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Timeless makeup trends: ideas that never get old

6 makeup accents that never get old

Modern makeup trends may seem strange to some. Lack of shading, graphic arrows, kissed lips – all this looks stylish, but not suitable for all women. Outdated techniques, such as: a doll look, a pencil darker than lipstick, bronzer instead of blush, should also not be practiced, even if it seems that they really suit you.

What to do when you need actual make-up?

Eternal makeup trends

Red lips
Makeup with an emphasis on lips

Makeup artists recommend that those who are not used to experimenting with cosmetics turn to the eternal classics in makeup. These are trends that never go out of style. Yes, accompanying trends are changing, but the main thing remains the same.

We tell you what accents in makeup always look attractive and definitely will not become old-fashioned.

Perfect red lipstick

red lipstick photo

Makeup with red lipstick

The eternal version of evening makeup is red lips. You can turn to such a make-up even at 50 or 20 years old. It is relevant for any age. The difference will be only in the technique of eye makeup.

Young beauties can afford to bet on topical makeup with one accent. The essence of the method is to select only one zone on the face. So, if the lips are red, the eyes are not neutral. You can make up eyelashes or do without permanent arrowswhen they exist.

Red lips and shadows

Adult women cannot refuse eye makeup with scarlet lips. This technique will create a tired look. It is necessary to choose a technique that will raise your eyes and open your eyes.

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Retro arrows in black color

Makeup with arrows for every day photo

Today, arrows of an unusual shape and color are in trend. However, such experiments are not suitable for everyone. Yes, and some outfits do not tolerate such frank creativity.

Shimmery makeup with arrows

In order not to look strange and out of place, sometimes it is better to abandon experiments and remember the classic version – small black arrows on the upper eyelid. You can draw them with a pencil, eyeliner with a brush or eyeliner in the form of a felt-tip pen. All options are good if the work is done carefully.

On a note: it is not recommended to use liquid eyeliner for applying black arrows in the presence of small wrinkles on the moving eyelid. The line may be uneven. Better to use a pencil.

Natural shade of blush

Light day makeup with peach blush

Fashion makeup for every day photo

No matter what shades and technique of applying blush will be recommended by world stylists, it is always necessary to have ordinary peach ones in your cosmetic bag. This is a classic shade that suits women of any age. Apply a small amount on the cheekbones and refresh the look.

Perfect tone

Perfect tone fashion makeup

Contouring was in trend, then strobingafter that came nude makeup. These makeup techniques are united by the presence of an ideal tone. In each case, achieving smooth and even skin is obtained with the help of special cosmetic products.

That is why such a trend as the perfect tone will never go out of style. Only recommended beauty products will change, although every woman should have her own secret of masking flaws.

smokey ice

smokey ice photo

“If you don’t know what eye makeup to do, choose smokey ice,” this is exactly what makeup artists joke about, since most women have not heard of other techniques.

Beautiful smoky eye makeup

In fact, smokey ice is a great idea for all occasions. After all, it is worth replacing the dark version familiar to everyone with brown, peach or pink and a light daytime make-up is ready.

Once you learn how to do smokey ice correctly, makeup will no longer seem like a difficult task that requires you to turn to professionals.

Correctly shaped eyebrows

Makeup without makeup photo

natural eyebrow shape photo

Fashion on soapy eyebrows will soon pass – so it was with fluffy, in the form of caterpillars and very thin options. If there is no urgent need to chase fast makeup trends, it is worth contacting an eyebrow once in order to create the perfect shape and always maintain it.

Regardless of fashion trends, the natural shape of the eyebrows will always be considered relevant. You will never be ridiculed or called old-fashioned for having standard human brows.

Light makeup on the eyes photo


Fashion trends in makeup change quite often. Several times a year, stylists issue various recommendations on which makeup should be applied.

But that’s all for those who are ready to experiment…

Women of conservative views should not change their own habits. It is enough to remember the main 6 trends in makeup, which, regardless of fashion, will always cause delight and admiration of others.

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