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The best face creams: advice from cosmetologists

What is the best face cream according to cosmetologists and buyers?

When choosing a suitable cream, a woman always studies information about the cosmetic product she likes for a long time. But if there are reviews from experts and buyers, it is easier to make a choice and there are guarantees not to miscalculate. The opinions of cosmetologists and buyers are formed from the ratio of price, quality and effectiveness of the product.

Types of face creams

Various face creams

A face cream is an indispensable cosmetic product for a woman to combat age-related skin changes. When choosing it, the first thing you should pay attention to is the time of day at which it will be used. According to this criterion, the face cream is divided into:

  • Day;
  • Night.

Daily cream for the face is designed to protect the skin from the effects of external factors (UV rays, wind, frost, dust, etc.), which:

  • Dry skin of the face;
  • Contribute to the acceleration of the aging process;
  • Clog pores.

A daytime product with a light and non-greasy texture. It helps to moisturize the skin of the face and maintain water balance. Part dnavy cream for the face should include the following ingredients:

  • Acids: oleic and linolenic. With the help of these components, the protective functions of the skin resume their work;
  • Vitamins of groups A, C, E and F. Thanks to the vitamin complex in the composition, the day cream is able to stop the aging process of the skin and moisturize it;
  • Hyaluronic acid. Helps retain moisture in the skin;
  • UV filter. The indicator must be at least 15. The component protects the woman’s skin from the negative effects of UV rays.

Night cream for the face was designed to restore the skin while a woman sleeps. Cosmetic nourishes and restores the skin. With regular application night cream promotes the removal of fatigue and cell regeneration.

The composition of the cosmetic should include the following components:

  • Antioxidants;
  • Coenzyme Q10;
  • Vitamins E and C;
  • Keratin;
  • Trace elements (Fe, Ca);
  • Proretinol-A is an important component for anti-aging action;
  • Elastin and collagen stimulating ingredients (Cynerge TK).

The above components included in the composition night cream, restore skin tone of a woman’s face, renew cells and even out tone. With regular use improves blood microcirculation.

Face creams are selected according to skin type. They are:

  • Moisturizing;
  • Nutritious;
  • anti-aging;
  • Whitening.

Before choosing a suitable facial product, you need to consult with a beautician who will select the desired composition.

Tips for cosmetologists on choosing a cream

face cream

For cosmetologists, the best face cream is a product without synthetic components (dyes, parabens, etc.), which has a positive effect on the skin (protection from the sun, wind and other external factors).

Specialists in the cosmetology field put forward several important requirements for choosing a good face cream. These include:

  • Cosmetologists believe that vitamins B, C and E must be included in the composition. Vitamin B fights acne, inflammation and unwanted pigmentation. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant. Vitamins of group E nourish the skin of the face. The percentage of substances in the cream should be 3%, but if at least 1% is present, the product is considered good.
  • Cosmetic should not be in a glass jar. According to experts, a transparent box is exposed to external factors (sunlight) and, in this regard, the face product loses its beneficial properties. When choosing a remedy, a woman should give preference to tubes and bottles with a dispenser.
  • The composition should be free of components such as alcohol and perfume. The latter is used to give the cosmetic product a pleasant aroma. The composition of the perfume includes fragrances and solvents that cause allergic reactions. Not all types of alcohol are dangerous for the skin, but there are a number of subtypes that should be avoided:
    • alcohol denatured alcohol;
    • isopropyl;
    • benzyl and ethyl;
    • methanol.

Expensive face cream does not guarantee quality

Cosmetologists say that the high price of a face cream does not guarantee the presence of useful components in its composition. Experts believe that a cosmetic product should cost at least 10 euros and contain a maximum of useful substances (vitamins, trace elements, etc.).

Before choosing cosmetics for the face, a woman should determine her skin type and study the ingredients that suit or can harm her. For example, those with sensitive skin should avoid glycolic acid, which has exfoliating properties.

The Best Moisturizers

Before buying a face cream you like, cosmetologists recommend that you first purchase its tester. If, after contact with the skin of the cosmetic product, redness and irritation do not appear, then it is suitable for a woman and you can buy it.

Consider examples of the best face creams according to cosmetologists.

Clarins by Eclat

Clarins Eclat Moisturizing Face Cream

Face cream Clarins Helps moisturize the skin and gives it a natural shine and radiance. The composition of the cosmetic product includes plant extracts of the cuff and turmeric, which help to even out the tone of the skin. Recommended Apply to cleansed face and neck twice a day.

The cosmetic product has a light texture and prepares the skin for applying makeup. The composition also includes Ginkgo biloba leaf extract, which improves blood circulation.

Irina, cosmetologist:

The cream perfectly moisturizes the skin of the face and evens out its structure. The tool has a light texture. Suitable as a base for daily make-up.

Elena, cosmetologist-esthetician:

After the first use of the cream by women, the result is noticeable. The skin looks better and acquires a natural glow. I recommend to use it constantly to moisturize the skin.

L’Oreal Paris

Moisturizer LOreal

Moisturizing face cream L’oreal was designed to hydrate the skin and give it a natural freshness and radiance. The composition of the cosmetic product includes:

  • Aloe juice;
  • Vitamin B;
  • Ceramides;
  • Hyaluronic acid.

The listed components help moisturize the skin of the face for 72 hours from the moment of application. The tool acts on 5 layers of the epidermis at the same time, which makes the skin more elastic.

Anna, beautician

The cream perfectly moisturizes the skin of the face and has an exfoliating effect. The product is suitable for owners of normal and combination skin types. After applying it, the face looks refreshed.

Julia, dermatologist:

The price of the cream justifies its beneficial effect on the skin. If you want to see the result, then apply the product daily in the morning and 2 hours before bedtime. The cream perfectly moisturizes the skin and makes it smoother.

Nourishing creams

Valmont Prime Regenera II

Valmont Nourishing Cream

Swiss face cream Valmont oxygenated and…

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