The first artificial eyelashes began to be worn at the beginning of the twentieth century.

The history of eyelash extensions until 2022: who invented the transformation of eyelashes using extensions, what the first women looked like after the procedure, 50+ photo examples

They were engaged in improving their external data back in Ancient Egypt, and at all times there lived a person who came up with something new. It was the creator of the first artificial eyelashes who made a breakthrough in the beauty industry, which is still used by most women.

The first artificial eyelashes began to be worn at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Today, the procedure is available to any fashionista – it gives volume and a different effect, but initially the hairs looked clearly unpresentable.

Today, the hairs look more natural and are not much different from real eyelashes.

The history of eyelash extensions

A breakthrough in the beauty industry was made by an ordinary Polish immigrant Maximilian Faktorovich. The successful makeup artist first worked in Russia and kept a small shop in the city of Ryazan, but in 1922, having decided to go to America, it was there that he became the founder of the largest Max Factor brand.

The creator of the concern Max Factor has made a great contribution to the beauty industry

Modern women also use the cosmetics of this manufacturer, but many of them do not know how it all began.

The master and creator transformed all the great actresses of the twentieth century

The first artificial eyelashes were made from fringe, which was glued to a thin thread with jeweler’s precision. When the lead actress of the musical Chicago walked onto the stage with such a make-up, it made a splash, and all the women wanted to give themselves such an expressive look.

The first products to transform the look were made from ordinary fabric fringe.

During the XX-XXI century, the gluing technique, manufacturing materials and effects were improved and Japanese and Russian makeup artists took part in this, which gave the primary names to artificial cilia.

The first artificial eyelashes were simply glued to the eyelid and lasted no more than a day.

Creating a new material and a new technology for eyelash extensions: Shu Uemura

A Japanese innovator in the beauty industry has developed a new material that makes artificial hair look more natural. Eyelashes practically did not differ from real ones, and the first woman who tried to wear them was Madonna.

Madonna is the first woman to get eyelash extensions using the Shu Uemura method.

Shu Uemura developed not only the material for making hairs, but also used a new adhesive composition, and also changed the technology.

The new glue made it possible to glue the hairs to the cilia one by one, and not on a thread.

The peculiarity was precisely in a single gluing and not on the eyelid, but on each natural hair, which made the look expressive and bright.

This extension method creates an attractive look.

The composition of the glue was kept secret for a long time, but technology developed rapidly, which made it possible to use different compositions on the eyelids, which today can last more than a month. At the same time, you can lead your usual lifestyle, swim and sunbathe, go to the bathhouse and dive into the hole.

This extension method creates an attractive look.

Modern adhesive compositions and material allow you to wear eyelashes under any conditions and for a sufficiently long period.

The history of the creation of volume eyelash extensions: Olga Dobronravova

Russian makeup artist who has contributed to the art of beauty. Olga Dobronravova came up with the idea of ​​gluing a few hairs onto an eyelash, which is how she founded volumetric extensions. Today, you can give your cilia any thickness, and this is the merit of the Russian master.

Volume eyelash extension was invented by Russian makeup artist Olga Dobronravova

The names of the volumes: Hollywood or Royal, as well as all variants of D-formats, are the development of a Russian makeup artist, therefore, our country also participated in the creation of artificial eyelashes.

The royal volume looks spectacular and can transform the eyes of any woman.

Hollywood volume is more suitable for theater and film actresses, but ordinary women also wear it.

The history of modern artificial eyelashes: possible extension effects in 2022

Different execution techniques allow you to create a beautiful volume and a very expressive look. At the same time, depending on the type of appearance of a woman, you can create an effect that will transform her beauty and correct flaws.

Fact about eyelashes

The color of the eyelashes can be very different from the shade of the hair. So, blondes often have chestnut or black eyebrows, and burning brunettes have reddish cilia. The color depends on the amount of melanin.

Modern eyelashes look spectacular and natural

The eyelash extension procedure in salons takes several hours, after which you can visually change the expression and shape of the eyes.

Eyelash extensions can transform any woman

Natural effect eyelash extensions – trend 2022

It will pleasantly please women who do not want to change their appearance much. At the same time, glued cilia will make their hairs thicker and more voluminous, and with the help of a bend, you can give the look playfulness or languor.

Natural effect perfect for daily wear

This type of extension is almost invisible and allows you to use decorative cosmetics to complete the look.

These lashes with natural effect are suitable for any type of woman's appearance.

The more natural looking artificial eyelashes, the better.

Volume effect of eyelash extensions

For the fair sex, any density is available. Salons offer extensions in volume from 2D to 6D, royal and Hollywood eyelash volumes are also classified separately.

Volumetric effect of artificial eyelashes was created by a Russian makeup artist

Depending on the type of hair gluing, you can completely change your appearance and create an unusual and bright or puppet look.

Volume eyelashes can greatly change the appearance of a woman

Large volume and density of eyelashes is great when you need an extraordinary make-up for an evening or a celebration.

Eyelash extensions 2022 with fox effect – for big-eyed beauties

It will look great on round and large eyes in women. The fox effect is created by using hair of different lengths in the middle of the eyelid and in the corners of the eyes.

The fox effect looks great on the large eyes of a woman and gives a playful look

The result is a slightly narrowed look with a slight trick that is very attractive to the opposite sex.

The fox effect will look beautiful if it fits the eyes of a woman.

The fox effect will look great on both a young girl and an adult woman

What does the squirrel eyelash extension look like?

Looks great on almond shaped eyes. The different hair lengths that are used to create the effect create an open and slightly naive look.

The squirrel effect gives the look a little naivety and defenselessness.

But not every woman can transform with such a technique, it is contraindicated in such a phenomenon as hanging eyelids and large round eyes.

Squirrel effect is suitable for women of any age

The squirrel effect is often combined with other techniques, such as

The effect of “rays” with eyelash extensions is a popular technique in 2022

Quite a popular technique for artificial eyelashes. Rays are created from hairs of different lengths and do not give a strong volumetric effect, but they look original.

The rays are able to transform the appearance of a woman beyond recognition

This technique is often used to wear eyelashes in everyday life, which makes the image of a woman memorable.

Rays can be worn both in everyday life and on a holiday

In addition to the basic techniques for gluing eyelashes, there are a lot of additional ones that will allow you to create any image, regardless of the external data and age of the woman. The hundred-year history of the creation of artificial hairs has proved that the beauty industry will continue to develop.

Rays are worn by most modern actresses

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