Bella Hadid's Gorgeous Thin Eyebrows

Thin eyebrow threads 2022: the fashion trend is back? (stylish photo examples)

The beauty and expressiveness of eyebrows worried women at all times. With the change in fashion canons, tastes and preferences have changed. What tricks and sacrifices did fashionistas go to in an attempt to achieve the ideal! They whitened and inked, dyed in different colors, shaved clean, plucked and drew a luxurious mono-eyebrow. And today the question of what exactly beautiful eyebrows should be remains relevant.

Bella Hadid's Gorgeous Thin Eyebrows

Thanks to supermodel Cara Delevingne, about ten years ago there was a fashion for the most natural, thick eyebrows. The world has rediscovered the beauty of chic, “sable” eyebrows, which the ancient Romans and Slavs were proud of.

For women, generously gifted by nature, it was a gift of fate: it was enough for them to slightly adjust the shape, giving them expressiveness, tint with paint or henna. But girls with thin, sparse eyebrows had to resort to the services of eyebrow extensions, lamination or tattooing.

Beautiful thin eyebrows

However, fashion is a capricious lady. And again, as in the 20s and 90s, leading makeup artists offer to pluck the hairs, creating thin thread eyebrows. Is it worth following this make-up, or will the trend, which has barely returned, change again in the coming years? Who will go for thin eyebrows and what should the owners of chic, thick hairs on the superciliary arches do? We will tell about everything in this article.

Expressive thin arched eyebrows

Thin eyebrows in 2022 are back in trend

Over the past 5-7 years, wide eyebrows have become a kind of cult. The ostentatious naturalness began to take on a grotesque look. Ladies, not knowing the measure, increase the density, draw wide and long, creatively curved eyebrows. Ladies with a strong sense of taste prefer eyebrow botox. This procedure not only heals existing hairs, but also emphasizes their elegance and beauty.

Perfect thin eyebrows

As you might expect, Delevingne’s massive trend has forced make-up trendsetters, makeup artists, to look for fresh solutions. Is it any wonder that the main hit of the season was the return to the threaded eyebrows? The provocation succeeded.

The undertaking was supported by world-famous stars. So, the popular singer Rihanna has already posed for the cover of a fashion magazine with thin, exquisitely curved eyebrows. This form literally transformed her face, making it “doll-like”, naively surprised and younger.

The trend of the past years - thin, neat eyebrows

The fashion show from Gucci was also held under the auspices of graceful eyebrows. At the same time, makeup artists made a non-standard, creative move. Instead of traditional hair removal, they re-architect the brows with thin, bold, graphic lines.

Perfect eyebrows for light eyes

Based on this, we can say that the fashion for thin eyebrows is back again, along with bright shadows, brown-chocolate shades of lipstick, expressive arrows. But – adjusted for modern technologies of the beauty industry, which allow you to literally create eyebrows anew. Girls and women are invited to evaluate their external data, choose the most suitable shape and width of the eyebrows. And eyebrow correction services in a beauty salon, with a consultation from an experienced master, will help to achieve the ideal.

Who should have thin eyebrows

It is necessary to follow the newfangled trend with caution, since not all ladies are suitable for thin eyebrows. Yes, they are able to make the face more expressive, to give it a surprised, naive-childish, open expression. At the same time, thin threads of hairs shift the focus of attention to other elements of the face – eyes, lips, nose, and highlight the chin and cheekbones more strongly.

Elegant thin eyebrows

Here are some features of eyebrow threads:

  • perfectly harmonize with thin, aristocratic facial features;
  • go well with faces in the form of an oval or triangle with a sharp chin;
  • ladies with a massive chin, fleshy or large nose, this form is contraindicated. They are more suitable for wide, with thick and long hairs, eyebrows;
  • poorly combined with wide-set, large “deer” eyes. In this case, medium sizes are ideal, with an emphasis on the first third, which visually reduce the distance;
  • formed in the form of arcs, with a pronounced bend, they perfectly “stretch” the features of an overly rounded face. Make it more refined, elegant;
  • have an excellent ability to make the face younger, so they are great for ladies over forty years old;
  • make the eyes brighter, more expressive, as they focus on them. Suitable for deep-set, small eyes.
Beautiful neat eyebrows for an oval face

All this must be taken into account, because the removed hairs grow back very slowly. With an already made form, you will have to walk about 60-90 days.

Thin tinted eyebrows for big brown eyes

Ways to correct thin eyebrows

The fashion for “threads” is returning for a reason. It allows ladies who naturally have sparse, thin eyebrows to look stylish without any special financial and time costs. And, of course, modern design has its subtleties.

So, bold, frank lines-stripes applied with ink or pencil are completely irrelevant. They look extremely unnatural, make facial features heavier, turn the image into a theatrical mask.

Fact about eyebrows

Completely removed eyebrows are restored within a year. Separate hairs are updated every 3-4 months. That is why extended eyebrows are recommended to be corrected after a month.

On the contrary, thin eyebrows should look neat, as natural as possible.

Correction of thin eyebrows in a beauty salon

There are a few rules that will help you get great results.

  • First of all, fashionista needs to decide on the form. It can be completely different – straight, with a slight or pronounced bend, with a kink or a sharp tail. As a rule, eyebrows are formed based on facial features, incision and location of the eyes. If you have any difficulties, then for the first time it is better to make an appointment with the master in a beauty salon. The specialist will select the ideal shape, which will only be maintained.
  • To get perfectly symmetrical eyebrows, use a special stencil made of paper or plastic. They allow you to create neat, even contours without much difficulty. Experienced women of fashion confidently determine the desired bend, width and length according to the marks, adjusting them to the parameters of their face.
Simple stencils for thin eyebrows of various shapes

  • Hair not included into the marked contour, carefully removed as it grows. Random growth spoils the appearance, breaks the selected image.
Eyebrow plucking for shaping

  • For coloring choose products with a light structure – shadows, powder pencils. They give the hairs the desired color, from graphite black to reddish or blond, without weighing them down.
  • If necessary, eyebrows are tinted with permanent paint, henna in a beauty salon or at home. You can undergo a Botox or lamination procedure so as not to waste time on daily makeup.
  • For tinting use a variety of means. Regardless of the type, the pigment is applied in short, light strokes rather than a single thick line. This method allows you to qualitatively highlight the hairs, give them density, increase the length. At the same time, the appearance of the eyebrows remains as natural as possible, without …

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