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The most fashionable gold chains around the neck for women: review for 2021

Gold chains that don’t look old fashioned

Some might get the impression that wearing gold jewelry today is a bad form. After all, fashionistas now and then give preference to massive necklaces and bracelets, looking at which you immediately understand that this is not a precious metal. Otherwise, where is her protection, it must be worth a fortune!

We talked about why stylish women don’t wear gold jewelryso we won’t repeat ourselves. It is better to study the top of the most fashionable jewelry for this year, which we have prepared. No one forbids wearing gold and silver, the main thing is to choose an actual design.

Overview of fashion chains

Beautiful gold necklace
Actual gold jewelry

Modern gold jewelry is very different from what we used to buy 20-30 years ago. Fashionable weaves look simple, the need for huge pendants has disappeared, and earrings have completely lost a part of themselves. Today, instead of the usual round earrings, it is customary to choose a semicircle, and clear geometric shapes are slightly “floated”.

To make the image look stylish and modern, stylists recommend supplementing it with accessories and jewelry. But why do they never leave classic gold chains with pendants that every second woman has in fashion reviews?

It’s simple – such elements have nothing to do with style. It is high time to replace them with more relevant and modern options. And if someone is eyeing the next Bismarck chain right now, take your time. Let’s try to figure everything out.

Choosing weaving

Golden chain weaving anchor

When choosing a gold chain, the first thing we pay attention to is weaving. The trend ones include: ear, rhombus, anchor. Obsolete: python, bismarck, nonna, cartier, pigtails, lace, etc.

The most relevant gold chains are those that look simple, do not have complex weaves, additional decorations.

The trend is minimalism and clear forms. Complex weaving, intersections are a thing of the past. To stylize them, we remove the pendants and combine them with actual chains.

Length matters

Massive decoration on the neck

Chain length matters. A massive anchor weave decoration or a rhombus should be short. It is worn with a turtleneck, an unbuttoned shirt, a jacket, a linen-style dress, and a T-shirt.

Gold with pearls - decoration

A massive gold chain may have additional elements. The most current option is pearls.

Multilayer neck jewelry for women photo

A thin chain or multi-layer jewelry is long and short. In both the first and second cases, they can have additional elements in the form of pendants (about them below). A thin gold chain should also not be distinguished by complex weaving. We choose something from the actual minimalist options. And remember that taking the same bracelet is optional. The fashion for kits has long passed.

Now stylists recommend combining different jewelry that has something in common. For example, all of them have geometric weaving or have round elements, they are made according to the “fused gold” principle, they have the same number of threads.

We select a pendant

beautiful gold jewelry

The pendant can be present both on a massive jewelry and on a thin chain. In the first case, it is important to give preference to the pendant, which is combined in style with weaving.

A tender heart with a diamond cannot look harmoniously on an anchor chain with a width of more than 1 cm. A lock or a geometric element will do.

We decorate thin short chains with small flat pendants or voluminous ones. Long – elongated pendants. In the trend, options with a knot, several flat figures, letters.

layered gold

Multi-layer gold jewelry around the neck

Layered gold neck jewelry continues to be in trend. They can consist of several thin elements, one massive and a couple of additional ones, openwork or with pearls and simple.

The peculiarity of multi-layered gold jewelry is that all tiers are of different lengths. This keeps them from getting confused. Pendants should be combined with each other in style. We do not combine animals and geometry, flowers and symbols.

4 tips for wearing a classic gold chain

Having studied fashion trends, we can come to the conclusion that it is time to send the usual gold chain “Bismarck” or “Python” for remelting. Of course, this is a great solution, because for little money (you only have to pay for the work of the master, that is, precious metal) you can find a stylish decoration around your neck. But there are a couple more ideas!

Tip 1: remove the pendant

How to wear an outdated gold chain

Most stylists agree that it is not the weaving itself that looks outdated, but the pendants, in the form of dogs, butterflies, dragonflies, leaves, etc. We remove them and get a stylish minimalistic decoration.

Tip 2: wear a short and long chain at the same time

Combining gold chains

The second option to style an outdated gold neckpiece is to wear it with a more up-to-date cropped one. We make a multilayer chain in a minimalist style.

Tip 3: wrap twice around the neck

Thin layered gold jewelry

This recommendation is relevant for those who have very long gold chains. We try to wrap it twice around the neck. If it doesn’t work, we fasten two, and then wrap them.

Tip 4: Add Jewelry

How to wear gold jewelry and jewelry

To stylize an outdated chain, we put on a massive current necklace in a pair with it. The main thing is to choose good quality jewelry so that it does not stand out against the background of the precious metal. We remove the pendant of an unusual shape, you can leave a flat geometric or cross.


Fashionable chains are either very thin or massive – there is no middle ground. They have a simple weave and flat pendants. They do not look like a necklace, but rather resemble an ordinary anchor chain.

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