Трендовый маникюр на осень 2021

Trends in manicure design for autumn 2021: photos, examples

What has changed, what has been preserved in the design of manicure for this fall

Fall 2021 nail trends haven’t changed much since summer. The main difference is the color palette. We refuse acid shades and again pay attention to deeper and “expensive” tones. Next, we will talk in more detail about each trend and give examples of how it looked before.

Autumn trends in manicure for autumn 2021

Beautiful manicure ideas

We have collected for you the most trendy designs for this fall! Be sure to save it, even if you don’t do nails, but suddenly you want to. And a stylish selection with ideas is ready.

Cow print instead of leopard

Leopard nails
Cow print on nails

Cow print promises to be the new leopard, not only in clothes, but also on nails. By the way, if you are not yet ready for a sweater or skirt with such a pattern, start with a manicure. Such an idea will surprise and conquer everyone!

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According to feng shui, now we paint the index

Ring nail of a different color
Index nail of a different color

The practice of decorating at least one nail with a design or a different color continues this season. But now, instead of the nameless sequins, lines and rhinestones, we put them on the index.

Milk instead of beige

Beige nails
Milk manicure

Delicate shades of gel polish are the love of many modern women. They look elegant, go with everything in your wardrobe, and grow back invisibly. Well, how not to appreciate such advantages?

In order to at least slightly diversify their own image, stylists suggest returning to milky shades instead of beige.

Delicate milky coating on the nails looks very expensive.

Blobs and spots instead of perfect lines

Blobs on nails
Lines on nails

The geometric print on the nails has given way to a more modern and relaxed version – blots. They are easier to create, as they do not require an aesthetic approach and drawing details. They can be placed randomly. Color combinations are also allowed.

Double french instead of french with holes

French with holes
double french

Last year, the masters came up with a thousand and one ways to draw a jacket in a new way. Fashionistas took the lead – double. The essence of the trend is the drawing of the upper and lower edges of the nail plate.

Minimalistic glitter instead of stickers

minimalistic stickers
Delicate glitter nails

If you want to decorate your nails with at least some pattern, we ask the master to use a top with sparkles. Today it is the hottest trend. Sophisticated images, slides and stickers, albeit in a minimalist style, are outdated.

Autumn flowers instead of the tropics

Tropical manicure
Floral manicure

In the summer there was a tropical print on the nails, and in the fall, a floral one, respectively. You should choose plants that are relevant right now, and these are: chrysanthemums, roses.

Green is the new blue

blue nails
green nails

Finally, the royal blue hue has receded, giving way to the classic green. They can cover all the nails, use it for design and apply only to a couple of plates. By the way, green is also welcome in clothes, but in doses. It is not recommended to make a total bow from green things.

Nude manicure + metal instead of a classic jacket

Delicate noble jacket
Nails with drawings in gold

The method of applying metal elements to the nails is more relevant than ever. By the way, it is this design that is recommended for brides who decide to get married in the fall of 2021.

Gradient all over the arm, not just one nail

Gradient on nails
multicolored nails

Remember how you did the gradient on your nails before? If not, we have a whole ARTICLE about it.

Today, ombre manicure looks a little different. The master chooses close shades and applies them to all nails. It turns out a combo of two trends of past years – a multi-colored manicure and a gradient. How do you like the idea?

Quail egg instead of dots

Manicure with dots
Quail egg manicure

It was not difficult to draw dots on the nails, but for a long time, so the masters came up with a different way to please customers. Now they use a stiff brush to gently spray the opposite shade onto the nail. Looks like a quail egg.

Have you already been asked to make one of the proposed designs?

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