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Smooth, versatile and comfortable – face powders have earned their indispensable. Whether your skin looks dull or oily, you have a rudra to save you. No matter what skin type or tone you have, when it comes to compacts, you are spoiled for choice. From subtle translucent to full coverage powders, from dry skin to oily skin, there seems to be something for everyone. Wondering what will work best for you? Keep the following points in mind when you shop for cosmetics.

Why use face powder?

Facial powders can make your skin look beautiful and fresh at the same time. They perform many functions. It gives your skin a divine glow and also makes it smoother and more toned. Facial powders tend to last longer than most foundations and moisturizers.

A few more reasons are as follows:

  1. Powder gives a silky look and smoothness to your skin, with or without foundation.
  2. It acts as a fixer for your foundation so it stays on longer.
  3. Some face powders absorb oils from your skin.
  4. Powder helps hide open pores.

But, not all face powders work on all skin types or tones, which is why choosing the right kind of powder becomes so vital. Choosing the right shade to match your skin tone is a must when you’re considering purchasing a face powder.

Types of face powders

Loose powder

Loose powder is the original type of face powder. It has a light and soft texture. The powder is easily absorbed on the skin and will make your face free from oil.

That is why loose powder is suitable for oily skin. Typically, loose powder is packaged in a jar provided with a puff. The disadvantages of this powder is that it does not last long and is easily washed off.

Compact powder

Compact powder or pressed powder is loose powder that has been compacted. Typically, compact powder has been formulated with moisturizer and oil. This makes the texture heavier than loose powder. It also makes your face oily 2-3 hours after wearing this powder. Therefore compact powder is recommended for dry skin.

Dry face powder

Want a matte and lasting result from face powder? Dry powder is the right choice. The coverage of this powder is very ideal because it contains the foundation formula.

This powder is highly recommended for covering blemishes, dark circles with lasting results. If you want to apply this powder, then you can not use foundation.

Translucent face powder

Already applied foundation perfectly? Now it’s time to set your cream with clear powder. This powder serves to eliminate oil and maintain your makeup to last longer. As a rule, this powder is translucent or transparent.

Mattifying face powder

Finishing powder is used to block the finished makeup. It can be used to maximize bright makeup that looks uneven, has wrinkles or pores on the face. Generally, finishing powder is white powder. So, you have to be careful when applying it, as it is too thick and you should try to stay natural!

Mineral face powder

Mineral powders are rich in minerals and have fewer harmful chemicals. They are comedogenic, hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types. Dermatologists specifically recommend these powders for women with oily and acne-prone skin. It often contains antioxidants and adds a luminous glow to aging skin. These powders are light and do not give heavy coverage.

Colorless face powder

Translucent powders may be compact or loose. They look white in the package, but are almost invisible on the face. The powder is perfect for makeup without adding color. So if you are looking for something that sets your makeup without adding any color, this should be your perfect choice. However, if you don’t mix the powder well, then it will look like a white lump and is terrible when shooting with flash.

Cream-powder for the face

These foundations usually come in a compact formula. However, when applied to the skin, it gives coverage like any foundation. They are usually dyed and should match your skin tone. Powder instantly refreshes the skin. As a rule, cream powder does not melt due to heat or sweat. This is basically a two-in-one product and is great for a quick makeover. Cream powder gives more coverage. But when you use it you should use all you don’t have to use other powders for the rest of your makeup. So you will have to skip the foundation in this case.

Bronzing face powder

Both compact and free flowing powders can be tinted. The tinted powder matches your skin tone and adds a little more coverage. Also, if you’ve used the wrong shade of foundation, bronzing powder will help you balance out the flaw. However, it adds a few layers and makes your makeup look heavy. So whenever you apply it, you end up adding a layer.

How to choose the tone of powder for the face?

  • Regardless of the brand, always choose a shade that matches your skin tone.
  • If you end up picking a compact that is a few shades lighter than your skin tone, your skin may turn gray or ashy after a while.
  • Know your skin type and the level of coverage you’re looking for before buying a compact powder.
  • If your skin tone is lighter, you can choose a compact with a pink undertone and one or two shades lighter than your skin tone.
  • If your skin tone is darker, go for a compact with a yellow or orange undertone and a color that matches your skin tone.
  • Always try the product on your face, not on the back of your hand.
  • Ask a store clerk to help you
  • Each compact has a different level of coverage. If you want a more natural finish, opt for a translucent powder or you can even try a translucent powder.
  • Medium to full coverage powder evens out imperfections and irregularities.

How to choose powder for different skin types?

For oily skin

  • Matte powder is ideal for oily skin as it controls excess oil production.
  • Avoid powders that provide shine and shine as they can make your skin look oilier.
  • Buying a waterproof powder also helps.
  • Apply foundation before starting makeup. It mattifies your skin and controls oil.
  • Use a makeup brush or sponge to evenly apply the compact all over your face. Apply an extra coat…

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