complex care

Separately, it is worth noting the convenient packaging of the conditioner and its pleasant coconut aroma. The average cost of funds is 1900 rubles.

Eyelash lengthening products

Nourishing serum for strengthening eyelashes – effectiveness for natural beauty 2022

Lash Charge Serum from the LB brand is one of the most popular eyelash products among customers today. The tool is designed specifically for the care of natural eyelashes and their restoration. It is both effective and affordable composition. Its components instantly fill the voids in the damaged hair structure. As a result, eyelashes look healthier and more beautiful.

Very long curly lashes

The composition of the serum includes many unique components.


  1. Omega 3, omega 6, omega 9. Polyunsaturated fatty acids can significantly extend the life of each eyelash. They are obtained from wheat germ oil. These components…

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