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The most fashionable dresses for the summer of 2019

Women’s dresses: fashion trends for 2019

The warm season is never complete without light airy dresses. Fashion models for the spring-summer 2019 season are diverse and can transform the everyday look beyond recognition. The right style will allow the fair sex to create a business, romantic or sporty look.

Popular styles of summer dresses 2019

Popular styles of summer dresses

Fashionable dresses spring-summer 2019 are represented by various models. Such a variety of styles allows you to look completely different every day. To look irresistible, the outfit should be chosen depending on the physique.

Black Polka Dot Ruffle Dress

Sheath dress is a concise outfit. The dress emphasizes the femininity of the image and corresponds to the office dress code. For everyday work, you can also choose a shirt dress. This outfit is especially appropriate on hot summer days.

Yellow sheath dress

Wrap dresses practical and versatile. Fashionable and feminine attire suits everyone without exception. He skillfully hides the flaws in appearance and makes the figure proportional.

Summer wrap dress

Another fashion dress model is sundress. Such an outfit will be appropriate both for work in the office and for walking around the city. Length varies from mini to maxi. In the spring-summer season, it is better to choose dresses from flowing airy fabrics.

Beach summer sundress

Also in the spring-summer 2019 season, bandeau dresses, tunics, T-shirts or outfits made in linen style are fashionable. When choosing a dress, you should consider its color, the presence of decor or print and material.

Dress to the floor

Summer dress to the floor

Floor-length summer dresses are rightfully the epitome of sophistication and sophistication. This style for the spring-summer 2019 season is still considered extremely fashionable. The maxi dress can be used as an evening or casual outfit.

A fashionable solution in the coming spring-summer season will be to wear a sexy floor-length dress. with a cutout at the back or with a slit at the hem. Sometimes both of these elements are present at the same time. Such frankness is combined with a common closed style. Tall and slender girls should take a closer look at the open model of the outfit.

Floor-length dress with an open back and a slit at the hemFloor-length chiffon dress with two slits at the hemAnother fashionable model is considered to be a floor-length dress. closed style. A distinctive feature of this outfit is the presence of long sleeves and the absence of a neckline or various cuts. A floor-length summer dress is suitable for windy spring days and cool summer evenings.

Summer dress in the floor of a closed style

An outfit is considered to be no less relevant and fashionable model of a dress on the floor. off the shoulder. The style is light and feminine, which makes it in demand for the spring-summer 2019 season.

Floor-length dress with bare shoulders and beltOff Shoulder Summer Maxi Dress

A light shawl or a denim jacket can be worn in addition to a floor-length dress. Among the shoes that are combined with a long outfit, there are ballet flats, sandals or clogs.


Multicolored striped summer dress

The summer sundress is universal and practical, as it is suitable for all occasions. The outfit is suitable for both going to work and visiting. Paying attention to details will help distinguish a sundress from other models of clothing. The main thing to note is the lack of sleeves in the dress.

Dress bandeau – a fashionable dress model that goes completely strapless. This outfit for the spring-summer 2019 season is sexy and perfect for going to the beach. More daring representatives of the fair sex can wear a dress to a summer party.

Bandeau dress with beltBandeau dress with full skirt and floral pattern

In the upcoming spring-summer 2019 season, the classics do not cease to be fashionable. Sundress-case – the height of femininity and elegance. The fitted cut of the dress will emphasize the dignity of the figure and attract everyone’s attention.

Floral Print Sheath Dress

Long dress-transformer is a model that is gaining more and more popularity in the spring-summer 2019 season. Thanks to the style, the outfit can be transformed into more than 50 new products. To achieve this effect allows the elasticity of the fabric and straps, which can be tied in various ways. The transforming dress can even be turned into a skirt or pants.

Dress-transformer to the floor

Sundress goes well with a jacket or blazer. However, the longer the dress, the shorter the outerwear should be. Shoes such as sneakers, heeled sandals or sandals are perfect for the outfit.

With a fluffy skirt

Summer dresses with full skirt

Dresses with a fluffy skirt will decorate the image and allow every woman to look luxurious. The outfit presents in a winning light the owners of narrow hips. In the upcoming spring-summer 2019 season, various models of dresses with a fluffy skirt are considered fashionable.

Dress with full skirt and deep neckline

Baby dollar style more often chosen by young girls. Distinctive features are a short fluffy skirt, high waist and short sleeves. The dress is sewn from light fabrics, giving airiness and sophistication to the dress.

Baby dollar blue dress

Free cut is different and balloon dress. The outfit has a voluminous skirt, which allows you to hide visible figure flaws. This is the versatility of the dress: it is equally well suited for both full and thin girls.

Beige balloon dressSummer balloon dress with belt

Best for evening wear dress with tutu skirt. The top of the outfit is tight-fitting, and the bottom is made of tulle. Such a summer model of clothing is recommended for wearing by owners of slender legs.

Pale pink tutu dress

Fashionable styles of dresses with a fluffy skirt will transform any woman of the fair sex beyond recognition. For the spring-summer 2019 season, the outfit remains relevant and stylish.

Shirt fit

Summer shirt dress

An elegant shirt dress must be in the wardrobe of any fashionista in the coming spring-summer 2019 season. Of the characteristic features of the outfit, they note the presence of a straight cut, collar, sleeves and the absence of a pronounced waist. This model of dress fastens mainly with buttons, like a regular shirt. The fastener can be located both along the entire length of the product, and reach only to the waist.

Dress-shirt evening versionDespite the simplicity and minimalism, the shirt dress looks great in quality. evening dress. To add elegance to the image, high-heeled shoes and a clutch will help.

A black beautiful long summer dress with a shirt cut can also act as an outfit for the evening. At the same time, a couple of buttons at the top and bottom can be left unbuttoned to add zest.

Black Long Shirtdress ChangeClear

Actual and fashionable in the spring-summer 2019 season are considered denim shirt dresses. The outfit is practical and comfortable for everyday wear. In addition to the outfit, there is usually a leather strap, large accessories and a tote bag.

Denim shirt dress with beltShort sleeve denim shirt dressFor creating business image shirt dresses are perfect due to the presence of a collar. It remains to pick up an outfit of a neutral shade and you can go to work. A fashionable clothing model is usually combined with a leather bag and a belt.

Girl in a shirt dress in a business style

A popular and fashionable dress model are outfits with large pockets, which are located on the chest or hips. Often the style is complemented by a beautiful leather belt. This accessory adds femininity to the image. A shirt dress can act as an independent outfit or be worn with leggings, jeans or leggings.


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