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Types of bob haircuts: with a gradient, short nape, with bangs

To each his own: practical bob haircut options

With age, more and more women come to the conclusion that long hair is uncomfortable. There is no time for styling, and they no longer look as luxurious as they were in their 20s. Why then such sacrifices, if you can make an actual short haircut without losing femininity?

bob haircut photo

One of the most proven options for a short haircut, for those who do not want to look like a boy, but are not ready to style curls longer than 20 cm, is a bob.

What does a bob haircut look like?

Bob haircut for dark hair photo

bob haircut – This is a hairstyle that is characterized by an open neck area (to a greater or lesser extent depends on the type of bean) and closed ears.

There are various options for bob haircuts, so consider all the current types. We will also talk about the nuances of choice depending on the type of hair, occupation, color, etc.

Haircut types

How to make a classic bob

When choosing a bob haircut, it is important to understand that this is not just a bob on the leg. There are many types of bob haircuts, so every woman can choose the right option for herself. It is recommended to consider the following:

  • hair type: curly, straight, thick, thin;
  • forehead borders – this will help determine whether bangs are needed;
  • styling skills: if they are at the initial level, it is better to choose a straight cut so that nothing needs to be twisted.

Classic bob – always fashionable

classic bob photo

So, the simplest version of the bob haircut is the classic one. This hairstyle looks stylish, characterized by a straight cut, suitable for owners of thick and straight hair.

  • A classic bob haircut is performed according to the standard scheme:
  • The temporo-lateral zones are separated from the back of the head by vertical partings, placing the comb at the highest point of the head.
  • At the beginning, the master cuts the control strand, determining the length of the haircut, and then brings the entire mass of hair to it.

Bob haircut for women

With a classic bob haircut, there is no graduation in front or behind, elongation of the face, a shortened crown. All strands are the same length, with the exception of the bangs, if the decision is made to make it. The bangs can be straight, sideways, in the form of a curtain or an arc. Any option is in harmony with the bean.

Examples (photo classic bob):

With a shaved nape, if there is a lot of hair

Bob haircut with shaved nape

For women with thick hair, a bob haircut with a shaved nape is relevant.

Bob haircut with shaved nape photo example

The hairstyle is elegant and practical. Styling due to the shaved nape is performed in just 5 minutes. Also, this technique facilitates the hairstyle itself, since thick hair is a rather heavy burden.

With a gradient at the back – for rare

Full length bob haircut

A bob with a gradient back is done without the use of a clipper. The master carefully draws and cuts off the excess length with scissors.

This gradient creates additional volume and is ideal for women who do not have the thickest hair.

In front, the haircut can have an extension, bangs or even cut, continuing the line formed in the lower occipital area.

Bob with extension

Bob with face extension

This season, the face length haircut is not as popular as it was in the past, although it is still in demand among fashionistas.

Usually, a bob with lengthening is chosen by ladies who do not want to spend a lot of time styling. The occipital zone, as a rule, does not attract attention, and in front it is enough to “deal” with two strands to look like a queen. The main thing in such a hairstyle is not to leave too long strands in front of the face. It looks out of date. The difference between the occipital area and the temporal-lateral should be no more than 3-4 cm.

Asymmetrical bob – still in trend?

Styling for an asymmetrical caret

Remember Olga Buzova’s haircut, which she did right after the divorce?

The asymmetric bob then gained unprecedented popularity, but over time, interest in this hairstyle began to fall.

Today, an asymmetrical bob is considered outdated, especially with a gradient at the crown and bangs on the side (the hairstyle of Lera Kudryavtseva and Victoria Beckham 10-15 years ago).

With straight bangs – stylish

Kare with bangs

A bob haircut with straight bangs blends harmoniously. This hairstyle is recommended for those with dark hair.

Today, perfectly even thick bangs are less relevant than airy bangs with gaps, so do not forget about thinning, which will “lighten” it and slightly lift it.

With bangs on the side – for women 50+

Stylish haircut for women 50+

Women of elegant age are advised to be extremely careful in choosing bangs. Too dense and voluminous will add age, making the look heavy and gloomy.

Bangs on the side are suitable for a bob haircut with a gradient. It connects to the crown area and visually gives volume to the hairstyle.

With a central parting – youth

Photo beach waves for a caret

This year, any haircuts and hairstyles with a parting in the center are considered relevant and modern. A bob with a bang-curtain and a parting in the middle is no exception. Suitable for those with straight hair or light curls.


Bob haircut is relevant at all times. This hairstyle was chosen by Hollywood stars more than 50 years ago and does not stop doing today.

Bob-car gives a woman self-confidence, saves from long and complicated styling, does not require large expenses for styling products, and most importantly, makes her look younger. It is believed that a moderate length at the face and a neat gradient in the occipital area save a couple of years, giving the image lightness and airiness.

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