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The difference between 2D and 3D eyelash extensions (with photo examples 2022)

If a woman is already deciding on an extension procedure, she wants to get the perfect result. I hope that the cilia will immediately be beautiful, long, thick, shiny.

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It happens that at first the girl asks the master to use the same materials. And a couple of days after the procedure, she returns with a request to remove the hairs, which turned out to be too heavy and uncomfortable to wear. To prevent this from happening, you need to thoroughly understand the differences between the existing types of extensions in advance. Especially between the most popular 2D and 3D.

Girl immediately after extension

The essence of the eyelash extension procedure 2022

Regardless of the type of extension chosen, the essence of this procedure is the same. In the process, artificial eyelashes are attached between natural eyelashes. As a result, the main parameters of the hairs change. It turns out to make them thicker, curved, long. And if you want – even change the color. Artificial hairs are fixed with special glue. If the procedure is carried out correctly, then this composition does not harm the eyes and the delicate skin around them.

Eyelash extensions need to be combed

All eyelash extension parameters are selected individually for each individual client. This takes into account the condition of natural hairs on the eyelids, the structure of the eyes and other significant parameters.

The master performs extension

It is especially important to properly care for eyelashes after the procedure. If you follow all the main points, then you can save the result for a period of 15 to 45 days. It is impossible to walk with it longer, as natural hairs grow back and fall out. After the girl completely removes the extended eyelashes, carries out their correction or repeats the procedure again.

Evaluation of the extension result

Features of the 2D eyelash extension option

This extension technology involves gluing 2 artificial eyelashes to each natural eyelash. In this case, the tips of the overlays are directed in different directions. As a result, it is possible to get an expressive, deep look. But at the request of the client, you can save its naturalness.

The work of one master in building


  • such eyelashes are most comfortable to wear;
  • the result can be saved for a long time;
  • if desired, you can additionally decorate the image, add brightness with the help of rhinestones, sparkles, feathers, colored hairs;
  • the volume is natural.
Beam extension

Features of 3D eyelash extension option

In the process of such an extension, 3 artificial ones are immediately applied to one natural hair. And their direction, bend, length change from bundle to bundle.

Eyelash tufts attached

This is a great way to add volume to thin and sparse lashes. If an experienced master takes it, then the result can also be made natural.

Extension in a beauty salon


  • artificial hairs are light and almost weightless, they are not hard on the eyes;
  • wearing such eyelashes is comfortable and pleasant;
  • it is possible to visually correct the shape of the eyes;
  • you can refuse daily makeup;
  • the process uses modern safe adhesive material, which minimizes the likelihood of allergies.
Extension in a beauty salon

Cons of eyelash extensions 2D and 3D

Both 2D and 3D extensions have many advantages. But both procedures have their downsides. They are common:

  • thin and brittle eyelashes will fall out more strongly under the weight of artificial hairs;
  • extension does not go well with wearing contact lenses, because with the latter, the girl touches her eyes and eyelids much more often;
  • you will have to carefully monitor the composition of all used cosmetics;
  • you will need to abandon oil-based facial formulations.
Result immediately after eyelash extensions

Differences between 2D and 3D extension options

The main difference between the two extension options can be called the cost of the procedure. So, you will have to pay more for 3D technology. Why, it will be possible to understand if you get to know the whole process better.

eyelash extension

Today, 2 main extension techniques are known.

Fact about eyelashes

For the first time, eyelash extensions using modern technologies were carried out in Korea in 2004. It was there that an innovative method of fixing artificial material to natural hairs was tested.

  • The simplest and cheapest option is beam. In the process, artificial lashes are glued between natural eyelashes, collected in small bundles. As a result, the master copes with the procedure faster. He doesn’t have to deal with each hair individually.
Eyelash tufts attached

If you properly care for the result, you can save it for 15-20 days. But do not delay with the correction. Falling out, the beams will leave behind noticeable empty spaces. It will become clear to everyone around that the density and length of the girl’s eyelashes is definitely not a merit of nature.

Accurate fastening of artificial eyelashes

  • Eyelash extension is a more complex technology. She came to us from Japan. In the process, the master uses more expensive quality materials. They better tolerate even aggressive external influences.
Master in extension at work

The master glues artificial hairs to natural cilia. But he uses them one by one. Therefore, the whole procedure takes much longer. It usually lasts at least 2 hours. To build eyelashes in this way, the master needs experience, relevant knowledge and skills. Correction of the result will be scheduled approximately one month after the procedure.

Eyelash extensions

  • 2D and 3D extension technology are different among themselves, the number of artificial hairs that are glued to one natural. In the first version there are two, in the second – three.
  • There are also differences in thickness. material used. For 3D technology, the thinnest eyelashes are selected. Their optimal size is 0.05–0.07 mm. For the 2D variant, thicker hairs are usually used. This affects the final result of the extension.
One eyelash extension

If the procedure is performed by a competent experienced master, then in both cases the result will be attractive. The difference between them is practically not noticeable. And what technology is better to choose, the master himself will tell you.

It will focus on the natural length and density of the client’s eyelashes. If a girl has fluffy and voluminous hair from birth, then there is no point in overpaying for 3D extensions. But short and rare eyelashes with it will radically change in just a couple of hours.

Attaching patches to the lower eyelids

If you are faced with the question of choosing one of the listed eyelash extension options, it is important to determine the problem that you want to solve with their help.

  • If you have native eyelashes of medium density and you want to get the most natural effect – give preference to double volume.
  • I wanted a “doll” effect – choose 3D.
Extension procedure on the couch

Advantages of 2D and 3D eyelash extensions

It is difficult to notice the differences between 2D and 3D photo extension techniques. And it’s almost impossible to do it live. Only professionals can easily cope with such a task.

After all, the main difference between the techniques is the number of hairs glued onto one natural eyelash and the thickness of the latter. And it’s hard to count them.

Combing eyelashes after extensions

But no matter which option the girl chooses, she can count on the following advantages from the procedure:

  1. Significant time savings for morning and evening makeup. No more need to use…

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