Лучшие крема для лица после 30

The best face creams after 30: beautician’s advice

Rating of the best face creams after 30 years

At a young age, the fair sex does not think about the need for proper facial skin care. However, she is very sensitive and the sooner you start taking care of her, the longer she will shine, remaining young and fit.

Features of facial skin after 30 years

Even at 30, the skin is radiant and looks good, just like at a younger age. However, the first signs of aging are beginning to appear more and more often. This can be mimic wrinkles, the nasolabial and interbrow folds become somewhat more noticeable, the corners of the lips are slightly lowered, the skin is not so elastic, it becomes more oily or, conversely, drier. These signs indicate that the skin begins to fade a little, this cannot be avoided, but the intensity of aging can be slowed down.

Causes of skin aging

The aging process of the skin depends on:

  • the lifestyle you lead;
  • sleep quality;
  • heredity;
  • general health;
  • diet;
  • how often, correctly and in a timely manner you took care of your skin before.

In women after 30 years, the metabolism slows down, and the production of elastin and collagen decreases markedly. That is, the skin loses its natural elasticity, the lipid layer becomes thinner, while the stratum corneum, on the contrary, thickens. As a result, the facial muscles are no longer in the same tone as before. To stop these processes, the skin must be looked after not periodically, but comprehensively and regularly.

When caring for facial skin after 30, pay attention to the following processes occurring deep in the layers of the epidermis:

  • the sebaceous glands begin to work unstably, as a result of which secretion secretion slows down;
  • muscle tone is markedly reduced;
  • the skin loses moisture;
  • the blood circulation process is disrupted, due to which the face loses its natural shade;
  • collagen is practically not released, as a result of which elasticity decreases even more.

Many women who have just turned 30 do not pay attention to these processes and begin to mask the roughness that has appeared with decorative cosmetics. However, it will be possible to hide defects in the early stages of skin aging; after a while, even with the help of a ton of cosmetics, it will not be possible to hide wrinkles and sagging. The only right decision is the timely implementation of procedures that will fill the epithelium of the skin with the necessary amount of nutrients, moisturize the skin and tone it.

Rules for skin care after 30 years

Skin care after 30 years

Before you start anti-aging procedures, you need to figure out what the right skin care after 30 years is. Each woman has an individual skin, each of which requires a special relationship.

To choose the right cosmetics for skin care after 30 years, you need to determine your skin type:

  • Normal, as a rule, without any special obvious defects – redness, spots, oily sheen, vascular networks. Caring for a normal skin type is not difficult, but you should not ignore basic care;
  • Combined. It is mainly distinguished by the fact that oily sheen is present on the T-zone, as a result of which these areas begin to age faster. To prevent this, it is these places that should be given the most attention when carrying out anti-aging procedures;
  • Dry. It is characterized by increased dryness and vessels that are visible through a thin layer of skin. In the absence of proper care, the areas will quickly become wrinkled;
  • Fatty. It is characterized by the active work of the sebaceous glands – a fatty layer is constantly visible all over the face. However, it should be noted that the skin after 30 most often becomes combination.

Rules for skin care after 30 years depending on skin type

Rules for skin care after 30 years:

  • In the morning it is necessary to wash with tonic or milk, but in no case with liquid soap;
  • Proper breakfast also affects the condition of the skin. In the morning it is recommended to include fresh fruits, herbs, boiled vegetables in the diet, to give up sweets;
  • During the day, you need to drink more tea, preferably green, as well as plain water, vitamin fruit drinks and smoothies;
  • After 30, you need to use creams, masks, tonics and lotions marked “anti-aging”;
  • Use cleansing and nourishing masks regularly;
  • Wash off makeup before bed.

Hydration and nutrition

In order for the skin to remain in good shape for as long as possible, it must be properly moisturized, this will help maintain a sufficient amount of important substances in its composition. To do this, it is recommended to purchase the most common cream for moisturizing and nourishing marked “after 30”. Pay attention to the composition of the cream. It must contain the following ingredients:

  • essential oil;
  • any nutrients;
  • vitamins;
  • moisturizers;
  • special filters against ultraviolet radiation.

In the summer, give preference to creams with a light composition, and in winter, choose more fatty products. This will help maintain the natural tone of the skin and tone it, regardless of the time of year.

Cleansing and toning

After 30, it is extremely important to monitor the level of collagen. It is also necessary to thoroughly cleanse the pores, this will relieve you of excess fat and will prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

Beauticians recommend:

  • regularly use special skin cleansing products – milk, washing gel;
  • timely get rid of dust and dirt with the help of scrubs;
  • the entire face should be cleansed, and not individual parts of it;
  • mandatory use of age masks.

Proper make-up removal

Make-up removal

The skin must constantly breathe, this is especially important for women after 30. Proper makeup removal will help maintain beautiful and healthy skin for as long as possible. First of all, make-up at night should be washed off. Decorative cosmetics are removed only with the help of special means – cosmetic milk for the face.

When removing makeup, the movements should be light, vigorously rubbing the eyes and face skin is not recommended. Be sure to do fasting days for the face, do not use cosmetics.

If after removing makeup on the face there is a slight discomfort, it is recommended to experiment with another milk or foam. Perhaps the product is not chosen correctly and does not suit your skin type.

Caring for the skin around the eyes

Do not forget that with age, many wrinkles appear around the eyes, so this area requires additional care. It is recommended to purchase a special cream that is designed specifically for this area. As a rule, the product says “For the care of the area around the eyes”.

The cream is applied around the eyes more often than other means. This will help prevent the premature appearance of mimic wrinkles.

Neck care

After 30, not only the face requires special care, the neck also needs to be given due attention, as this is one of the parts of the body that …

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