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Trendy hair colors spring-summer 2021: Top 5 ideas

5 beautiful hair colors to look out for this spring

A beautiful hair color is what every woman dreams of. While there is no gray hair, caring for hair is quite simple, but as soon as the first gray hairs appear, there is nowhere to go from monthly hair coloring. But there are pluses – you can experiment with color and change all the time.

For several years, the trend has been cold shades of blond, which are quite difficult to maintain at home. After all, the ashes turn yellow from hot water, hot appliances (ironing irons, curling irons) and even water. It’s good that the torment has come to an end, since in 2021 stylists recommend paying attention to warm shades of hair, which are much easier to care for. Consider the top 5 beautiful flowers for this season.


Walnut hair color

Hazel hair is the new chocolate shade that hasn’t gone out of fashion for over 5 years. This shade looks perfect with any eye color, so you should not worry that hazel hair is contraindicated for blue-eyed or green-eyed girls. The advantages of this color are in the beautiful play in the sun and the ability to easily maintain the desired shade at home.


Honey blonde - trendy hair color

Honey blonde is the most popular hair color in Hollywood in 2021. And those who do not want to say goodbye to the title of a brown-haired or red-haired woman use honey strands to add depth and complexity to their hairstyle.


Wheat hair color

Wheat-colored hair is given to many Russian women by nature. True, due to the relevance of cold shades, most managed to recolor natural wheat blond in platinum. But now is the time to return to naturalness and acquire a pretty appearance, for example, as Ivleeva had in the first issues of Eagle and Tails.


Shade of hair - rust

Not the best comparison, but it is the shade of rust on the hair that is now in trend. He replaced the classic red and red-orange. The main thing is to understand that the shade of rust must be created specifically. It doesn’t have to be a residual effect from a failed black hair lightening.


Beautiful shade of hair - cinnamon

A warm shade of cinnamon on the hair in the spring-summer period is what you need. With such hair, it is easy to create a delicate everyday hairstyle or a stylish evening hairstyle, as the hair looks equally luxurious in a braid or a high ponytail.

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