Maximum thick and long eyelash extensions

Types of eyelash curls for extension 2022 with photo examples

Thanks to the extension, you can get perfectly beautiful eyelashes without daily tinting. This procedure also allows you to hide some of the shortcomings. For example, visually expand the eyes, add expressiveness to them. To do this, you need to choose eyelash extensions with a suitable curve.

Maximum thick and long eyelash extensions

Types of Curly Eyelash Extensions Popular in 2022

Today, there are 5 main types of bends:

  • J. Virtually invisible. Repeats a small break of natural eyelashes.
  • B. The most natural. The emphasis is on the density of the result. Their form does not change.
  • C. The effect resembles natural eyelashes curled with special tweezers. This is the most popular extension option among modern women.
  • SS. Reminiscent of the previous version, but more curved. Helps to add expressiveness to the look. As if “opens” the eyes.
  • D. Suitable for young girls.
  • L. Optimal curve for narrow eyes and overhanging eyelids. As a result, it will be possible to achieve the effect of an “open” look.
Spectacular look with extended eyelashes

Eyelash extension thickness

Today, eyelashes of different thicknesses are used for extensions. They are based on synthetic fibers. But for the convenience of customers, they are called “natural” names. For example, “mink” and “sable”. So it is easier for a girl to imagine the proposed result and decide on the desired effect.

Long eyelashes throughout the eyelid

Thickness options:

  • thin – 0.5-0.7 mm – the most natural result;
  • medium – from 0.1 to 0.15 mm;
  • thick – from 0.18 to 0.25 mm.
Extension result

How to choose the right curl for eyelash extensions

If a girl for the first time decides on an extension procedure, then she should decide on the desired effect in advance. You need to tell the master about your preferences. The specialist will tell you which option will help to correct certain features of the appearance. For example, to make the look deeper, more attractive, expressive.

Perfect result for eyelash extensions

The following rules will help you make the right choice:

  • options J and B help to slightly stretch round small eyes (it is important to use it with raised outer corners);
  • It is recommended to choose C for women who already have wrinkles on their eyelids;
  • L is perfect for owners of deep-set eyes;
  • B and J are also selected for eyes with a small distance between them (the master will also grow hairs only on the outside corners, leaving the middle natural);
  • with impending eyelids, several options can be combined at once – C, L, D and B (more curved hairs are located on the outer corners of the eyes).
eyelash extension

When choosing eyelashes with a suitable curve, it is important to consider your type of appearance in general. So, dark-haired and dark-eyed oriental ladies are best suited for option L. And J and C are most often chosen by fair-haired and light-eyed girls. Women who constantly wear glasses should first of all pay attention to option L.

Extension with maximum length at the edges

What effect to expect when choosing a certain lash curl during extension

In order not to be upset and not disappointed after the procedure, you need to clarify in advance what the result can be. It is desirable to discuss it with a specific master.

Extension wizard works

  • If you want to keep as natural as possible, but at the same time to get thick and fluffy hairs, then the length of artificial overlays should not exceed natural eyelashes by more than 2 mm. It is advisable to choose 10 mm. Here, both overlays of the same length can be used, as well as 2 different ones at once.
Lengthening of eyelashes at the edges

  • If a girl has naturally close-set eyes, then visually adjust the appearance will help building with a fox effect. The length of the overlays will gradually increase from the inner corner over the entire surface of the eyelid. The longest parts are attached to the outer corners. The result is a mysterious bright look.
Eyelash extensions of the same length

  • One of the popular effects today is “rays”. It is him that many girls choose for the first experiment with extensions. In the process, hairs of different sizes are used and are attached alternately one after another. As a result, it is possible to create an interesting ray-like effect.
Master's work

  • If you want to get a “doll look”, the master will take all the hairs with the same length, thickness and bend. They are evenly attached in the process along the entire growth line of natural cilia. But the discussed method is not suitable for wearing for a long time. It can even harm the eyes. After all, too heavy eyelashes begin to put pressure on the eyelids. For everyday wear, this effect is extremely rare. More often it is used for bright photo shoots, filming.
Eyelash pads

  • For interesting photo images and themed holidays you can also choose extensions with colored tufts of hairs. The result will be a bright unusual result. Sometimes girls choose this option and just for the period of summer vacation. And for special cases, you should pay attention to the build-up of the “millennium”. Here, in addition to colored bundles, rhinestones, feathers, sparkles, and other unusual decor are also attached.
The master carefully performs eyelash extensions

Fact about eyelashes

The first false eyelashes appeared at the beginning of the 20th century, in 1927. But, they were not very convenient, they often peeled off due to the imperfection of the adhesives.

How to choose eyelash extensions with the selected bend

A competent master in the selection of suitable hairs will take into account many points. These are not only the wishes of the client, but also her physiological characteristics.

eyelash extension process

There are a few general selection rules:

  • Steep kinks of eyelashes contradict naturalness. Therefore, they are chosen more often for stage images, masquerades.
  • It is best to combine several types of bends. Then it will turn out to create the perfect result, taking into account all the wishes of the clients.
  • For round eyes, options are selected that visually stretch them. These are, for example, J and B curved lashes.
  • Some options help to correct even age-related changes. For example, lashes with bends B and C. It is also important here not to use overlays with a strong break.
  • If you correctly combine different options for the length of the eyelashes and their bends, you can even slightly lift the lowered corners of the eyes. To do this, the longest parts are located at the outer edge, and then their size and kink gradually decrease towards the inner corner.
  • If the corners of the eye need to be raised, then for this the maximum bend is located in the center. Along the edges of it are almost completely straight hairs.
  • By placing long and curved hairs in the middle of the eyelid, it will be possible to visually bring the eyes closer together with a wide fit. Along the edges are short eyelashes. The outer ones should have a minimal bend.
The work of an experienced hairdresser

What to do if the bend of eyelash extensions is chosen incorrectly

Sometimes it happens that after the extension procedure, a woman is disappointed with the result. But do not try to fix it yourself with tweezers and different types of mascara. It is important to remember that glued eyelashes are made of synthetic materials. Therefore, they do not tolerate any mechanical deformations and heating.

Eyelash extensions in the salon

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