Устаревшая и современная кухня

The hottest interior design trends for 2021

Topical tricks in interior design that no one dared to do before

Modern renovation is not at all like European-style renovation, which many of us did in our own apartments 10-15 years ago. Many design techniques have lost their relevance, which until recently seemed absolutely amazing and stylish.

We tell you how it is now fashionable to decorate apartments

Modern techniques in interior design

So, having decided to update the interior in the apartment, it is important not only to replace the wallpaper and whitewash the ceilings, but to choose materials and colors that are relevant for the current period. In order not to be mistaken, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the design techniques in the interior, which have completely lost their relevance and options for replacing them.

One accent wall

modern living room

The combination of wallpaper with various patterns has not lost its relevance, but the requirements for such a design have changed. The most obsolete is the repair, which uses a border for wallpaper. These are strips that divide the wall horizontally and can be paper, wood, plastic, etc.

Today, most often, wallpaper with a pattern is placed on only one wall, and this is the one behind the sofa, if it is leaning against it.

Fixed table with chairs in the kitchen


Previously, many gathered in large companies, so a folding table was necessarily installed in the kitchen, or one stood somewhere in the corner of the living room and waited for its finest hour.

Today, no one chooses huge folding tables for the kitchen: firstly, it is inconvenient, and secondly, it has become irrelevant to visit guests in a large crowd.

Now major holidays are held in a restaurant, and at home they try to create the most comfortable and intimate atmosphere. A small table, maybe even a non-standard shape, is something that fits perfectly into a modern interior.

Bed in a one-room apartment


Previously, only owners of a three-ruble note could afford to install a double bed, because it was believed that there must be a living room and a nursery. Free space could be “given away” as a bedroom.

Today, young couples value their own comfort and are not ready to constantly sleep on an uncomfortable sofa, so even in a one-room apartment they install a huge bed. And if guests come, they sit with them in the kitchen, which, according to current trends, is combined with the corridor and forms the so-called “living room”.

Living instead of separate kitchen and corridor

Living room with kitchen

Many of you have probably heard about living, but do not fully understand what it is.

So, living is a room that combines three zones: cooking, eating and relaxation. In fact, this is a corridor that was combined with a kitchen, if we are talking about a one-room apartment. In the one where there are many square meters, the living room is a living room, a kitchen and a corridor.

Wardrobe instead of cabinets in every room


When watching Hollywood movies, many noted that they had a dressing room. Finally, this fashion has reached us.

If it seems like your wardrobe is going to eat up precious square footage, try folding up all the space you have to make room for your wardrobes. This will make it clear that the solution with a separate corner was successful.

Kitchen cabinets to the ceiling

modern kitchen

Previously, there was always up to 40 cm of free space from kitchen cabinets to the ceiling, which eventually became a warehouse for boxes, old pots and other kitchen utensils.

Today, such items have not disappeared from the apartments, but they are completely invisible. All thanks to the fact that designers offer to make cabinets right up to the ceiling. As a result, there is the same amount of space in them, only everything superfluous is hidden from prying eyes.

Furniture not from one set

Living room with different furniture

Well, who could have imagined 15 years ago that you could install a sofa and two armchairs in one room from more than one set? And today it is the most trendy interior design. The main thing is to choose furniture in the same style and take care of the compatibility of colors, as a combined hodgepodge will reduce the cost of space.

No tulle

Blackout curtains on the windows

Thick curtains and tulle are what used to be a sign of wealth and good taste among the owners of the apartments. Nobody needs tulle today. During the day, everything is open and the rooms are filled with sunlight, and at nightfall, the windows are closed with dark impenetrable curtains.


Modern interior design made easy. Now the trend is the presence of free space. There is no need to force every corner in the apartment. It is also important to value your own comfort and choose furniture for yourself, not for guests. They, if they come, will tolerate an imperfect environment, but the owners will feel comfortable in their little world every day.

When choosing a color palette, designers recommend starting from monochrome options. Such an interior is as simple as possible to update by adding a few accents. And, if you choose a bright shade for walls or furniture, it will be difficult to make any adjustments after a couple of years.

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