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Top 10 Mistakes Women 50+ Make in Daily Personal Care

Typical mistakes of adult women in daily care

Modern girls know by heart the stages of facial skin care, do not forget the rule “Do not comb wet hair” and certainly do not use powder in hot weather. But women who are 50+ do not know many nuances of skin care for the face, body or hair, due to the fact that so much attention has not been paid to this before. Let’s talk about the most common mistakes.

One face cream

Woman applying face cream

One of the main challenges is to convince an adult woman to use several face creams, because each has its own purpose. One moisturizes, the other nourishes, the third prevents age spots.

Trusting all the functions of one cream 10 in 1, which manufacturers of budget cosmetics like to release, is not worth it. Of course, such a remedy can have a positive effect on the skin, but it is unlikely to be magical, as many expect. It is better to use separate cosmetics for each problem.

Drying hair without any means

Hair drying

It is difficult for women aged 50+ to get used to the fact that drying hair involves the use of various additional tools and tools.

With just one comb and a hair dryer (often unprofessional), it is impossible to repeat salon styling, and the quality of the hair suffers greatly with this approach.

In the home arsenal of every woman should be thermal protection and oil for the tips. And it’s better to buy a spray for volume at the roots, a structuring cream for fluffiness and a couple of combs.

Touching up only the roots

hair coloring

The standard monthly female fun is tinting the roots. But what about the length?

At best, the length of the hair is not affected; at worst, they try to stretch household dye from the roots. The second option has several disadvantages:

  • Firstly, the length is very dry due to the composition of the paint. Household dyes have a fairly high percentage of oxidant (even dark shades), which greatly dries the strands;
  • Secondly, curls should be bathed in paint. If this does not happen and you tighten a small amount of the composition to a length, stains may form.

Gel polish on nails up to 2 months

Overgrown gel polish

We have heard more than once how women boast among themselves that they wear gel polish for 2 or more months. But it’s harmful! The load on the nail plate is strong, which can lead to damage.

By the way, everyone about the optimal period for wearing gel polish was told in THIS ARTICLE.

Concealer denial

Photos before and after using the concealer for the face

Foundation is not the only tool that can even out tone and mask flaws. Moreover, applying it to the area under the eyes is highly discouraged, but all adult women do it out of habit …

For especially delicate areas of the skin on the face, they have long been invented concealer. It hides dark circles, gives a fresh look to the skin, masks signs of fatigue and lack of sleep. And small wrinkles are not so noticeable. Try it!

Foundation without SPF factor

Applying foundation

When choosing a foundation, it is important to pay attention not only to the shade and cost, but also to the composition. Be sure to have an SPF protection factor, because direct sunlight is extremely harmful to the skin. But does any of the women 50+ remember this when choosing decorative cosmetics? Most people only care about protection from UV rays at sea.

Denial of dry shampoos

Dry shampoo is not harmful and does not provoke dandruff. This is a great tool to give your hair freshness when there is no time to wash your hair, but you need to look presentable.

Confidence that frequent washing damages hair

Washing head

Shampooing should take place then. when it is necessary. You need to focus on the type of scalp and hair condition. The exact answer to the question is it possible to wash your hair every day HERE.

One scrub for everything: face, body, scalp

Body Scrub

Many women have heard about the benefits of skin scrubs, even make them from improvised means at home. But you can not apply the same composition to the face and body. The skin is different.

  • For the face, you need a remedy that minimally injures the skin, since it is extremely delicate.
  • For feet and hands, you can use a scrub with coarser particles.
  • For deep cleansing of the scalp, it is recommended to use a composition with sea salt, which in principle is not suitable for the face.

Do not wash tools: brushes, combs, sponge

Washing combs

If an adult woman’s cosmetic bag has additional makeup brushes, in addition to those that came with shadows or powder, that’s good. The only bad thing is that only a few people properly care for them. But brushes can cause skin rashes, allergic reactions and other ailments. They need to be washed regularly and thoroughly.

Now admit how many of the presented mistakes do you make every day?

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