Haircut for a girl with a round face elongated caret

Trendy haircuts 2022 for a round face shape: tips for choosing with beautiful photo ideas

A perfectly matched haircut can drastically change the appearance of a woman. Hide flaws by highlighting the merits. The proportions of the face are visually elongated and the features become more pronounced. Stylists are not advised to limit themselves to short haircuts. For a rounded face, any length is suitable, the main thing is to choose the right shape.

Haircut for a girl with a round face elongated caret

Short haircut with asymmetrical tips for a rounded face shape

Haircut for a rounded face with hair length below the cheekbones

How to determine the shape of the face to choose the right haircut

To understand what your face shape is, it is enough to arm yourself with a ruler and take only two measurements – the distance from the chin to the forehead and from ear to ear.

Fashionable haircuts for medium length hair for round-faced women

If you get approximately the same numbers, you are the owner of a cute and incredibly feminine round face shape.

How to independently determine the shape of the face for the selection of the optimal and fashionable haircut

In addition to proportions, the form has a number of features:

  • slightly pronounced chin;
  • plump cheeks;
  • wide and high forehead.
Round face and long hair with side bangs

The main task of a haircut is to visually change the proportions and stretch the shape of the face in order to give it expressiveness.

trendy haircuts for round faces

Any shape of the face in itself is not a disadvantage. But with an incorrectly chosen hairstyle, all the flaws and imperfections of the appearance become obvious, femininity is lost.

Side bangs and asymmetrical tips for a round face

Haircuts and hairstyles that are prohibited for owners of a round face shape:

  • parting is the worst enemy of round-faced women. The face becomes even wider and the features are lost against the background of a disproportionate form;
  • haircuts above the jaw line make the face oval disproportionate;
  • volume, concentrated on the sides, visually stretches the face in width;
  • straight bangs will only highlight a wide forehead;
  • afro curls and small curls visually expand the face, especially if they are above the cheekbone line;
  • stylists do not recommend smooth, flat haircuts, because they do not correct the proportions of the shape and look quite simple, the sense of taste and style is lost.
Wavy locks on long hair of a chubby girl

There are not so many prohibitions, which means that the choice of hairstyles is quite wide. It is worth considering that if the shape of your face is round, this does not mean that all haircuts recommended for this type will certainly suit you. This is not a template, and in addition to the features of the shape of the face, it is worth considering other features.

Long hair parted for a round face

What haircuts are suitable for owners of a round face shape

  • Kare with bangs

The favorite haircut of many women is a caret.

Kare with bangs laid to the side for a girl with a round face

Probably, there is not a single girl who would not have experienced in her life the feeling when you come to the salon full of determination and confidently declare to the master that you want a bob, despite the chic hair length.

Haircut Kare with bangs for a round face shape

A caret for a round face must be below the cheekbones. The bangs are only oblique or on the side. Straight bangs combined with a bob will make the shape of the face even wider.

The length of the caret below the cheekbones with bangs on the side for a round face shape

All sorts of curvature and asymmetries in the haircut in the face area are acceptable. It can be a “torn” bob or styling features.

Kare without bangs with side parting for medium hair length

  • Bean

But the bob is not in its classic version.

Fashionable haircut for a round face shape

The front strands should be slightly below the jaw line.

Bob haircut below the cheekbones for a round face

Graduation would be a great option. Asymmetry is exactly what you need to correct the features of a round face.

Easy negligence in a hairstyle for round-faced girls

The volume, concentrated in the crown area, visually balances the proportions of the face.

  • pixie

Bold and extravagant hairstyle.

Short haircut for a round face

Now in vogue pixie with different options for bangs.

Pixie haircut for chubby girls

The volume will divert attention from chubby cheeks, and the long bangs will visually correct the proportions of the face.

Short haircut with side bangs for a round face

  • Medium length cascade

Hair length below the cheekbones is already considered average. Cascade is a hairstyle that is ideal for owners of a round face.

Haircut Cascade with bangs and parting on a round face

Layered layers look stylish, volume is created. The main thing is that the length of the shortest hair should be at the level of the cheeks, but not lower.

Cascade for medium length hair for a round face shape

  • Long hair

Owners of long hair should not worry about adjusting the round shape of the face. The length perfectly hides the flaws inherent in the oval.

Haircut for long hair for a round face

It is worth refraining from smooth styling. Don’t be afraid to add volume from the roots. It is not necessary to do this with fleece and fixatives.

Long wavy curls and a round face

Use your fingers or a comb to lift your hair along the parting. Let there be a slight effect of negligence – this is now in vogue.

Long hair, side parting and round face shape

What bangs suit a round face shape

Bangs are not just part of the hairstyle, but an element that can dramatically change the image. The bangs need to be selected so that it hides all the flaws and emphasizes the merits.

Haircut with side bangs for a round face

  • Side bangs

A great option for a round face shape – a bang laid on its side, tapering towards the end and merging with the total volume of hair, visually makes the face more elongated.

Haircut with long oblique bangs for a round face

It is important that the parting for the bangs is located on the side.

Side swept bangs and a round face

  • Ragged

A great alternative to boring straight bangs. It gives the image of lightness, airiness.

Haircut with torn bangs for a round face

The lack of clear boundaries and asymmetrical length do not draw attention to the height of the forehead.

  • blind

Fashionable in 2022, the bangs curtain suits almost everyone. Owners of a round face shape can wear it only under one condition – parting on the side.

Haircut for round face with bangs

Women tend to change all the time. Therefore, the bangs in the hairstyle are not a permanent phenomenon. And there is danger here. Growing, the bangs will inevitably reach the line of the cheekbones, so during this period you need to save the situation with styling so that the ends of the bangs do not emphasize the rounded shape of the face.

Fashionable haircuts for women with a round face shape over the age of 50

For chubby ladies over 50, stylists recommend giving preference to short haircuts. They do not require long styling and painstaking care. Short hair makes it easier to create volume and waves that last all day.

Haircut for women over 50 with a round face

Short haircuts give youth, while long hair, on the contrary, adds a few years to age.

If even 15 years ago, knocking out curls gave the image a special charm and mystery, then at the age of 50 they treacherously emphasize wrinkles and a slightly swollen oval of the face. But you should always look attractive.

Short haircut with side bangs, round face

Prohibited tricks in hairstyles for women over 50:

  • voluminous volume, with fleece and curls. Many of the fair sex, who have passed the half-century milestone, for some reason see themselves in this particular image. Meanwhile, such a haircut and styling look ridiculous, adding a few years to age;
  • beanie centered on top, with gradual dispersion with the help of thinning to the contour of the face, and in some cases ending with a straight bang. The haircut goes to ladies over 50 with a round face shape, but this is already such a boring image that is involuntarily associated with the older generation;
  • hair color red or eggplant visually refers a woman to an older age category. And even a trendy haircut will not save the situation.

Women with a round face shape over the age of 50 are perfect for short haircuts with oblique milled bangs. At the back of the head, instead of the volume, the strands can be lifted and fixed with gel or foam.

Short haircut for women over 50

A great solution would be an asymmetric bob, where the hair is longer on one side. The main thing is that the length on both sides should be below the chin. Long bob without curls with torn ends automatically…

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