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To look appropriate: errors of school images

To look appropriate: errors of school images

Very soon, the students will again be at school desks. We hope everyone has prepared and purchased the necessary stationery, backpacks and clothes.

Recommendations of stylists for school images

How to wear a vest to school

About how fashionable to look this season. being a pupil or a student, they told in detail HERE.

Today we decided to discuss the main mistakes of school images that can be made not only by young fashionistas, but also by their parents who have not followed the appearance of their daughter.

We tell you which individual elements of the wardrobe or combinations are not appropriate in an educational institution.

Skinny jeans and fitted top

Beautiful summer look: jeans and a blouse
How to wear skinny jeans for a stylish look

Tight-fitting jeans are not only outdated, but also included in the lists of vulgar wardrobe items. But, they can be beaten so that they are combined with an educational institution. We choose a free top that covers the buttocks. So the kit will meet the requirements of the educational institution and will no longer look defiant.

Joggers – sportswear

Biker jackets and joggers
How to wear joggers in winter

Recently, joggers have become a popular form of the bottom. Such trousers are a product with an elastic band or ropes at the waist, due to which an assembly is formed. There are rubber bands on the bottom too. Side pockets or hidden in the seams are allowed.

However, such knitwear is not suitable for school. We change to trousers or jeans of dark color without decor.

Short skirt and stockings – vulgar

How to wear socks to school

This season, it is fashionable to wear not short socks or footprints, but ordinary cotton or knitted ones – tennis. High socks are combined with loafers and sneakers. Such a bottom is considered suitable for a pleated or A-line skirt.

The sock loafer variant has replaced the vulgar and annoying trend with knee-high stockings/stockings.

Black tights – only with boots

How to wear pantyhose

The combination of black tights and white sneakers has always been considered controversial, although last year you could see a lot of fashionistas in street style reviews who opted for this ensemble.

This year, stylists recommend returning to classic looks and wearing tights with boots, ankle boots and boots. And sneakers with socks.

Lack of layering looks boring

Simple outfit for school
How cool to wear a jumper to school

A school look will look stylish and appropriate if you make it layered. The easiest option is to complement any top with a free-cut white T-shirt (it is fashionable to choose 1 size larger). We put it on under a shirt, sweatshirt, pullover, etc.

Fitted fit – obsolete

what to wear with skinny to school
What shirt to wear to school

When choosing a shirt for school, pay attention to the free cut. This top looks relaxed and stylish at the same time. Another advantage of loose shirts is body shaping. It is worth tucking them into trousers or jeans and using a belt, as the waist zone stands out, the proportions are adjusted.

Against bright prints

Solid color school outfit
Monochromatic look for school

School attire, provided that the educational institution does not have a uniform form, should be appropriate. This applies not only to the styles of skirts and jeans, but also to colors.

A bright print is not the best educational solution for such institutions. It is recommended to give preference to monophonic things. By the way, they can be bright, but basic. Example: red – yes, raspberry – no.

Jeans with a jacket, not a denim jacket

What jacket to wear with jeans to school
How to wear jeans with a blazer to school

The combination of denim with denim is trendy, but unsuitable for school. It is recommended to “balance” denim items with products from an alternative material. For example, we wear a denim jacket with trousers. and jeans with a jacket.

Do you take part in choosing an outfit for school?

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