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tips on how to determine the expiration date of cosmetics

We all love to wear makeup, don’t we? If you’re a makeup lover, your drawers should be littered with blush, mascara and eye shadow and nail polishes. No matter what, you can’t throw them away, right? We usually wait until our lip gloss is sticky, our nail polish separates into various liquids, or our lipstick ends up with white fungus or a funny smell before throwing it away. Ignoring the expiration date of your beauty products can lead to bacterial buildup or even product overformulation, which can lead to severe acne, pimples, and other skin infections. Yes, you heard it right, cosmetics have a certain life span after which you have to say goodbye to them – no matter how expensive or cheap they are! Here are some recommendations for the expiration date of cosmetics.

Recommendations for extending the shelf life of cosmetics

Before telling you about makeup expiration dates, here are some helpful tips that can affect the expiration date of a makeup product. If you take care of your color cosmetics with these tips, you can safely use them slightly past their expiration date.

1. Disinfect hands

Always start applying makeup with clean and sanitized hands to prevent bacteria from building up. This advice is really good for your skin as well as cosmetics.

2. No joint makeup

People may warn you not to share your secrets, but I would say that you can share your secrets, but not makeup! Replacing makeup products means trading microbes. Sharing the same makeup brushes and applicators can easily accumulate and transfer bacteria from one person to another. The same goes for moist and deep containers that allow germs to flourish underneath. Especially lip and eye products as they come into contact with an easily infected part of your face.

3. Don’t add water to cosmetics

People usually add water directly to their old mascaras, eye shadows or lip glosses to increase the intensity of the color. Adding water will allow the products to be reformulated, leading to high chances of bacteria and deterioration in the quality of the products before their expiration date!

Breakups are always hard. But if you say goodbye to makeup at the right time, it will be the best thing you can do for yourself. . While it’s hard to throw away your favorite makeup, here are 9 signs that tell you to replace it immediately.

How to identify expired cosmetics

Changed color or separation

When makeup changes color or separates, it’s time to throw it away. Never use your makeup if it has changed color, as this is a sign that the makeup has begun to break down. Separation also denotes a change in the chemical makeup of the makeup.

6 months

6 months

It’s always amazing to keep up with the trends of the season and wear your makeup whichever is absolutely in style. It is absolutely correct to change your makeup once every six months.

eye infection

If you’ve caught painful, dreaded conjunctivitis, you really need to think about it – when you use makeup on your eyes while you’re suffering from an infection, bacteria can be transferred to the makeup and can build up and cause problems at a later stage. It’s best to throw away all those eyeliners to prevent yourself from getting into trouble later.

Expiry Date

Once a makeup product is purchased and stored, we forget about it quite easily. It goes on and on and on. But it’s very important to check for expiration dates, just to make sure cosmetics are still safe to use. It can be quite harmful to use old makeup.

When did you buy cosmetics?

And then, in some cases, makeup products don’t have an expiration date. And in this case, think and remember when you bought it. If you don’t, then it’s time to throw it away right now.

Skin looks weird

If your makeup is starting to feel weird on your skin, it’s time to say goodbye. Your makeup has started to age and dry out. It is best to stop using it, otherwise it may lead to skin diseases. It will also never make you look your best.

Cosmetics start to smell

The strange smell of makeup is a sign that bacteria is growing in it. It can also mean expiration or a change in composition. It is best to avoid use at this time. When you get strong, pungent or sweet smells, or even chemical smells, it’s time for a change.

Shelf life of cosmetics

Shelf life of mascara: 3 to 4 months

This is one of the makeup products that can go bad faster than any other makeup. Mascara is applied around your delicate eyes and is more likely to spread bacteria and infections. So, it’s best to throw away your mascara within three to four months of purchase.

The best tip to remember when extending the life of your mascara is to avoid pumping the mascara stick in and out of the tube, as pumping will allow air to enter the tube, which can mix with the chemicals, leading to bacteria buildup.

Concealer shelf life: 12 to 18 months

Concealers hold up well until they reach their expiration date. Cream or liquid forms of concealer can be used within 12-18 months of purchase. The best advice to store your concealers safely is to always keep the product container tightly closed and use only a sanitized brush or fingers to apply the product.


Shelf life of blush: powder blush – 24 months, cream blush – 12 to 18 months

Powder blush can be used a little longer than more creamy formulas as the formula has less water content. Blush is another beauty product that can usually expire before it reaches its expiration date if not handled hygienically. If you use your fingers to apply, there are high chances of bacteria build up, especially in cream formulas.

Shelf life of lipstick, lip gloss and face powder: about 24 months

All of these makeup products are aged for 24 months. Always remember to close the lids tightly so that there is no air buildup. Keep them away from extreme heat and you can use them for about two years.

Shelf life of lip and eye liner: 24 months

Lip and eye pencils last a long time. If they have a pencil look and need to be sharpened, then there is less chance …

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