Painted eyebrows of actress Marlene Dietrich

The most fashionable eyebrow shapes in 2022 with photo examples

Eyebrows have long been one of the components of the chosen image. They largely affect facial expression, set the tone for makeup. In the last century, the fashion for eyebrows has changed more than once. The trendsetters were mostly movie stars.

How has the fashion for the shape of the eyebrows changed?

In the 1920s, thin eyebrows were in fashion. They were painted in place of shaved natural ones, since the width that had come into fashion did not allow them to be plucked to such an extent. Women owe the fashion for thin eyebrows to the German actress Marlene Dietrich, who created on the screen the type of both charming, vicious and impregnable representative of the fair sex.

Painted eyebrows of actress Marlene Dietrich

With the onset of the 30s, the fashion for thin eyebrows has not changed, their shape has changed. They took on a more theatrical twist, becoming more dramatic, giving the face an air of constant surprise.

The legislator of theatrically curved thin eyebrows Swedish actress Greta Garbo

With the advent of the 40s, the thickness of the eyebrows already allowed them not to be shaved, but plucked. It has become fashionable to draw the tip of the eyebrows to the temples, thus making them pointed and more elongated.

Movie star American actress Grace Kelly with brow tips

In the 50s, the image of a playful sexy woman with raised eyebrow hairs came into fashion. This style is called New Look. It was introduced with the light hand of a trendsetter for the elegant, romantic style of Christian Dior’s clothing.

American movie legend Marilyn Monroe with sexy arched eyebrows

In the 60s, raised eyebrows with a crescent-shaped bend came into fashion, which gave the image of women a predatory, defiant expression. For a better image creation, they were drawn with a pencil.

Italian cinema star Brigitte Bardot with crescent-curved eyebrows

With the onset of the 70s, the cult of naturalness came into fashion. Eyebrows are no longer plucked, allowing them to grow as nature intended. The shape of the eyebrows has ceased to be an important component of the image. For those who were inaccessible to pomp, they gave it naturalness to eyebrows with pencils and gel.

Soviet actress Natalya Vavilova with natural eyebrows

The 80s were marked by the fashion for wide eyebrows. They were no longer plucked, only slightly tinted. The first to demonstrate a natural, slightly tinted eyebrow shape was the American singer Madonna. In the cinema, this role went to the American Brooke Shields. Thanks to the dark color of her eyebrows, the actress was remembered by many viewers for a long time.

Queen of Hollywood actress Elizabeth Taylor with a wide eyebrow shape

Fashion for different eyebrow shapes in our century until 2022

Fashion for the natural shape of the eyebrows is included in our time. There is nothing surprising about this. After all, with the help of the natural color and shape of the eyebrows, you can make the look more expressive. With the natural width of the eyebrows, there is no need for bright makeup. To look natural, a light eyeliner, a minimum amount of shadows, one layer of mascara on the eyelashes is enough.

 Natural eyebrow shape without correction

  • Wide eyebrow shape you can always give a smooth bend, adjust the length and width of the tips, raise or lower them. Even a slight change in the architecture of the eyebrows can correct the oval of the face, affect the look of a person, giving it expressiveness. For an oval-shaped face, eyebrows of medium width, without a sharp break in the lines, are suitable.
 American actress Mila Kunis with an oval face shape

  • Round oval face eyebrows with curves are suitable, as they visually stretch the shape of the face.
 American singer Selena Gomez with a round face type

  • Long faces wide eyebrows outlined in a straight line are more suitable.
 American actress Liv Tyler with an oblong oval face

  • Oval square face can be softened by giving the eyebrows a smooth arc.
American cinema star Angelina Jolie with a square face

  • triangular faces semi-circular brow shape is suitable.
British singer Kelly Osbourne with a triangular face

  • For a diamond-shaped face wide eyebrows can be given a sharp break, slightly narrow the tip by plucking them.
American actress Lucy Liu with a diamond-shaped face

How to give eyebrows trendy color and shape 2022 with coloring

Eyebrow tinting saves a lot of time when applying makeup to the face when creating a certain image. As for the color of the eyebrows, you should not go in cycles only in black. The harmony of the chosen image depends on the color.

Provey staining procedure

When coloring at home, it must be remembered that only the eyebrow hairs are subject to coloring, the skin under them should remain a natural color. For dyeing eyebrows, special dyes are produced that differ in composition from those that dye the hair on the head.

Eyebrow coloring steps at home

They resort to dyeing hairs:

  • with too light color of natural eyebrows;
  • with their excessive burnout under the rays of the sun;
  • with a sharp difference in hair on the head and eyebrows.
A sharp difference in the color of the hair on the head and eyebrows

To date, the industry produces many varieties of resistant paints for repainting eyebrows, which are not afraid of the water of the pools and the high temperatures of the saunas. But it is worth considering when coloring that there are paints that contain ammonia, which causes irritation of the skin, and with sensitive skin, even a burn.

Allergy to paint

One of the paints that do not cause irritation and other side effects is henna. In the manufacture of paint, dry leaves of a woody plant, awnless lavsonia, are used. Henna staining is not only safe for the eyebrows, it stimulates blood circulation in the tissues of the epidermis, and has a strengthening effect on the hair follicles. The demand for henna does not change with the release of a huge number of new dyes by the cosmetic industry.

Eyebrow coloring with henna

Henna comes in different shades:

  • Iranian henna orange-red and brown-copper colors are characteristic;
  • Sudanese – bright copper shades that suit people with red hair;
  • indian henna characterized by a golden, dark brown, rich chestnut color.

Do not try to paint eyebrows in too bright colors, they should not stand out and draw attention from the woman’s appearance to herself.

Eyebrow color for girls with red hair

Henna coloring has no contraindications and restrictions. It does not contain ammonia, which causes allergies. Of course, each organism has its own sensitivity, but all that the consequences of henna staining are fraught with is the appearance of peeling on the skin, which quickly disappear.

Fact about eyebrows

The main purpose of eyebrows is to protect the eyes from rain, sweat flowing down the forehead. Eyebrow hairs divert droplets towards the temples, allowing a person to see the surrounding space.

The right choice of color when coloring eyebrows

New eyebrow fashion trends 2022

Recently, a new fashion has appeared for coloring not all, but individual eyebrow hairs, as well as the use of such a cosmetic procedure as tattooing. The width of the eyebrows allows using a tattoo to give the eyebrows a natural look and a beautiful shape.

Changing the shape of the eyebrows with a tattoo

Eyebrow correction can be carried out not only by plucking with tweezers, waxing, trading, laser hair removal, but also by permanent makeup. It, unlike paints, does not wash off over time, it can be used to correct minor flaws, increase the density of hairs, change the shape of eyebrows, correct asymmetries associated with heredity, the structure of the skull or incorrect correction.

Eyebrows before and after permanent makeup

Permanent makeup is applied with sterile needles using antibacterial agents and local anesthetic. When tattooing eyebrows, several techniques are used, each of which is carried out in conditions that are comfortable for the client.

Permanent makeup procedure

With the hair technique, strokes are applied to the skin with pigment, which create an imitation of natural hairs. The powder shading technique is used when working with rare and light…

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