True and myths about gel polish what you need to

True and myths about gel polish: what you need to know?

It is difficult to imagine a modern girl without well-groomed hands and manicure. Many still prefer the usual coating, but still, most of the women choose gel polish when decorating their nails. Are there any truths and myths about gel polish? Let’s figure it out.

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The last couple of years, gel polish has truly taken a leading position in the nail industry. Such fame, which “fell” on him, could not but lead to a large number of guesses about this coating.

Myth #1. Gel polish can damage your nails

Any coating will adversely affect the nails. But, mostly they arise in case of making mistakes during the removal of the material. When the master does not qualitatively remove the old coating, then the upper part of the nail also exfoliates. If the specialist works in strict accordance with the technology, uses only high-quality products for manicure, then your nails will always be in excellent condition.

Myth #2. It is necessary to use coating components of the same company

Tools that are used when applying gel polish of various brands are acceptable. Most of the colored varnishes are perfectly combined with the base and finish from other companies. The best solution is to use an inexpensive gel polish with a high-quality and expensive top and base. At the same time, remember that the primer and base must be of the same brand.

Myth #3. Gel polish is a cure for diseased nails

This coating acts as a “shell” for nails. Of course, it can protect the nail plate from damage, as well as grow the length, but you will not see any healing effect. If your nails suffer from any diseases, then it is better to stop wearing gel polish in general and consult a doctor.

Myth number 4. It is necessary to let the nails “breathe”, wearing gel polish on an ongoing basis is harmful

Nails that are artificially coated cannot breathe. But, just the same as if they are without this coverage. The composition of the nail plate includes keratinized cells, which consist of protein and keratin. These cells do not need to breathe. The nail is saturated with the necessary nutrients from the capillaries that are located under the cuticle. As a result, in order for the nails to “breathe”, it is necessary to properly and efficiently nourish the cuticle.

Myth number 5. You can remove gel polish yourself at home

Yes, this is quite possible, but if you use ordinary food foil, acetone and oil, then you will only harm your nails. It will take a long time and hard to treat problem nails. Therefore, it is better to abandon such an undertaking and apply for the removal of gel polish from the nail plate to a beauty salon.

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Gel polish does not particularly harm the nail plate, as you already understood from the article, and subsequently a manicure does not need special care and it will not affect the quality of your nails in any way if you constantly “wear” it. These myths are just myths. And we hope that we managed to dispel them. If you love making gel polish, then you should not deprive yourself of such pleasure.

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