Ошибки взрослых женщин в праздничном макияже

Typical mistakes of women 50+ when creating evening makeup

Everything is not according to plan: the mistakes of adult women when applying evening makeup

Makeup at the age of 50+ is a rather delicate topic, since it is necessary not only to emphasize the merits, but also to carefully mask the shortcomings that have accumulated over the years.

Of course, professional makeup artists masterfully cope with the task, but, firstly, the services of such specialists are expensive, and, secondly, adult women do not like it when someone else touches their face, let alone puts their own cosmetics on it, touches with brushes.

It is difficult to believe that everything is sterile for a young makeup artist, and to completely trust an unfamiliar master is also. Therefore, most decide to paint on their own. Sometimes it comes out cute, but there are a number of errors that occur in every second make-up.

Mistake 1: the skin is not prepared

Makeup 50+ before and after

Before applying make-up for a special occasion, it is important to thoroughly cleanse and moisturize the skin. These stages allow you to create an even tone, mask flaws, post-acne and fine wrinkles. Also, high-quality cleansing eliminates the shine that wants to show through cosmetics after a short time.

So, before proceeding with the application of the base and tonal means, we use a gel for washing. Then we wipe the T-zone with tonic, moisturize with cream. After it is absorbed, we proceed to apply the foundation. And the excuses: “I’m just out of the shower and the skin is perfectly clean” – do not fit!

Mistake 2: no concealer

Makeup 50+ before and after photo

No one forces you to do face sculpting. Firstly, it is difficult, and secondly, an outdated trend. However, it is necessary to brighten the area under the eyes with a concealer.

This is a dense concealer that hides dark circles, giving the look a fresh and rested look. Apply with small strokes under the eyes, and then gently blend with a sponge.

Mistake 3: the desire to create complex makeup with shadows

An example of makeup for a wedding 50+ years

Applying shadows on the moving eyelid using the smoky ice, wing, cascade, cat-eye, etc. techniques. – difficult task. Without preparation, special skills and professional cosmetics, you should not try to repeat the eye makeup from the picture. It is better to choose the simplest option – one shade for the entire moving eyelid.

Mistake 4: a shade that matches the color of the eyes

How to make up a woman in her 50s

If you can convince an adult lady to refuse to draw cat eyes on her own, then it’s almost impossible to force beige to match her eye color instead of blue shadows. But this is one of the main mistakes that make-up artists talk about.

Choosing a shade of eyeshadow to match your eye color is a bad idea. So the look becomes less expressive. A good alternative is a neutral beige-brown tone. The inner corner of the eyes can be slightly highlighted with a cream highlighter.

Mistake 5: lipstick without a pencil

Makeup for a woman 50 years old for a holiday example

About 15 years ago, lip makeup with a prominent pencil was in trend. By the way, this same option is rapidly gaining momentum in 2021 among bloggers. However, adult women are not ready to bring back into fashion the make-up that was boring in their youth.

But it is not necessary to choose a contrasting shade!

Makeup artists recommend purchasing pencils to match lipstick and paint over not only the contour of the lips, but also the central part. light shading serves as an excellent base for lipstick or gloss, allowing it to linger on the lips for a long time.

Mistake 6: the blush is out of place

Fashionable makeup for daughter's wedding photo

Applying blush is a different story. Popular bloggers have repeatedly said that it is necessary to highlight the “apples”, that is, the protruding parts. A light blush is applied directly to them. But many, out of habit, shade the lower zone, deforming the oval of the face.

Mistake 7: the wrong powder

How to paint at 50 trends

It is necessary to use powder in evening make-up. True, the shade should match the tone or be one shade lighter – no more. If you choose a darker powder, stains form. If it is lighter, all photos will be spoiled, as the face will be as if in a mask.

Mistake 8: the neck and décolleté are not worked out

Makeup for the witness at the wedding of 50 years

It is not in vain that professional makeup artists ask to send a photo of the outfit or come already in it. They work not only with the face, but also with other visible areas. “Powder” the neckline and neck, eliminating clear boundaries. We forget that it is not only the face that needs to be “decorated” with cosmetics.

Mistake 9: no eyelashes

Makeup for the mother of the groom example

Many women do not go to makeup artists due to the fact that they constantly glue their cilia to events. But there is nothing wrong with them!

At the holiday, it is not only possible, but also necessary to be bright. And false eyelashes help to mask the overhanging eyelid, lift the eye and divert attention from the “crow’s feet” formed near the outer corner of the eye.

Mistake 10: Eyebrows are ignored

Makeup example for a 50 year old woman

The fashion for the shape of the eyebrows changes as often as the trendy shades of lipstick. But adult women are not used to giving their eyebrows even a minute of their own time. But modern makeup involves a thorough study of this area. It is necessary to shade the tone, comb and style the hairs. Fix the result.


Modern adult women are quite capable of creating an evening make-up for themselves. True, it looks the same as daylight. The exception is shades. They become brighter. But the essence of the festive make-up is not in color, but in technique. It should emphasize the merits and mask the flaws. transform, making the image rested and radiant.

It is worth considering the comments of makeup artists and everything will definitely work out. Do you agree?

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