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The main mistakes in hair care, or why they do not look healthy

Why hair looks unkempt: 6 mistakes that many women make

Beautiful and healthy hair is the dream of every woman. True, many people realize quite late that their hair needs proper and thorough care, because in childhood they are all beautiful. So, we identified a few basic mistakes that every third woman makes when caring for her hair. Take note of them and correct the situation, because a short haircut is an extreme measure.

Mistake 1: Washing your hair only with shampoo

How to wash your hair

Many women believe that one shampoo is enough to wash their hair. It seems to some that there is no effect from the mask and balm, others claim that after their application, the hair becomes greasy faster. In fact, both categories are wrong.

Mask and balm are necessary for hair. They soften them, make them smoother and more obedient. Laying becomes easier and lasts longer. The hair itself becomes healthier. The main thing is to choose a mask according to the type of hair (for colored, curly, straight) and keep it on your hair for exactly as long as indicated on the package.

If the recommended hold time for a hair mask from the manufacturer is 15 minutes, and you wash off the hair mask after 5 minutes, it is logical that it will not have time to do its job and transfer all the micronutrients to the hair. So take your time.

If you do not trust professional means, do homemade ones. We have collected for you the 15 best hair mask recipes that work!

Mistake 2: Washing upside down

Wrong position when washing your hair

Washing your hair, bowing in front of the bath, is a favorite pastime of our women. But this is not only bad for the back, but also negatively affects the condition of the hair. In this position, they are very confused, so when drying, you have to injure and pull them many times more.

Solution: wash your hair in the shower, tilting it back slightly. Finger movements should be gentle, massaging.

Mistake 3: Not Using Thermal Protection

Thermal protection for hair

Thermal protection for hair is not a fashionable remedy imposed by stylists. This is a really useful beauty product that allows you to protect your hair from the aggressive effects of hot styling devices. Also, thermal protection protects hair in the summer from UV rays. After all, natural burnout in the sun, of course, looks beautiful, but it is undesirable for the hair structure.

Most heat protectants are applied to damp hair before blow-drying. You can repeat the spray before using the iron to straighten the hair, even if it is dry.

Good hair products recommended by professionals:

Matrix Style Link Heat Buffer - heat protection spray
Matrix Style Link Heat Buffer – Thermal Protection Spray
Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry - Thermal Protection Spray
Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry – Thermal Protection Spray
CocoChoco Thermo Protection Cream - thermal protection
CocoChoco Thermo Protection Cream
MIXIT - two-phase thermal protection spray for hair
MIXIT – two-phase thermal protection spray for hair

Mistake 4: Refusing to use a hair dryer

“Why do I need thermal protection if I don’t use a hair dryer?”, – we are sure that many people thought exactly that after reading the previous paragraph, so let’s clarify. Using a hair dryer is not harmful, but even beneficial. Only the device must be of high quality, preferably with the function of supplying cold air. Drying your hair is recommended to avoid excessive absorption of moisture, because because of this, they become more brittle and lose elasticity.

So, the sequence of actions recommended by stylists: shampooing, towel blotting, applying thermal protection and other care products, warm air drying, applying oils to the ends.

Drying your hair with a hairdryer is also necessary in order to give it direction. It is not recommended to dry your hair with your head tilted down. It confuses them, breaks them.

Read: How to dry your hair with a hairdryer (8 basic recommendations).

Mistake 5: Infrequent shampooing

It’s time to stop believing in the myth about the benefits of infrequent shampooing. Hair should be washed when it gets dirty. For some it happens on the second day, for others on the third. Some people walk for a week with a fresh head. All this is very individual and depends on many factors.

Hair will not get dirty less often if you wash it once every 1-2 weeks, but the quality will definitely deteriorate.

Mistake 6: Dyeing hair only with natural dyes

Hair coloring

Many people have a fear of hair dye. It is especially pronounced among the representatives of the beautiful so far, who have burned themselves at least once. But not all dyes are the same.

Today, there are many professional hair coloring products that not only mask gray hair, but also nourish the hair with various oils, improving their quality and condition. But natural dyes, like henna or basma, do not improve the hair structure in any way, on the contrary, in most cases, the hair becomes overdried. But we are used to believing: if natural, then good, and the rest is chemistry. It’s time to reconsider your views and trust the coloring to professional craftsmen who work with high-quality cosmetics.

Henna can be used as an ingredient in a homemade mask to give your hair a warm copper or chocolate tone. It is not recommended to use it for permanent color maintenance.

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