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Top 8 bad repair decisions that will cause discomfort

About bad decisions in bathroom renovation

Repair is a complex and time-consuming task. In order not to regret certain decisions after its completion, you should think over the project in advance, but it is better to order it from professionals. They will help to avoid not only classic mistakes in the arrangement of the room, but also those that can create discomfort, being not obvious initially.

Top 8 Bathroom Remodeling Solutions That Technicians Call Failed

Bathtub in the bedroom

There are no trifles in repair. It is worth choosing an impractical floor covering, and it will creak unbearably. But we decided to talk not about the quality and brands of materials, but about their practicality.

It happens that an expensive piece of furniture gives a lot of trouble, and its cheaper counterpart pleases the owners for many years. We’ll tell you where it’s worth saving, and where you can overpay if it’s a bathroom renovation.

Single switch in the bathroom

Single bathroom switch

Minimalism is in trend today. Many inexperienced designers and apartment owners who try to support it refuse not only pieces of furniture and design that litter the room, but also really practical solutions. One of these is a single switch for the bathroom, which simultaneously turns on both the light and the fan.

Initially, such a solution may seem practical, since none of the family members will forget about the fan when they go for a swim. And this is an excellent prevention of the appearance of mold in the seams between the tiles. In fact, the sound of the fan will annoy everyone, because the bathroom is a room where you want to relax as much as possible, to be alone with yourself. Some people read there, others spend hours talking on the phone or watching movies.

Don’t deprive yourself of this pleasure! Replacing the switch will be extremely difficult.

Low shelf or dryer

Failed clothes dryers in the bathroom

If you decide to complement the bathtub with various shelves with protruding edges, make sure that they do not interfere with all family members. If the baby does not reach them at the moment, this does not mean that in the future, he will not hit a sharp corner.

Overhead sink-bowl


Admit it, who hasn’t thought about buying an overhead sink-bowl for at least a second? Such a device of home plumbing looks stylish and expensive, but in reality it gives the owners a lot of trouble.

Water and dirt accumulate around the sink in hard-to-reach places. There is also a high probability of incorrectly calculating the height of the mixer, and this is fraught with constant splashes around.

Water heated towel rail

Water heated towel rail

One of the most useless solutions in the bathroom is installing a heated towel rail. This piece of plumbing has a lot of drawbacks: it depends on the quality of the water supply and heating, you can’t adjust the temperature, it can leak. And they look outdated in comparison with electric ones.

Rejection of the hygienic shower in the toilet

Ordinary toilet without hygienic shower

If the toilet and bath are two separate rooms, it is recommended to install a hygienic shower in the first one. Firstly, it is the hygiene of one’s own body, and, secondly, a practical solution.

A hygienic shower in the toilet allows you to conveniently draw water into a bucket or basin. It makes it easy to clean up after your pets. and it is also an opportunity to have access to water when one of the family members takes a bath and does not remember the timing.

If you have not installed a hygienic shower, then you simply do not know how much easier the cleaning process could be.

Floor at different levels

Thresholds in the apartment

High thresholds are not only an unstylish solution, but also impractical. Firstly, you stumble, and secondly, the integrity of the space is violated, especially when the bath is viewed from the corridor.

Modern masters recommend leveling the coating and pouring an additional layer under the laminate so that it is flush with the tiles in the bathroom. The remaining gap with 5 mm is closed with silicone or a stylish metal threshold of the same level.

Non-identical coverage with a corridor

Varnished flooring in the bathroom and corridor

Another note from interior designers to those who do their own repairs is the choice of different flooring for all rooms. If the bath is visible from the corridor, it is recommended to choose an identical or similar covering. A popular option is porcelain stoneware for laminate or tile.

one light bulb

One light bulb in the bathroom

a very impractical solution is to install only one light bulb in the canna. Firstly, the light can be dim, and secondly, it can burn out at any time. What to do then?

Experts recommend separately highlighting the area with a mirror, and installing several small lamps on the ceiling, designed for this room.

How do you like the ideas matched with your apartment?

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