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The nuances of the work of a makeup artist: what to look for during a visit

The nuances of the work of a makeup artist: what to look for when visiting him

Professional makeup is not required every day, but for important events and holidays, it is better to resort to it. An experienced make-up artist knows how to hide flaws, emphasize dignity. He owns a number of techniques for applying shadows, blush and lipstick, which correct the shape.

The benefits of going to a professional are obvious, but most women prefer to do their own make-up. The main reason is the fear of picking up something.

What you should pay attention to the client at the makeup artist

pink makeup

Recently, there are really a lot of stories about damaged facial skin after professional makeup. Someone has a rash, others have allergies, others complain of dry skin and irritation.

We are used to blaming low-quality cosmetics for everything, believing that all the troubles are because of it. But, in fact, there are many more reasons due to which unpleasant changes can occur with the skin. Of course, low-quality and expired cosmetics is one of the main ones, but there are others.

We tell you what you should pay attention to, being in the chair of a makeup artist.

Are there disposable mascara brushes?

Applying mascara to the eyes

Applying mascara is one of the final steps in creating a professional evening / wedding / holiday make-up. By this point, many clients manage to lose their vigilance and do not pay attention to what product the master uses.

According to the rules, the makeup artist must have a large number of disposable brushes, which he will alternately dip into the tube. One brush – one set of product. If this is not the case, there can be no question of any hygiene. In this case, it is better to refuse to apply mascara and use your product at home.

How are the brushes

Eye makeup

Before the master starts work, he must prepare. If this is an on-site procedure, the makeup artist, as a rule, has a case suitcase in which all cosmetics and tools are located. In the cabin, they are stored on shelves, in boxes and baskets.

Brushes are the tool that most often causes various skin infections. Their correct and regular cleansing is the task of every make-up master. Another thing is that not everyone complies with this requirement.

How to understand that the brushes are unclean?

If the makeup artist does not take out brushes from a disposable bag with you, you should think about whether they have been processed. It is believed that a competent specialist, after washing and drying the tools, should mark them in a safe bag. This will protect them from dust and dirt, and show the client that everything is sterile.

Another reason to suspect something is wrong is a makeup artist who, before starting work, blows brushes or shakes off the remnants of previous products from them.

What is the state of the palette?

cosmetic products

Any liquid product should be applied to the face not from a tube using a “native” applicator, but from a palette. Before using foundation, liquid children and other things, the master must apply them to the palette with a disposable tool. If there is no palette, it is worth considering.

Does he sharpen pencils in front of you


The pencil cannot be used through a palette – to avoid contamination with something, it is necessary to sharpen it before use.

Hand treatment before the procedure

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One of the important stages of the make-up artist’s work is the processing of his own hands. The master must have a personal antiseptic. If he says that he forgot it or does not plan to clean his hands before work, you should be wary. In such a situation, it is not worth counting on the sterility of the remaining instruments.

How many sponges

Sponge foundation

Applying foundation can be done in different ways: with a brush, fingers, sponge. The last option for makeup artists is a priority. The sponge, which is a small sponge, can be washed, but professionals prefer disposable tools. Pay attention to this.

Is there a sticker on cosmetics

Makeup for autumn

Cosmetics have an expiration date and it is shorter than most people think. It is necessary to take into account not only the numbers indicated on the package, but also the date of opening. Usually, from the moment the lipstick is opened, they use no more than 6 months, and shadows for 12.

A make-up artist’s suitcase contains a large number of lipsticks, creams and other products for creating various types of make-up. It is physically impossible to remember when and which tube was opened. That is why many craftsmen use stickers that are glued to products indicating the start date of use. Another option is to write in a diary. You should ask about it. Another way to control the “freshness” of cosmetics is to write the opening date on the bottle with a marker.

Be sure to check with the makeup artist when exactly they started using a particular product. This will help keep the skin in perfect condition and avoid unforeseen reactions.

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