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Types of hair cuts at the back: oval, straight, fox

Which type of hair cut to choose if they are long

Long hair needs a haircut just as much as short hair. This is necessary to keep them healthy and attractive.

When cutting long hair, there are several nuances that should be read:

  • there will be bangs or not;
  • the entire length is the same or there is a gradient;
  • What kind of cut will be on the back?

We have already talked about why loose hair looks boring. HEREso today we’ll talk in detail about the cut, which the majority undeservedly does not pay attention to.

The main types of cuts when cutting hair

beautiful hair back view photo
How to cut hair from behind photo ideas

Haircut – this is a change in length and shape in order to create a fashionable, relevant, sometimes original image.

Quite often, women with long hair think that nothing can be changed in their hairstyle without a noticeable loss of length. But there is a cut at the back, which is actively involved in the formation of the hairstyle and affects its general condition.

hair back view
long hair cut at an angle

There are three main types of hair cuts:

  • oval;
  • straight;
  • Fox’s tail.

We will figure out which cut shape is relevant and which type of hair is more suitable.


Straight cut hair photo
straight hair back view
Straight straight hair photo
Perfect hair cut with a machine

The most universal and most popular type of hair cut is straight. Behind the hair, it looks as if the master used a ruler while shaping the haircut. By the way, it is often performed using a typewriter.

A straight cut is suitable for owners of rare and thin hair. These are usually not milled, as this deprives them of precious volume.

On a note: Thin long hair is usually not combined with a gradient. This option also makes them look unattractive.

The disadvantages of a straight cut are the need to update it often, since the ends tend to break. After 2-3 months, with the active use of the straightening iron, it is recommended to renew the cut.


Oval cut hair photo
Oval hair cut at the back
oval cut straight hair
Oval cut straight hair photo

The oval cut is ideal for thick to medium hair. It is also recommended to choose the oval for owners of thin, but wavy strands. This edge treatment is considered softer and less demanding on styling. It is performed with classic scissors or a razor. If necessary, it is supplemented with thinning.

The oval goes well with the gradient near the face or along the entire length. It is also recommended to those women who have a fashionable bangs-curtain.

On a note: If the bangs are straight, you need the same cut, despite the density. The oval at the back will spoil the impression of the haircut.

Fox’s tail

Hair cut fox tail back view
fox tail hair
Hair cut - fox tail photo
How to cut hair

A popular haircut for long hair in the 2000s – a fox tail or an angle without a gradient, is quite rare today.

It is believed that this technique is relevant for owners of thick or medium hair, but in fact, it is those who have sparse hair who decide on a fox tail. The main reason for this choice is that the strands near the face break and the master offers a gradient to save the length.

The fox tail is a rather complicated kind of cut. An incorrect calculation can lead to asymmetry, so before leaving the hairdresser, ask the stylist to take some photos. This will help ensure that the haircut is of high quality.

On a note: Today it is important to make a fox cut with a gradient. Without a ladder along the entire length, you should not make a corner at the back.


Beautiful hair back view
Cut oval - medium length hair photo
How to cut hair
Hair cut with a slight angle

A cut of hair at the back is something that owners of long hair should pay attention to. For those who have short and medium hair, this does not really matter.

  • The oval version is versatile, soft and practical. Suitable for all hair types.
  • Straight – for thin and even;
  • Fox tail – for wavy medium density. It is recommended to combine with asymmetrical bangs and a gradient at the back.

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