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The subtleties of creating air styling, which not everyone knows about

The subtleties of creating air styling, which not everyone knows about

How do you want to keep the styling done by the master in the salon for a long time. After all, he manages to lift even the thinnest hair. And the bang lies in such a way that there is no desire to stab it more with a hairpin. The ends do not twist outward, but fall neatly on the shoulders, while maintaining airiness and lightness. What secrets do the masters have that make it so difficult to repeat their tricks at home?

In fact, there is no magic in the work of a stylist. This is a professional who knows his business and the nuances of all types of hair. We offer to spy on the masters and take note of the tricks they use to create simple and airy hairstyles.

How to make light and airy styling?

hair in the wind

In order for the hair to be light and airy, it is necessary to follow the sequence of actions recommended by experts. It is also important to get rid of the habit of constantly touching curls with your hands.

Tip 1: exfoliate the scalp

Scalp peeling

Air styling begins with proper and thorough hair washing. In addition to shampoo, you need to use peeling. It gently cleanses the scalp and stimulates hair growth.

Peeling is applied only to the roots. Then, with massaging movements, it is necessary to work out the entire surface. It is not necessary to distribute the tool for length. After cleansing the scalp, gently wash off the peeling under the shower. After that we use shampoo and balm.

Tip 2: use leave-in care only for length

Spray on hair

To maintain lightness at the roots, it is necessary to apply indelible care, stepping back from them 10-15 cm.

Tip 3: clean tools

Combs for long hair

It would seem a banal condition – cleaning combs and styling devices. But most women ignore it, referring to the fact that everything is clean. But dust settles on the tools, particles of styling products remain, which are “pulled off” from the hair.

Read more about how to properly care for beauty tools HERE.

Tip 4: do not stretch the bangs and strands near the face

Curls on long hair

Today, the trend is elongated bangs-curtain. To make the hairstyle look relevant and neat, it is recommended to style it with medium-diameter brushing and a hair dryer. The iron in this case will make the strands heavier.

Tip 5: do the styling in sections

The scheme of dividing the head before staining

Even sparse and thin hair must be divided by horizontal partings when styling. This will help to properly dry the root and set the direction of the hair.

Universal separation: from the highest point of the head, we draw vertical partings from ear to ear. We divide the occipital zone into 2-3 sections (depending on the density), separately lay the bangs.

Tip 6: Use dry shampoo

Collected hair

Immediately after drying, you can spray a small amount of dry shampoo on the hair roots, stepping back 15-20 cm. Then gently shake off the excess. This technique will help to keep the hair fresh for a long time and make them light.

Tip 7: Don’t Comb All Your Hair After Styling

Thick hair

One of the most common mistakes among those who do their own styling is combing through the entire head of hair after drying is completed.

By dividing the hair into sections, you no longer need to connect them and comb them at the same time. This “smoothes” the volume created. Lay each strand separately, and then use your hands to distribute the hair in the desired direction. That way they keep it light.

Tip 8: Don’t wear a hat


If you need to keep the styling in its original form, you will have to abandon the headgear. Any accessory will “rumple” the hairstyle.

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