Неудачная столешница на кухне

Top 8 Bad Kitchen Renovation Decisions: Examples

It will be inconvenient: about bad decisions when renovating the kitchen

The kitchen is the room where we spend most of our time at home. There is cooking, and cozy conversations and gatherings with friends. Not surprisingly, this is the space most often in need of repair.

Top Bad Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Country style kitchen

In the repair of the kitchen, as a rule, two opinions collide – one of the masters who want to do everything in good conscience and for years. Another is designers, who in most cases are not worried about practicality, but about the visual component.

In order for the kitchen to be functional, it retains an attractive appearance for a long time and does not seem uncomfortable immediately after the completion of the repair, we suggest paying attention not to the decisions that the master most often criticizes.

Chipboard worktop

Chipboard tabletop
marble countertop

When deciding to replace an old kitchen with a new one, many are faced with the need to save money, since such furniture costs a lot of money. One of the options to spend less money on a kitchen set is to choose a chipboard countertop.

At the beginning, such a decision may seem right, since modern chipboard countertops look luxurious. But there are a number of disadvantages that you should be aware of in advance. For example, they are not restored and can swell from a large amount of moisture.

Black sink in the kitchen

Black kitchen sink
Undercounter kitchen sink

Today it is stylish and fashionable to fill the interior with black. True, there is a difference between dark-colored household appliances and plumbing. From the first, you can shake off the dust in a matter of seconds, and the black sink will become a real problem and an irritant for the hostess. If you do not want to constantly see stains and actively fight them, choose a sink that matches the color of the countertop.

Glossy kitchen facade

Glossy kitchen facade
Matte kitchen front

On the one hand, it seems that polishing the glossy facade of the kitchen to a shine is not difficult, on the other hand, it will have to be done constantly. Fingerprints, dirt and stains remain every time you touch the cabinets.

A great alternative is matte facades. They are pleasant to the touch, easy to care for, and also create a pleasant chamber atmosphere.

Dark kitchen facade

Dark kitchen facade
Bright kitchen facade

A little more about the facade of the kitchen …

So, if you decide that the matte option suits you, you should not dwell on dark shades. On them, as well as on a black sink, oily marks, prints and other elements of sloppy cooking will always be noticeable.

The most practical solution is a light-colored matte facade. By the way, now one of the most popular options is white and under a light tree. Do you understand why?

Profile on the kitchen worktop

Profile on the kitchen worktop
Tabletop without joints

On the one hand, the profile on the tabletop looks like an additional element of decor and zoning. On the other hand, this is a place where crumbs and dirt will constantly accumulate.

You can replace the profile with a simple solution – ask the furniture craftsmen to make an euro-cut. This option is a bit more expensive, but saves a lot of hassle.

Door rejection

Kitchen without a door
kitchen door

Designers offer everyone to arrange a living room combined with a kitchen. The main argument is practical, as you can spend more time with your family without locking yourself in the kitchen.

On the other hand, the living room will constantly be saturated with the smells of cooking, and these are extra costs for regular dry cleaning of furniture, curtains and other textiles in the interior.

Advice of masters: if it is possible to separate the kitchen from the rest of the rooms with a door, do it.

Plastic corners in the aisle

Plastic corners in the doorway
Dobor with platband

If there is no door between the kitchen and the room, you need to properly design the doorway. Many decide to use plastic or metal corners. Masters call them not only impractical, but also outdated. It is worth touching such a corner and he will move away, taking with him wallpaper and plaster.

Instead of corners in the openings, we install an extension with a platband. This solution will allow you to maintain a single style with interior doors and look modern.

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