TOP 8 modern professions related to photography

Professions that are related to photography and are popular

A few years ago, many young people and girls dreamed of finding such a fashionable profession as a photographer. True, training in this occupation is expensive, and the equipment itself involves considerable expenses. Someone decided to make such investments in themselves and their future, and someone abandoned the idea, preferring a less expensive hobby.

But time has passed and a number of professions related to photography have appeared, which do not need to be trained for a long and expensive time. About what you can do for a person who has a craving for photography and we’ll talk further.

Top professions related to photography

street photography

In the modern world, there are many interesting activities that are not taught in universities, but this does not make them less in demand or low paid. On the contrary, most modern beauty professionsassociated with writing texts on the internet or photography, suggest high earnings with short training.

Photographer in a specific area

woman photographer

Photographer – a profession of a wide profile, therefore, training takes a long time. However, today you can not waste time studying all the nuances of shooting, but choose one specific direction and become a professional in the chosen field.

Food, sports, and travel photographers have gained great popularity. The first is photographing food. The second one covers various sports events, and the third one can convey all the beauties of our planet with the help of shooting.

Food stylist

Professional food photo

In the modern world, appearance plays an important role, which is why stylists are so in demand. Moreover, not only people or animals have them, but also food.

Such a popular profession as a food stylist is directly related to photography. Food stylist is the person who prepares the dish for the shoot. No, he does not replace the chef, he “finishes” his masterpiece, doing the right arrangement of food, improving its color with the help of special dyes, varnishes, sprays, etc.

The food stylist does everything so that the retoucher or the photographer himself, if he does not trust anyone with processing, has less work after shooting. That is why knowledge in the field of photography is simply necessary for him.


photos with and without retouching
Photos with and without retouching

Regardless of what the photographer took and on which camera or phone, the card needs to be processed. For processing, special programs for a computer and applications on a smartphone are used.

Many professional photographers do not have enough time for processing (it often takes many times longer than the shooting itself), so they are looking for an assistant to join their team. This person becomes a retoucher.

Retoucher – a person who is engaged in professional photo processing, namely: performs color correction, hides imperfections, brightens dark places, corrects white balance. A retoucher may be required for both a professional photographer and a blogger, sms manager, content manager, etc.

The retoucher does not take pictures on his own, but he must have knowledge in the field of competent framing and color compatibility, otherwise the processing will not work.

SMM specialist


Probably, many have heard of such a profession as a smmschik. But what is this person doing?

SMM is a social media specialist. He is the link between the blogger or business and the team responsible for the final product. The SMM specialist draws up terms of reference for a copywriter, targetologist, photographer, and then publishes the finished material in the feed so that customers and subscribers can see the result.

It is the SMM specialist who discusses the nuances of shooting with a professional photographer, so knowledge in this area will definitely not be superfluous.

Direct Administrator

Working on the phone

Another fashionable profession that requires knowledge in writing texts and photography is direct administrator. Such a specialist works with clients and subscribers of a public figure or business owner. He answers questions, provides information about the product, takes applications and orders, and also ensures that only high-quality texts and pictures appear in the feed.

Content manager

Photo of a girl before and after processing

One of the most in-demand professions on the Internet today is Content manager. Such a person combines the skills of a retoucher, photographer and copywriter. He must come up with a good text, accompany it with a suitable photo taken by himself and do not forget to professionally edit it.


Stylist before and after

It would seem that the person responsible for the appearance and the photographer have in common? But it is believed that it is the stylist who should be well versed not only in fashion, but also in photography. It is important for him to understand what shades will harmonize in the photo, to tell the operator from what angle his client looks the most successful, and also with the help of clothes to correct those shortcomings that could appear during shooting.


Natasha Koroleva without makeup

Another profession directly related to photography is a make-up artist. It is difficult to look perfect without makeup, which is why a make-up artist is involved in any photo shoot, who is able to create the desired image, correct flaws, and emphasize advantages.

Without the right makeup, it will be much more difficult to process a picture at times. And in order to understand how best to paint, a makeup artist needs to have the necessary knowledge in the field of photography.


Today, anyone who has a high-quality smartphone in his pocket can take beautiful photos. The profession of a photographer in the classical sense is increasingly receding into the background.

Many generalists in photography go into one area, trying to become a real expert in it. Some photograph exclusively food, others photograph fashion shows, still others photograph weddings, and still others photograph children.

Professions that are indirectly related to photography and do not require deep knowledge in this area are also popular. This is a content maker, content manager, direct administrator. Such people should be able to take high-quality pictures on the phone, and have processing skills.

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