natural eyebrow effect

The effect of natural eyebrows: how to use makeup to give eyebrows a natural look, photo examples of 2022

Overly focusing on the eyebrows during makeup is a common mistake of many fashionistas. Contrary to the ingrained misconception that “artificial” arcs are a mandatory attribute of an evening make-up, such a design is gradually losing its relevance, giving way to the natural design of hairs.

natural eyebrow effect

When it comes to brow design, more and more modern girls are opting for natural underlining rather than intense bristles.

Eyebrow design in natural style

To highlight the brow arches, it is not necessary to harass the pencil with intense pressure or resort to dark shadows. The choice of color should be guided by natural data. Take a look at your brows. What natural color do they have? What is their shape? Are they wide enough without additional shading? Do not forget that natural beauty is the best accent in eyebrow makeup.

Eyebrow makeup in natural technique

The specifics of eyebrow makeup in a natural style popular in 2022

First of all, focus on your personality. Don’t try to replicate fashion show designs as they are often out of place in everyday life. Unconditionally relying on the advice of beauty bloggers is also not worth it, because what looks spectacular on others will not always suit you.

Eyebrow shaping a la naturel

If nature has rewarded you with neat thin eyebrows with soft arcs, a make-up for wide eyebrows with pointed tips and a theatrical bend is unlikely to suit you. It is best to stick to a natural palette of shades, as close as possible to the natural color of the hairs, and also to use smooth lines in architecture that follow the natural outlines of your arches.

Eyebrow architecture

Based on the stylistic need and personal preferences, choose a pencil, powder and gel for fixation. The fact that natural makeup requires a minimum of cosmetics is another myth. The goal of the a la naturel technique is the effect of raw eyebrows, and, as you know, all means are good to achieve the goal.

natural brow design

Natural outline and shade of eyebrows for makeup

Before proceeding with the correction, you should determine what shape of eyebrows you have.

Eyebrow correction

  • arched eyebrows

This form of eyebrow arches has replaced the version with a theatrical bend, which, although it makes the eyebrows expressive, is of low relevance – far from all women who have abandoned the natural shape of the eyebrows, he came up. The winning property of arched eyebrows is their ability to visually soften the contours of the face. They also lack arrowheads, they are just thinner at the tip.

arched eyebrows

  • Pointed eyebrows

This shape is characterized by a graceful curve, natural outlines (some bristles do not fit into the contour line) and a sharp tip, which makes the eyebrow look delicate and feminine. When applying makeup, the outline of the eyebrow is highlighted graphically, but the beginning of the eyebrow is not accentuated, so that the shape looks natural.

Pointed eyebrow

  • straight eyebrows

This shape is suitable for girls with an Asian type of appearance. Do not try to copy it if nature has endowed you with arched brows. And if your eyebrows, on the contrary, have an elongated shape, you can try to soften the kink and expand the tips. Be careful: straight eyebrows can create the effect of an overhanging eyelid. In order not to burden your look, you must be sure that this form will suit you.

straight eyebrows

When choosing a palette for eyebrows, you should consider the color of your curls. For fair-haired girls, for example, it is strictly forbidden to use a tone that is more than two shades richer than the range of strands.

Brow tint for blondes

Brunettes will suit the shade to match the hair, and if you want to give the image lightness, resort to a lighter color.

Eyebrow color for brunettes

The color type is another parameter, without taking into account which the makeup will look inharmonious. When choosing a tool for coloring eyebrows, proceed from your natural data. If you have red hair and a warm color type, cold shades are contraindicated for you.

Eyebrow coloring

Tools and cosmetics for natural eyebrow makeup 2022

In natural eyebrow makeup, you can not do without:

  • tweezers;

Before drawing the eyebrows, it is necessary to perform a shape correction. It is desirable to get rid of excess hairs along the contour.

Eyebrow tweezers

  • brushes;

Use a round brush to comb the bristles. Thanks to this, in the future it will be more comfortable for you to highlight the outlines of the eyebrows with a pencil or other cosmetics.

Rounded brow brush

  • beveled brush;

Such a tool is indispensable for the design of eyebrows with shadows or lipstick. The brush will cope with both drawing contour lines and shading.

Fact about eyebrows

In 17th-century Russia, simple peasant women used charcoal to line their eyebrows. Wealthy women used antimony cosmetics, white lead. Light eyebrows were inked, and black ones were whitened.

Eyebrow design with angled brush

  • pencil

With this tool, it is comfortable to paint in conditions of lack of time. Due to its versatility, the tool is perfect for both architecture and eyebrow shading.

Eyebrow pencil

  • shadows;

Due to its texture, the tool is evenly distributed over the body of the eyebrow, softens the contours and helps to achieve the most natural result.

Eyebrow makeup with shadows

  • gel.

A transparent agent is suitable for fixing the shape of the eyebrows and will create a lamination effect, and a saturated with a certain color will slightly enhance the natural tone of the hairs.

Eyebrow styling with gel

A list of makeup techniques that will emphasize the natural beauty of the eyebrows

There are different ways to achieve a natural effect in eyebrow makeup.

Stencil for natural eyebrow makeup

The tool is a plate with holes in the shape of eyebrows. The stencil is used to create the outline. At the same time, it is important to take into account the individual shape, width and length of the eyebrows, relying on this device.

It is best to make a stencil with your own hands, but working with it later can be uncomfortable. You also run the risk of getting too regular geometric contours that will not hide your intervention, and in the a la naturel technique, it is extremely important to achieve the most natural effect.

Eyebrow stencil

Manual way of eyebrow makeup a la naturel in 2022

Applying makeup by hand is a convenient way that has a number of advantages. However, it takes practice to achieve a beautiful natural result. First of all, decide on the choice of means that you will apply to the eyebrows.

  • Pencil suitable for those who need a clearer form. With this tool, you can emphasize the contour and separately draw the missing hairs to achieve visual density. Beginner’s mistake – excessive pressure on the pencil during hatching. To make the makeup look natural, a light pressure is enough.
Eyebrow pencil design

  • Dry shadows best used by experienced makeup artists who are good with a beveled brush. Scoop the shadows with a sharp edge to accentuate the contour line. As a final step, shade…

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