Модные стили мужских джинсов

The most fashionable men’s jeans in 2019

Fashionable men’s jeans: trends 2019

Jeans are perhaps the most indispensable thing in the wardrobe. They first appeared in 1853, the simple clothes of farmers from that time gained incredible popularity. Designers for each season come up with a variety of styles with such high-quality and beloved material. Fashion houses have brought new boring trends for 2019.

fashion styles

Fashionable styles of jeans 2019

The style of jeans is selected based on the parameters of growth and physique of a man. Pay attention to the fit height (the distance from the belt to the inguinal zone) and the cut of the leg (width and narrowing to the ankles). For sewing jeans, denim material is mainly taken, a little less often – twill.

When buying, it is important to consider the composition. Stretch with elastane (2-5%) sits well in the shape of the legs: it stretches, sits tightly on the hips and almost does not stretch on the knees. If the fabric contains more cotton, then it is likely that the jeans will shrink after the first wash.

Fashion styles focus primarily on comfort and quality. Too tight, tight jeans have lost their relevance, instead, a loose fit is popular. Also, the designers decided to remove the previous length of the jeans so that they do not have to be shortened or folded.


Classic men's jeans

The classic will never get old. This is the unique style that suits absolutely everyone: tall and short, young and old, thin and full. The classic is universal, due to which it is in demand.

With classic jeans, you can create a formal style that expresses your self-sufficiency and professionalism.

Official style

Also, classic men’s jeans can be safely combined with a sporty style.

Straight leg jeans for sporty style

No worse than the classic style is used to create a casual style.

Casual style with straight jeans

This year, classic jeans have become a little narrower along the entire length – they fit the legs, but do not pull together. This model goes well with any clothes and shoes: shirt, denim jacket, leather jacket, t-shirt, hoodie, pullover, sneakers, oxfords, slippers, shoes, etc.

Man in classic jeansMan in classic jeans

Skillfully selected accessories, such as a wide dark brown belt and a matching bag, will emphasize the created image.

Additions to classic jeans

Finding classic jeans is easy, as absolutely every brand has them in their collection. The most popular jeans brands: Levi’s, Wrangler, Hugo Boss AG, Lee and etc.


Black men's skinny jeans

Skinny is a skinny jeans model that, despite the loose fit trend, continues to hold a leading position in fashion.

This type of denim pants is suitable for slender men of tall and medium height. Otherwise, the skinny will highlight the flaws of the figure.

The model is made mainly of stretch for ease of movement. Designers add slits, careless threads from holes or suspenders to their products.

Skinny with sewn-in inserts

young man in skinny

You need to skillfully complete skinny jeans. An excellent combination would be a loose knit sweater and a jacket of complex tailoring with lace-up boots or loafers. You can complement the style with an elegant scarf or other accessories.

Man in skinny and jacket

If you prefer light-colored jeans, wear a top in a contrasting color.

In skinny and bright ridingGuy in skinny and jacket

Business style with the help of skinny can also be created. It is enough to put on a shirt, an elegant jacket and dilute the image with catchy nuances: a handkerchief in your pocket, a bright belt, contrasting shoes.

Skinny man with a briefcase

You can buy a skinny model from brands Diesel, Westland, Pepe Jeans and etc.


Wide men's jeans

Back in 2018, wide shapeless jeans were fashionable, this year the style is more directed towards the classics. Straight cut and slightly tapered tailoring give men’s pants neatness, reduce volume.

Man in wide jeans

Just like classic jeans, wide jeans fit any body type. For a full-bodied man, this model with a high fit will make visually smaller, hiding flaws.

Man in wide pants

This model is universal and suitable for any type of figure. In a fit man, low-rise pants will emphasize athletic forms.

Man in t-shirt and wide jeans

Wide leg jeans don’t need to be over-trimmed, but tend to have large pockets sewn onto them. As an addition, a belt and suspenders look good.

Man in wide trousers with suspenders

Wide men's jeans with a white belt

Doctors say that wearing a wide model of jeans is not only comfortable, but also useful – it protects the genitals from diseases.

Wear this style with T-shirt, jumper, pullover, jacket, sweatshirt, sneakers, slippers, etc.

Man in black t-shirt and jeans

Man in black t-shirt and jeans

Wide leg jeans and a blue shirt

At the ready-to-wear show, the following fashion houses presented a collection of wide leg jeans with a straight cut: Oliver Spencer, Boss, Wrangler, Lee and etc.

With scuffs

frayed jeans

The hooligan, daring image of a young man with worn jeans is again a fashion trend for the autumn-winter 2018-2019 season. This image is more shown to young people who love to express themselves through their own style.

Men's distressed jeans with inserts

Designers still adhere to some strictness in the creation of men’s jeans, refusing unnecessary decorations and additives. However, the characteristic of this model includes protruding threads and color blocking fabric inserts.

Frayed jeans model

Jeans with inserts

It is extremely rare to add a chain to the pocket on jeans. In 2019, the number of accessories on this model is reduced to a minimum.

Gray distressed jeans

Ripped jeans go well with:

  • T-shirt;
  • jacket;
  • Jeans;
  • sweater;
  • Chelsea boots;
  • Derby;
  • Hikers, etc.

Man in worn jeans and jacketFrayed jeans and t-shirt

Brands that have worn jeans in their collection: Time Of Style, Levi’s, Lee, Armani Jeans and etc.

with holes

Men's jeans with holes

Another type of rebellion is grunge ripped jeans. Men’s denim pants with holes peaked in popularity in the 80s and were a favorite part of the wardrobe of flighty young men. In 2016, ripped jeans were back in fashion, and to this day, they are an indispensable attribute for creating an image of a bully.

Guy in ripped jeans

The trend of this summer is a variety of styles and colors. However, since designers decided to bring classic and simplicity to this year, men’s jeans should be chosen in blue shades.

Ripped jeans with t-shirtSlim ripped jeans

Initially, the youth image gradually became in demand among mature men. A moderate amount of patches, cuts and darning give the protesting image a measure of restraint and decency.

If there are colored elements on ripped jeans, then the rest of the clothes should be designed in the appropriate palette.

Man in ripped jeans and white sweater

Ripped jeans are best paired with:

  • T-shirt;
  • Sweater loose fit and a variety of colors;
  • Checkered shirt;
  • Leather jacket or any other short jacket;
  • sneakers;
  • Top siders, etc.

man in ripped jeans

Guys in ripped jeans

You can buy a model from such brands: Guess, Lee, Boohoo, Pull and Bear and etc.

With lapels

Lapel Jeans

Turning jeans down was a women’s fashion trend last year that had mixed success in the community. Some people like this simple style, some don’t. One way or another, but the lapels moved into men’s fashion next year and are at the peak of popularity in the spring-summer season.

Guys in cuffed jeans

To achieve the effect of jeans with a lapel is very simple on your own. Classic jeans or skinny jeans are best suited for this. The main thing, when creating a lapel, is not to make it too big. Folding it in half will…

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