Eyelash extension 4D

Top 6 reasons for the loss of eyelash extensions: how to overcome an undesirable phenomenon, photo examples 2022

In the world of fashion, new trends appear every day and trends are formed. The beauty industry, as an integral and dynamic part of the fashion process, is in a state of constant renewal, offering women from all over the world fresh standards of beauty.

Eyelash extension 4D

Eyelash extensions are an extremely popular area of ​​cosmetology. An alternative procedure guarantees instant results and long lasting results.

Every month more and more girls decide on the procedure. And as a result, they get a chic spectacular look. But some young ladies are still afraid of such changes. And one of the main reasons for this is the excitement for your native natural eyelashes. There is a myth among the people that after building up, they begin to fall out more actively. And yet – their structure deteriorates.

Classic eyelash extension

It should be noted right away that such a process is a completely normal phenomenon. No matter what quality glue the master uses and no matter how professionally he works, the artificial hairs will still fall out in the end. This process usually starts within 2-3 weeks. Eyelash extensions are worn for up to 6 weeks.

Wet eyelash extensions

So why do many clients complain that lush hairs peel off over time, fall out and thin out? And most importantly, how to counter this phenomenon?

In this article, we will create for you a selection of the most common causes of deterioration in socks, as well as consider ways to prevent eyelash loss.

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How long do eyelash extensions last?

The duration of the effect depends on several factors.

  • Material quality

The most common types of artificial eyelashes are mink, silk and silicone.

Eyelash extension with arrow effect

Mink eyelashes are quite long and thin, outwardly very reminiscent of natural hairs. They are extremely light, which adds volume without weighing down the natural bristles, but at the same time, they are too elastic, which makes the curve easy to deform. Such eyelashes can last you no more than two weeks, after which it will be necessary to perform a correction.

mink eyelashes

Silk lashes are more durable. They are not afraid of wind and moisture, they are longer and thicker than mink. Such hairs need to be adjusted no more than once a month.

Silk eyelashes

Silicone hairs, although they do not lose their shape during wear, they provoke an intense loss of eyelashes. The fact is that such material has more weight than others, and it must be used with caution – only if you have naturally strong eyelashes.

silicone eyelashes

  • Lashmaker skill

A professional eyelash extension specialist must follow all the rules of the technique for performing the procedure, from the selection of material and parameters of artificial bristles to the correct eyelash fixation with safe adhesives.

Eyelashes 2D

He is in no hurry, devoting at least an hour to the procedure, depending on the chosen technology, as well as the individual characteristics of the client’s natural hairs. When the lash maker knows his stuff, the build-up effect lasts for 3-4 weeks.

Rhinestones on eyelash extensions

  • post-care

An important task for a girl with newly acquired velvet eyelashes is to ensure proper care for them. When you intensively rub your eyes, pull out regrown hairs yourself, or use a greasy makeup remover cream, you provoke premature lash loss.

Eyelashes 3D

And then the effect of the procedure lasts half as long, about 1-2 weeks.

What causes eyelashes to fall out after extensions

There are six of the most common reasons why synthetic lashes lose volume prematurely.

Eyelash extension with 3D effect

1. Natural renewal of natural hairs

Natural eyelashes tend to be completely renewed every 2-3 months.

The main reason why the hairs eventually begin to fall out is the natural renewal of the hairs. Do not forget that this process never stops. Everyone’s eyelashes fall out every day. While they are natural – thin, soft, not too long, it is almost imperceptible. This is exactly the same as with hair. It is unlikely that anyone will be surprised by the few hairs that remain daily on the comb.

Eyelashes also have a certain lifespan. And it’s not too long. Usually this is a period of 80 to 170 days

Sparse eyelash extensions

During this time, the hair goes through four phases of growth:

  • Anagenic. At this stage, the hair follicle actively develops, the follicle is saturated with pigment.
Squirrel effect eyelash extension

  • Phalogenous. Stage of active growth of bristles.
fox effect eyelash extension

  • Telogen. It is also called the resting phase. This period is considered the most favorable for eyelash extensions and lasts 100 days.
Natural eyelash extension effect

  • Catagen. During this period, the cells disintegrate and die, there is an increased loss of hairs for several days.
Artificial eyelashes

The last third phase always ends with hair loss. Each of them has its own specific life span. It is normal for the eyelashes to fall out after a while. This does not happen to all hairs at the same time. Therefore, the process is not noticeable. And he shouldn’t bother the girl. Usually up to 7-8 eyelashes fall out per day. This process can change greatly only in the presence of various health problems.

Eyelash loss is a natural process

When you see the upper limit of the range exceeded, it is better to postpone the procedure for a few days, since most likely your hairs are now in the catagen phase, and the result of the extension will not last long.

doll eyelash extension effect

2. Incorrectly selected parameters of artificial eyelashes

When natural bristles are thin and weakened, do not overload them with too voluminous extensions. Weighting the eyelashes will lead to their fragility and premature loss.

Fact about eyelashes

Changing eyelashes is a natural process. If the body lacks nutrients, the hormonal balance is disturbed, the hairs become thinner and more brittle, and the bulbs “fall asleep”.

Tape eyelash extension

Having decided on the chosen extension technology, be sure to ask the master to carefully examine your eyelashes. It will help to choose the length and thickness of artificial hairs so that the effect of the procedure lasts as long as possible.

Eyelash extensions: classic

Sometimes a specialist will even recommend that you refuse extensions due to the unsatisfactory condition of your eyelashes. However, do not rush to get upset.

Eyelash extension correction

To quickly heal weakened natural bristles, you can resort to Botox. The procedure will help restore the structure of damaged hairs, nourish them with vitamins, restore elasticity and shine.

Botox eyelashes

When you have naturally thin hairs and extra weight is highly likely to cause them to fall out, try an alternative solution – lamination of eyelashes. This procedure helps to give the bristles a visible thickness, create a rich color and a charming curve.

Eyelash lamination

Finally, permanent eyelash coloring can be performed, which will simplify daily makeup without damaging and weighing down fragile hairs.

Eyelash dyeing

3. Poor quality glue


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