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Transformation is not to face: celebrities who should not have changed their hair color

Transformation is not to face: 4 celebrities who should not have changed their usual hair color

During the quarantine, many celebrities, apparently, missed beauty salons so much that they decided not only to update their hair after the opening of hairdressers, but to do something new on their heads. They chose those who clearly made a mistake with the color.

Alena Shishkova became a brunette

Alena Shishkova
Alena Shishkova with glasses

Former passion Timati has always been a platinum blonde. Sometimes the length of the hair changed, but Alena did not touch the color. Unless I experimented with shades. But the quarantine did its job: the girl came out of it as a truly different person.

Alena Shishkova blonde
Alena Shishkova with dark hair

Unexpectedly for fans, Alena became a brunette with long hair. But before that, she had been telling subscribers for several months that she was restoring her hair: she had refused additional strands and was growing her natural color.

As it turned out later, the blonde decided to refresh the shade herself during self-isolation and used a natural dye – henna. The result was unexpected, so something had to be done urgently. Now Alena is a brunette and, it seems, despite the requests of fans to return the blond, she is completely satisfied with herself.

Emily Ratajkowski chose a trendy honey blonde

Emily Ratajkowski in a red dress
Emily Ratajkowski dyed her hair

The famous model Emily Ratajkowski has always been famous for her perfect figure and dark hair color. It seemed that the celebrity would not decide to change her image soon, because the number of compliments addressed to her only grew. But unexpectedly for everyone, Emily dyed her hair in a fashionable shade – honey blond. This is a very practical hair color especially for brunettes, as it does not require as much maintenance as an ash or platinum blond. And now it is warm shades in the trend.

Emily Ratajkowski brunette
Emily Ratajkowski went blonde

Despite all the relevance of the color and the neatly done work (coloring using the shatush technique), Emily obviously miscalculated. All the charm and sultryness, according to the fans, are gone. The model herself is pleased with the changes, and Pamela Anderson inspired her to change her image, or rather her iconic image of the 90s.

Alexa dyed her hair blonde

Alexa brunette
Alexa went blonde

The former singer and star of Star Factory 4 became one of the most talked about people in our show business a few months ago. And all because of the new boyfriend, who turned out to be a star fitness trainer. True, it was not the young man himself who attracted attention, but the fact that for the sake of Alexa he broke up with a pregnant girl. But today is not about love…

Alexa as she looked before
Alexa new style

A new lover or not inspired Alexa to change her image is unclear, but for the first time in a long time she decided on a fashionable experiment. The girl abandoned the usual chocolate shade in favor of a more fashionable wheat one. It turned out beautifully, but this image will obviously grow up for Alex. Yes, and she has become too similar to Loboda now.

Maybe it’s worth returning everything as it was, so as not to be confused with anyone?

Natasha Koroleva now with bangs

Natasha Koroleva old photo
Natasha Koroleva new style

Natasha Koroleva did not change her usual hair color, but she noticeably changed with the help of bangs, or rather the stylist of one of the programs whose heroine she became. Natalia was given a fashionable hairstyle with fake bangs and make-up atypical for her. As a result, according to fans, the singer completely lost her individuality and became a copy of Hannah.

What do you think: is it better or worse than it was?

Every woman wants to change beyond recognition from time to time. True, such experiments are not always successful. By the way, celebrities are no exception, even they have mistakes with hair and hair color. And how are things going with you: do you often experiment with color?

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