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Types of stains that do not need to be updated often

Types of dyes that last longer on hair

Dyeing your hair is expensive these days. But not everyone is ready to refuse this beauty procedure. The desire to save money and the lack of time for frequent visits to beauty salons force women to look for methods of coloring that retain a presentable appearance for a long period.

We collected the opinion of the masters about long-term staining. We tell you what color or technique should be chosen for those who are not ready to frequently update the shade of their hair.

Foilage instead of balayage

Hair cut fox tail back view
Very nice haircut for long hair
haircut ideas for long hair
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Hairstyling for long hair
Beautiful haircut for long hair
Haircut idea for long hair

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Cool haircut for long hair
Beautiful and light makeup for light eyes and hair

Many people have heard about balayage. This is a hair lightening technique that allows you to achieve the effect of naturally sun-bleached strands. After clarification, the entire length is tinted with a gentle composition. The disadvantage of this technique is that the tone is quickly washed off, leaving behind dry and brittle hairs.

Foilage is a reverse technique. At the beginning, the roots and length are dyed to the final shade, and then the desired strands are lightened. The result is a smooth natural transition that does not lose its shade for a long time.

Brouillard instead of ombre

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Beautiful shade of hair
Beautiful hair back view
Beautiful malvinka for long hair
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Ombre on the hair is the effect that can be achieved by choosing one of the lightening techniques. Most often, stylists opt for a crank. With the help of a pile, you can adjust the height and intensity of lightening.

However, colorists do not stand still, discovering new methods for changing the shade of hair. Brouillard is an unfamiliar name for many staining techniques. the result is similar to shatush, but much more is retained. The secret is in the initial staining of the roots, and not in the final toning.

Thanks to this sequence of actions, the technique grows smoothly, maintaining an attractive appearance for a long time.

Warm blonde instead of ashes

Warm blond and caret
honey blonde hair
Warm blonde photo
Blond hair coloring
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golden shade of hair
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Shaggy for straight hair
Medium length hair and side bangs

Ash or gray blond is the most popular request in any salon. However, colorists call this shade as impractical as possible.

The ashes from the hair are washed off as quickly as we shake off the dust from the table. It is worth intensively using hot styling devices for a week, applying nourishing masks to the roots and length, being under direct UV rays for a long time, as the shade turns from ashy to yellow.

Was it worth it then to spend so much time and effort on getting gray?

Stylists claim that it is much easier and cheaper to dye your hair in a warm blond. Wheat, gold, cream – all these are not only practical options for coloring, but also trendy.

Airtouch instead of shatush

Highlighting on a square photo
Highlighting on a square
Highlighting on light brown hair photo
Gentle highlights for long hair
Ash highlights for long hair photo
Frequent highlighting for long hair
Beautiful coloring highlights on the tips
Highlights for medium length hair
Highlighting frequent on light brown hair photo
Highlights on long blond hair

Let’s talk about two more fashionable techniques for lightening hair. Shatush allows you to achieve smoothness and depth of tone with the help of fleece. The downside is that, collected in a lump, the hair significantly moves the master away from the roots, so the indentation is large.

Airtouch is performed with a hair dryer. Warm or cold air separates short hairs from the main strand. The absence of fleece allows you to apply a brightening composition as close to the roots as possible. Thanks to this, you can wear your hair for a longer period.

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