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Top 7 Styling Tricks to Help You Look Slimmer in Summer

Top 6 Styling Tricks to Look Slimmer in Summer

Summer is the most long-awaited time for everyone, and especially for women. After all, you can finally show yourself in all its glory! Dresses, sandals, playful skirts and short tops – all this makes the look as feminine, attractive and light as possible. But what to do when the figure is not perfect, like models from the catwalk or magazine? Are all these treants only for young and slender beauties, but what about women with a couple of extra pounds?

In fact, no one has the right to say whether a woman needs to lose weight or not, each woman decides at what weight she is comfortable and comfortable. Another thing is the correct selection of clothes, because an unsuccessful style of a dress or blouse can ruin even a woman with good parameters.

We tell you how to disguise a couple of extra pounds or problem areas that did not have time to put in order by the summer. After all, the fashion trends of summer 2020 are for everyone!

Choosing wrap dresses

Wrap dress

This spring-summer 2020 season, midi dresses with voluminous sleeves are in trend. True, such models are characterized by a deep square neckline and an emphasis on the waist with a strap or belt. For those who do not have a special harmony, this option is not the best. But another fashion trend, like a wrap dress, is what you need!

A mid-length wrap dress perfectly emphasizes the chest, hides the sides and knees. Harmoniously combined with fashionable summer shoes with flat soles: espadrilles, mules, loafers, sandals, sandals.

We compose monochrome images

Stylish monochrome images with a suit

A monochrome image involves a combination of close shades. For example, an image in shades of green or blue will help visually stretch the silhouette, as monochrome things support each other and continue the vertical.

Luxurious looks with a trouser suit

It is recommended to avoid classic combinations: black, white, beige, and pay attention to trendy pastel shades.

We wear heels

The most fashionable sandals summer 2020

Yes, in recent years we have become so accustomed to sneakers and sneakers that now even a slight heel seems very high and uncomfortable. But it’s time to change something. Fortunately, this season, comfortable mules and flip-flop sandals with a small, stable heel-glass are in trend. In such shoes, you can even walk all day or stand on your feet, tested on yourself!

And remember that not only heels are important, but also the color of sandals. Beige will lengthen the legs, respectively, divert attention from other problem areas.

Trousers with arrows

Trendy palazzo trousers with arrows

Loose palazzo trousers or flared hips with arrows will perfectly hide curvy hips. True, they must be worn with shoes with heels so that the legs completely hide the sandals. This technique will help you achieve incredible slimness and make everyone ask about the diet that has done wonders for you.

A-line skirts

What to wear with A-line skirts in summer

For several years, women have chosen pencil skirts, which are considered the most seductive. But such things must be worn with corrective underwear, otherwise the whole effect will be lost. But in such a slimmed down way to hold out all day is extremely difficult.

In order not to torture ourselves and deceive others, instead of a problematic pencil skirt, we put on a more comfortable and practical A-line model with a slit in the back or front. It is comfortable to walk in it, it hides voluminous hips, focusing on the waist.

Flared trousers and puffed sleeves

What to wear with flared trousers in summer

Another stylish and modern look for those who would like to have an hourglass figure. So, we correct the forms with the help of the right clothes. Emphasis on the shoulders and wide-leg pants will visually make the waist look like an aspen.

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