Eyelash extensions in 4D technique

The secret of lush eyelashes 2022: what you need to know about extension technology with 4D effect, 50+ photos

They say that a real lady knows how to charm others with just one look. The point, of course, is not only about makeup, but a properly designed make-up is one of the most powerful tools for attracting attention, liking yourself and creating an unforgettable image.

Eyelash extensions in 4D technique

Thick well-groomed eyelashes are a luxury available to every girl. It is the lush hairs with a flirtatious bend that make the look open, deep and dramatic.

Eyelashes 4D

To achieve a unique effect, women make a wide variety of decisions. Lovers of natural cosmetics, for example, prefer folk methods of healing eyelashes, actively using oils of usma, almond, peach, olive, slander, sea buckthorn, coconut and grape seeds, as well as decoctions of chamomile, oak bark and cornflower flowers. Natural ingredients help to strengthen the structure of the hairs, give them shine and volume.

Hyper Volume Lashes

However, folk remedies do not give an instant effect. For a noticeable result, you will have to use the selected composition for at least two months. Therefore, most of the fair sex dare to salon procedures, trusting their eyelashes to professional lash makers.

Eyelash extension 4D

A popular procedure is eyelash lamination, which, with minimal impact on natural bristles, allows you to create a beautiful curve, visual volume, rich color and irresistible shine.

Eyelash lamination

When natural hairs are weakened and need to be restored, lash Botox will help nourish them with useful substances and vitamins, strengthen their structure and increase elasticity.

Botox eyelashes

If you are a business woman, and make-up takes too much of your time, or if you are striving for an expressive look, and light bristles do not allow you to achieve it, tinting your eyelashes is a great way out.

Permanent eyelash coloring

And finally, for the most impatient ladies who want instantly gorgeous velvety lashes, there is a hair extension procedure that covers a range of techniques that allow you to create different lengths, thicknesses and shapes of bristles.

Thick eyelashes with 4D effect

In our article, we will talk in detail about the 4D eyelash extension technology, designed for a hyper-volume effect.

Long eyelashes 4D

What is the essence of the 4D eyelash extension method

The technique for performing the stated procedure consists in attaching four artificial cilia to one natural one at once. Many of you will probably think that this method will turn the hairs into a fine-toothed brush, and they will look unaesthetic. However, this is not true.

Volume eyelashes in 4D technique

An experienced master builds up synthetic eyelashes so as not to harm the natural processes, and the effect of such a procedure looks absolutely stunning – a look like that of a Hollywood actress.

Hollywood eyelashes

How is this possible? The secret lies in the use of very thin eyelashes, the thickness of which ranges from 0.005 mm to 0.007 mm. They are light and do not burden the natural hair, especially since a professional lash maker knows how to evenly distribute the weight of the auxiliary bristles.

Eyelash lengths range from 6 mm to 16 mm, and the degree of curvature varies from minimal (I-curve) to maximal (L-curve).

Fact about eyelashes

Long and fluffy eyelashes are far from always comfortable. Particularly affected are people who are forced to permanently or temporarily wear glasses, as the hairs touch the glass, bringing discomfort.

Short eyelashes 4D

The 4D extension technology allows the combination of artificial eyelashes, thanks to which you can visually adjust the shape and fit of the look, as well as create popular visual effects – puppet, squirrel, fox, sparse and natural.

Eyelash extension 4D with sparse effect

A quadruple in volume instantly adds fullness to lashes and adds depth and definition to your eyes.

Eyelash extension technique 4D with squirrel effect

When is 4-D eyelash extension considered appropriate?

Many fashionistas have a question whether it is possible to use hyper-volume eyelashes in a daily look. Of course yes. The procedure is suitable for girls who:

Eyelashes 4D with the effect of

  • strive to significantly increase the density and splendor of hairs in the shortest possible time;
4D eyelash extensions with puppet effect

  • want to complement a bright holiday look or look spectacular at a social event, such as a fashion show or stage debut;
Eyelashes 4D with natural effect

  • do not have enough time to apply full eye makeup.
4D Wet Eyelash Extensions

The result of 4D extension is able to please the owner for up to 3 weeks. At the same time, it does not matter at all what kind of natural eyelashes you have – thick or sparse, dense or thin, long or short – the procedure can be performed for any type. It is worth delaying 4D extensions only if your natural hairs need to be restored. In this case, they should first be healed, and then proceed to subsequent manipulations.

Building 4D for a holiday

How 4D eyelash extensions work in 2022

Modeling a fourfold volume of hairs is carried out in the following sequence:

Eyelashes 4D with rhinestones

  1. Design choice. First you need to decide what image you plan to create: solemn (more pretentious, with decorative elements) or everyday (close to natural). Then the master will examine your eyelash line and recommend the appropriate length and thickness of artificial hairs, as well as help you decide on the material (silk, mink, silicone, and others).
4D eyelash extensions with colored inserts

  1. Preparatory work. Lashmaker gently treats your eyelashes: removes makeup, protects the lower row and under-eye area from glue with special patches, combs and degreases the upper bristles.
Color eyelash extension 4D

  1. Eyelash extension. With the help of curved tweezers, the master collects four artificial hairs together, dips the tip of the resulting bundle into the adhesive and carefully attaches it to the natural eyelash. Manipulation is done separately for each natural bristle.
Eyelash extension procedure 4D

  1. Final touches. After modeling, the lashmaker uses the brush again to comb the lashes and remove the patches.
4D extension

In general, the process takes about three hours, and the 4D effect lasts up to 21 days on the eyelashes.

Curved eyelashes 4D

How to properly care for 4D eyelash extensions

In order to extend the wear period, you must follow these rules:

  • avoid intense friction and self-pulling of eyelashes;
Eyelash Extension Makeup 4D

  • do not twist the hairs with forceps;
Volume eyelashes 4D

  • avoid getting water and steam on the ciliary row within a day after building;
Makeup on 4D eyelashes

  • do not tint your eyelashes with mascara, and if you still decide to do this, avoid waterproof models;
Eyelash extension 4D for daily wear

  • Avoid greasy and oily makeup removers.
Black eyelashes in 4D technique

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